FEBRUARY 16, 2012 7:17PM

Heavy Metal GOP Primary Madness

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paul final



If this is real, it is absolutely brilliant.  


The GOP changed the rules for Romney, and realizing this, the Ron Paul Campaign has taken advantage of a weakness in the GOP Primary process, especially in caucus states, and he very well may be the strong leader in GOP delegates right now because so many of the chosen delegates are open and notorious Ron Paul supporters.


I have no idea if this is right, wrong or it doesn't matter, but just on a pure strategic level, given the money that the other GOP candidates have, it is absolutely brilliant, and completely within GOP Primary rules.


Love him, hate him or don't care one way or the other, you got to hand it to the guy...he is one determined little dude.


(PS - I made the poster)

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I think the GOP is just showing how they can and do steal elections.

You're a gifted artist! I'm impressed.
It's not theft...it's playing within their own rules...rules they built for Romney, which the little engine that could of a campaign that Paul is putting on has taken advantage of.

I think when liberals ACTUALLY listen to Paul, and look at his voting record, they might be surprised to learn that his positions are much more agreeable than those of the so-called liberal DNP candidates they still chose to support.

Thanks for the compliment, by the way. I'm really not an artist, though...just someone who goofs around.