NOVEMBER 18, 2012 2:01AM

Ditch The Commune, Keep Your Sight

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Here's the problem - writing is selfish.  In engaging in this activity, you are saying, "Hey!  Listen to me.  My ideas are more important than yours are, my creativity more profound, my prose more beautiful and poignant."

If you write for a community, go join a sewing circle.  Writers write for themselves, because writing is a compulsion that they can't control enough to not do it.


icemanfirestar topgun


I don't give a fuck about the community.  I just need a place to scribble my ridiculous ideas.  What's the worst that could happen?  No one reads it?  Like I fucking care.   I didn't write it for the person reading it.  I wrote it for me.  If someone else enjoys it, then that's an interesting side effect, but if having profound insight coupled with talent and a wicked sense of humor were assets here, the group of popular writers would be a helluva lot different than they currently are.

Bye, bye sycophants.  Have fun yapping around the water cooler.  Maybe some writers will jump in and take all of your places.  We can only hope.


step right up march push
crawl right up on your knees
please greed feed (no time to hesitate)
I want a little bit I want a piece of it I think he's losing it
I want to watch it come down
don't like the look of it don't like the taste of it don't like the smell of it
I want to watch it come down
all the pigs are all lined up
I give you all that you want
take the skin and peel it back
now doesn't that make you feel better?
shove it up inside surprise! lies
stains like the blood on your teeth
bite chew suck away the tender parts
I want to break it up I want to smash it up I want to fuck it up
I want to watch it come down
maybe afraid of it let's discredit it let's pick away at it
I want to watch it come down
now doesn't that make you feel better?
the pigs have won tonight
now they can all sleep soundly
and everything is all right 



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I hate NIN, but the fact that this video was done live, in a single take, is pretty impressive.
Rated....... but that does not include the video.

My problem is that I blog because I need the feedback- I am trying to figure out life. And I really like some of the people that have decamped to the other place. So I'm not joining the revolution, just keeping a residence in both places.
If you need a place to scribble your ideas, try your bathroom. Lots of peace and quiet (usually) and a place to sit. What do you need a blog site for?

You want to tell us that it's about ego? Sure. We love people telling us our stuff is good. Why do you think I was involved in founding Readers' Picks?

So I'll define this in your terms:

It means more to me if the people who like my stuff are people who I think can write and more yet if the people who like my stuff are people who I think can think.

This place makes mutual stroking too difficult.
well mxy, as always you eschew the formal niceties and
get down to the ragged ugly truth:
"Hey! Listen to me. My ideas are more important than yours are, my creativity more profound, my prose more beautiful and poignant."
this is a given when one is composing.
when it goes out there , though, only the most self-reliant
doesnt-give-a -shit
writer would ever say, "like i fucking care"...
i call you out , sir , on your misanthropic self contained
solipsism! i know you for a fellow who likes some
back-and -forth!
what the hell good is it to have all this talent and not
rub it in others' faces, and once in awhile, be humbled?
like by phyllis: her plain truth: she needs the feedback!
she is trying to figure out life!
phyllis always humbles me.
and these other m-fers? they are interesting and unique.
"a man aint an island" said some poet.
From each according to their abilities. To each according to their needs... so call me a commie, see if I care. Of the folks I see headed out to Our Salon there's a lot of talent... and they're not leaving because they're not getting compliments, they're leaving because the don't want to put up with the stress of waiting around while Open Salon chugs along to post an Error Message. I'm out of here for that reason, so think of me as you will. I'm not whining or waving my hands in the air screaming for attention, just fed up with the BS process. Can't see as how that makes me a sycophant, but like many wannabe writers, opinions are like assholes, so scribble away.
"Hey! Listen to me. My ideas are more important than yours are, my creativity more profound, my prose more beautiful and poignant."

Nah. You ascribing motives to people you don't know. I for one don't think any such thing as what you said. But I don't have to be more important, creative, etc. than anyone else to take my place at the table and enjoy the conversation.

And, tho I do my share of talking to myself, participating with other people is more fun.

Self-important scolds are a bore.
just phyllis - that's cool. That place might actually be good for you because, if I remember correctly, they have a forum. I've been saying this place should have a forum ever since I got here.
Kosh - I would, but some asshole keeps coming around and cleaning my bathroom. Whoever it is, I'm gonna get 'em some day.
jimmy - please notice my new bio.

yeah - I likes me some back and forth, but i like it when it is genuine.

How often do I go in and read your blog? once every 4-5 posts (or any time the parrot is spoken of)? maybe...

Obviously it isn't because I don't like you or think you are a talented writer. I do and you are. You're also one helluva a nice guy.

I think I was going somewhere with that, but I love my new bio so much, I forgot what it was.
jmac - way to tough it out for 30 days, my man. you really stuck it to the man.
myriad - if you're not writing for that reason, then you shouldn't be writing. You should go find a nice forum on which to have conversations about whatever it is about which you conversate.


Not too boring for you to write nearly as much as I did


Do you find that the best way to criticize a self-important scold is to do so as a self-important scold? Just curious.
I love NIN and was singing this very song today.