NOVEMBER 27, 2012 7:15AM

A Proposal To One Mr. Sugarman

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I Photoshopped out the ads and condensed the locations of the important elements, but everything that remains is real, and really what this website value calculator popped out.


I understand that the goodwill of the name still carries some weight, so I offer you the following - I will buy the name, URL and all rights therein to "" as well as all URL within its heirarchy for the lofty sum of $20.

It's an offer which represents 4X the site's total value, and is more than generous, I think.  After the purchase is complete, I will show you and the management at Salon exactly what you could have done to make this site successful, and when the value has eclipsed $25,000, should you be interested in repurchase, I will sell the site back to you at its actual value, with no premium like I am now offering you.

It's a pretty sweet deal.  Take it to whomever you need to take it and get back to me.  Or, have your people call my people and we'll do lunch.


Learn how to do your fucking job.




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Oh, always know what to say to cheer me up.
Brilliant post, Malcolm. Hit 'em where it hurts. Believe it or not I have been a Betty White fan since I was 6 and she had a sit-com called "Life With Elizabeth." I liked it even better than Howdy Doody and Mr Peepers.
A magnanimous offer! Hope they take you up on it.
At this point seppuku is Jake's only honorable way out.
Don't listen to Malcolm, Jake.
I'm offering $25.
I need a new porn platform, & this looks dandy.
Today's browsing @ Open Salon. Slut/
but, I no judge. That's What I Sensed!
` I No Ever come-back`Gin? NEVER!
in hell's Underworld's` @ de` Salon/
kerry ride horsy/donkey de`Choice/
read Plato last/chapter de`Republic!
Whatever . . .
Dog Lap vomit.
Human beast.
Be Swine? Er.
One thing's for sure : The name 'Jacob Sugarman' will go down in publishing history.

For all the wrong reasons.
thanks, y'all. and Kim, don't think I'm gonna get in a bidding war with you. at $25, it's all yours.