Hello ladies.  Welcome to Texas.  It's a big, beautiful place and home to a diverse, independent group of  women who are feisty in spirit.
We're a place with high moral standards, though, and we are firm believers in the sanctity of life. I… Read full post »


home alone gross
As it turns out, I post a lot of crap, because most of what I enjoy is crap, but every now and again I have a half-decent idea and once I look into all the facets of said idea, it ends up being well-researched enough that those…

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So, as it turns out, Bain Capital isn't nearly the Gordon Gekko-esque monster than it has been portrayed as.  Even when the goal of the Equity Fund was the "destruction" of jobs, it's likely that there was a net gain in jobs (of approximately 100, but still, a net gain) over… Read full post »

OCTOBER 10, 2012 7:50PM

Defending Sesame Street

OCTOBER 9, 2012 2:39AM

My Ongoing Debate with David Wong

David Wong controls cracked.com, a site I frequent, but that he has seen it fit to kick me off of, and then libel me as justification for kicking me off.  When it's jokes, funny pictures and the like, I can usually sneak around for a while before my latest ID isRead full post »

OCTOBER 7, 2012 1:19AM


you've been with me for longer than I can remember
no matter the distance that separated us
now you are a fading series of footsteps
running away from the nightmare in your mind that you've constructed to replace me
I don't know where you are and
I don't know how to find you
I only know how… Read full post »




I fucked up with my primary vote and support in 2008.  Before the Democratic Primary made its way to my state in the form of the Caucuses in which it arrives here, I was a Dennis Kucinich supporter, and a vocal one at that.  At the time,… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 29, 2012 10:58AM

What If... ? Presidential Showdown Edition

obama v mccain
Just watch the video and listen to the words before you start telling me all the shit that Obama has done better than McCain would have.
Also, the masturbate thing was almost a tie.  It was Palin's  vagina that gave her the edge in… Read full post »

Hillary Clinton unveiled a new aid package for our friends in the Syrian Rebellion, al Qaeda.  The package includes $30 million in humanitarian aid and $15 million in aid for "training and logistics".


So, just out of curiousity, who, exactly, in the State Departmant will be detained indef… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 12:20PM


Someone called me a Socialist because I stated that Estates should be taxed at 0% for the 1st $3 million, and 100% for every dollar thereafter (adjusted for inflation, and only after a spouse also passes, thus completely dissolving the community property relationship formed at marriage).… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 23, 2012 2:58PM


OK, when someone's name ends with an ess, and you're trying to denote possession (i.e. Sam's car), it is still appropriate and correct to use an apostrophe followed by an ess.


Strunk and White note that one may also use the more common (and often incorrect) apostrophe after the final… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 21, 2012 7:56AM

Midget Dunk-Off - Webb vs. Robinson

 1986 vs 2006






What Spud did, and when he did it, especially considering he was up against his teammate, The Human Highlight Reel, Dominique Wilkins, was incredible.  Much respect due, but Nate (who is listed at 2" taller than We… Read full post »

I was walking the dog for the final time this evening and as I was doing so, I came to a horrible reallization - Fuck is not the most versitile word in the English language.  It simply can't be made to fit as two of the eight basic parts of speech… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 5, 2012 6:54AM

I Don't Get It.

Dec. 18, 2011 - Last U.S. troops leave Iraq, ending war

Whoo hoo!!  Truly Mission Accomplished for President Obama.


2012 iraq




Pfc. Cesar Cortez  died in a "non-combat related vehicle accident" while in The Kingdom of Bahrain, and yet his death is attributed to… Read full post »

AUGUST 21, 2012 10:50AM

Creating Terror, The Obama Way

OK, so we're funding and supplying weapons to the "Free Syrian Army" along with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and so on (the rest are exactly who you think they are), and per Secretary of State Clinton, WE KNOW that the FSA is allied with Al-Qaeda, but even ifRead full post »
JUNE 30, 2012 2:22AM

Where The Men Won't Boldly Go.

Why hasn't there ever been a gay Star Trek character? 


Rainbow disco ball communications console doesn't count.


I don't blame Gene Roddenberry.  He was busy hooking up Ohuru, Sulu (Takei's real life gender identity didn't make it so in the Federation, though that f… Read full post »

Reas0n #1

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

This guy  go… Read full post »

MAY 4, 2012 11:09PM

Aloha, MCA




No time to write anything at the moment, but a great artist and a great man died today.  I didn't know him personally, so saying that I'm sad would be an overstatement, but I mourn for those that did know him as I have to… Read full post »

Someone pissed me off and I was forced to make this chart, and I thought some others might find it illuminating.  Now, please don't get pissed yourself, as I am not saying this is how I want the world to be.  It is simply the way it… Read full post »

APRIL 8, 2012 7:35AM

Support Your Local 451!

patriot act pics on Sodahead




Why hasn't anyone questioned the president HARD about his support of all the Civil Liberty destroying policies that did originate with the last president, sure, but after a while, you cant blame the guy that was there… Read full post »

Now, I will grant you, in recent years, the man has not exactly been easy to understand when he speaks, but this hasn't always been the case, and certainly when he sings, the words come through, crystal clear.

I don't know if Ozzy is a great songwriter.  Heck,… Read full post »

MARCH 12, 2012 6:01PM

4 and 3 and 2 and 1

FEBRUARY 22, 2012 8:33PM



Welcome to the story which is the biblical basis for the prohibition on masturbation and contraception - the story of Er, Judah, Tamar and Onan.

 6And Judah took a wife for Er his firstborn, whose name was Tamar.

 7And Er, Judah's firstborn, was/

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Reason #7 - Regardless of if he wins or loses, it legitimizes all his BS positions on issues like women's rights, gay rights and human rights.

Reason #6 - Like Al Gore, Geraldine Ferraro (who was simply a Vice Presidential nominee for the DNP), Bob Dole (and… Read full post »