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JULY 21, 2011 11:01PM

Sampling of reactions to new breastfeeding doll

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 See video of doll....
...My beef really isn't with the doll; my beef is with our culture. How are kids supposed to make sense of Breast Milk Baby if the majority of their dolls are missing genitals a la Barbie and Ken? How are they supposed to understand Breast Milk Baby if we debate whether or not it's okay for our children to see OUR own breasts?
Without Education, Put Away the Breast Milk Baby - Dr. Logan Levkoff - Huffington Post - 7/20/2011's undeniable that the doll is a good match for children, who are naturally curious about biology. The Breast Milk Baby simulates the miraculously complex way a woman's body can produce all the food her baby needs for many months. It's one thing to castigate Bratz dolls with their sultry, made-up eyes and Angelina Jolie lips or Barbies with their infinitesimal waists and big boobs; they ooze sexuality and project unattainable body ideals. If anything, The Breast Milk Baby is a refreshing change from the doll-as-tarted-up-playmate paradigm: it's not about sex; it's about eating.
Child's Play: What's So Bad About 'The Breast Milk Baby'? - BONNIE ROCHMAN - Time - July 20, 2011
While I wholeheartedly recommend the idea of breast-feeding, I worry that a toy like this may speed up maternal urges in little girls who play with it. Pregnancy and child rearing both require maturity and understanding. That’s why we wait until children are in middle school to introduce sex education. You wouldn’t teach it to a first grader.
Breast-Feeding Doll is Inappropriate for Children - Dr. Manny Alvarez - Fox News - July 19, 2011
It “contributes to the sexualization of children and it makes them targets of assailants.”
Fox News’ Keith Ablow Proclaims He’s ‘Not A Pedophile’ In Debate Over Breastfeeding Doll - Colby Hall - Mediaite - July 19
...children play at adult roles all the time. They play at being soldiers and cops and fashion models and moms. Pretending to nurture a baby isn't inherently any more sexual than any of those acts. The real shocker about Bebe Gloton is that she sells for $89 online. Considering that one of the great delights of breast-feeding is that it's a low-overhead endeavor, why not model that as well? A Whoopsie Doo Baby Alive who pees and poops herself is only $15. If you want to normalize breast-feeding for your kid, just give her a regular baby doll and demonstrate how you fed her when she was a baby herself.
Why breast-feeding controversies don't go away - Mary Elizabeth Williams - Salon - July 20, 2011

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