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APRIL 7, 2009 2:37PM

Men Do Not Wear Makeup

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Guyliner 1


Look, I was trying – really trying – to keep my mouth shut.  But the assault on manhood continues unabated.  It goes on and on, like the girl who won’t stop talking frantically about her cat, or her Pilates.  To the point at which you make the remarkable decision that it’s actually not worth trying to bed her.  Just not worth the price of submission.

The worst kind of attack on masculinity, of course comes from within.  That fifth column that insists on chipping away at the things that make men… men.  Like the fact that we don’t wear makeup.  Men do not wear makeup.  That’s for ladies.  It’s supposed to be a self-evident fact.

I was at a normal business-social cocktail function, in a normal city.  A man in his early 30s, with whom I’d been in a normal meeting hours earlier, greeted me heartily, lager in hand.  He had questions about the proposed deal and the companies involved, but I couldn’t stop staring at his eyes.  They were outlined in black.  He was wearing eyeliner.

What’s wrong with your eyes?  Have you been injured?  “It’s guyliner, mate.  Makes me look fresh after a long day.”  I was appalled.  Does your wife know you do this?  “Yah, she wasn’t too chuffed I was using hers, so I got my own.”

It turns out that major cosmetics manufacturers are enthusiastically enabling this nefarious new front in the battle to emasculate us, and to undermine another bastion of maleness.  They sell not just eyeliner, but blush, concealer and foundation.  For men.  MAC seems to be a leading offender.  Jean Paul Gaultier has an entire line of testicle-shrinking products it calls Monsieur, as it slowly transforms us into madame.

Men don’t have many natural rights left, granted to us by God or Nature or both, and that’s fine.  Too many of the old natural rights just turned us into walking hindquarters anyway.  But one privilege that had survived the ages was the right to look like Hell, and still be seen as tremendous, titanic and worthy of deference.  We could let our hair go gray, or fall away.  Our skin could become pasty and dry.  These were badges of courage, battle scars, announcing our stamina and prowess in work, our command of resources and our power in the realm.

Gentlemen, I am extending a hand to you.  Join me not simply in resisting, but also in condemning “man-makeup”.  This is a bad thing for men.  It needs to be crushed.  And we’re good at crushing things, such as beer cans and other people’s dreams.

For the record, there are some personal grooming steps in which it is acceptable to indulge.  You may use conditioner on your hair.  A masculine cologne is not only attractive to (the right kind of) women, but also proclaims a traveling space around you as your personal territory, thereby increasing your power.  If you absolutely must, you may use some kind of moisturizing goop on your face at night, but only if you never tell anyone.

But if and when you encounter an erstwhile member of the Man Club sporting makeup worthy of a representative of the gender with which we spend so much time trying to celebrate la difference, it is imperative that you follow this process:

1.     Express shock and concern.

2.     Inquire about the individual’s gender identity.  (If that’s at issue, abandon discussion.  There may be legitimate things at work here, and we’re defending masculinity, not promoting homophobia or trans-whatever-it’s-called.)

3.     Apply derision, thickly.

If we fight this abhorrence now, with force, there is hope that it will die away in time, like those ill-fated “man-skirts” from the 1980s, and talking after sex.


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um......yes...liner looks terrible on most men.

In fact...almost all men.


(Sorry...I will love Adam Ant till the day I die, fey or no.)

Missed you.
Hi, Persephone. How goes it? I was away for a bit. There was this thing...
Indeed, I am also glad to see you back.
On the eyeliner thing, I will admit I don't want to share my make-up table with any man...
But having spent enough time around musicians of all stripe, I will forgive the occasional on-stage (as in, you're at work and it's the tools of the trade) smudges of eyeliner...
well, I guess this is the last straw for KISS, huh? and I just saw Gene Simmons on a Dr. Pepper commercial ... oh well ... Goodbye, Dr. Love ...
Okay, if you make your living by singing, you can wear some makeup. And of course, you have to sit in the chair and let the makeup lady give you a sickly orange glow every time you do a TV bit. But the exceptions end here. Or nearby, anyway.
Used to be 'Men do not use hair dye'... Now we've retreated to 'men do not use eyeliners'. Blame it all on the emo kids. Once you start wearing women's jeans- it's all down hill from there.
icemilkcoffee, there's much truth in what you say. It's one thing to want to get into a woman's pants. It's another thing to try to fit into them. A man has to know where to draw the line.
Where have you been? :( We missed your paws around here!!!!

Anyhoo, I gotta go with icemilkcoffee on this one, lol

Hello, LadyMiko. What outrages have you been up to?
But the exceptions end here. Or nearby, anyway.

But what about football players with smudges of greasepaint under their eyes? And commandos in camouflage make-up? And Indians in wild west re-enactments? And mimes? ...Okay, I'll give you mimes.
Hello, Rob. Do mimes still exist, or have we crushed them by now?
Good point. Fittingly enough, I expect they have been crushed by an invisible horizontal surface, descending very slowly.
Ha! Excellent. Leave it to the Saint.
Maybe just a little lip gloss and a touch of powder?
I mean women go without it, men with it. It's fast and loose out there.
Lea... I feel a growl building.

"Fast and loose"? That describes the date you enjoyed at the time, but who left you itching and requiring medical attention. It does not describe the carved-in-stone rules of manhood.

Grrrr! Theeere's the growl.
Barnabas Collins wore eyeliner, and very well, too. That's how I learned about eyeliner.
Just the same . . hyper sexed posts as usual, MTN! :D
I would consider a man rummaging through my makeup as grounds for divorce. I want a man, not a doll. Man, with hair in funny places, some man smell, and maybe some stubble. The only place you can get creative with your appearance is if you're experimenting: sideburns or no? It's not that complicated.

And Lord I've missed you. You're my methadone.
Barnabas COLLINS. Ur-television vampire. Sheesh. Or are you asking who I am?
LadyMiko, what did you expect? I took time off to be neutered? (grin)

Howdy, Mrs. Michaels. Delighted to see you. Methadone, is it? Couldn't I be a substance with rather a more sense-expanding effect? And a more benign connotation?!

Incandescent, I don't disagree with you about the attractiveness of restraint in makeup use among the distaff set. Still, artfully applied, don't you think it can accentuate and enhance the difference?

Mumbletypeg... I'm with you now. A vampire. But they're supposed to be all gothic and creepy, aren't they?
Nope, methadone, in small controlled doses. Been tough with you capitalizing out there in the real world.
Well, Mrs. Michaels, I'll endeavor to bring a little masculine foolishness here a bit more frequently, then. And here's a rub up against your leg as thanks for saying nice things.
Incandescent, I quite agree. I've no interest in a woman who doesn't like to get sweaty on the field, on a mountain, or on a boat. These, clearly, are not the places for makeup.

I can, however, think of a couple of places, and a couple of scenarios, and a couple of ensembles that would rejoice in the art. In fact, I'm thinking of some now. And grinning.

Luluandphoebe... you do have my sympathies. Have you considered moving?
First they came for the eyeliner. Then they came for the cuticle cream...

Just so you know, you'll have to pry the John Varvatos Pore Refining Mattifier (TM) out of my cold, dead hands.
There's a distinct possibility that men wearing makeup is a felony in Texas. It will be a sad, sad day if I ever see a man in eyeliner here.
Great to hear from you again. Man, you are one busy writer. This is a great post. I'm with Persephone...I'm an Adam fan all the way. Makeup looks great on him. I'm not evolved enough to be able to appreciate lipstick on my manly man.
Kerry, that's horrible. You should be ashamed. So... ah... does that stuff work? Just curious, you know.
Man Talk! You're back! YAY! Missed you and your unique take on The World. :)

However: Some manly men look amazingly manly in eye liner. I'm an old-school goth (in my heart, at least), and eye liner and black lipstick just go with the territory. One of the sexiest photos of my husband EVER is with a shaved head, eyeliner, and a leather jacket, all ready to go clubbing. Yum.... :D

Persephone, that boy could rock him some makeup, couldn't he?
Merwoman, a big hello in your direction.

I'm a tolerant man, and I want full credit for tolerating the utter wrongness of your comment - and for smiling at you as I fight my rising gorge.
I don't know, Man, it sure looks like a hint of kohl eyeshadow there on your avatar photo. It's good to see you back!
No, Coyote, that's just dirt. I haven't been to the groomer in awhile.

Now, shoo, before I eat you. With this recession, it's a canine-eat-canine world, you know?
No argument here, ManTalk, none. But I'm not sure you've gone far enough. I'm so old school, I don't even go for tattoos. The old man had one, but that was back in the day when no self-respecting woman did.

Then there's earrings. The old man always said "I better not catch you wearing an earring unless you're a pirate." Back in the good old days when men were still men, the only latter-day pirates wearing an earring were butt pirates.

I'm also not a fan of all the other piercing. When I see a young lady with a tongue-post, my immediate thought is that she thinks it pays to advertise. Maybe it does, but not in my neighborhood.

Then there's cosmetic surgery which is waaaay up for men. And let us not forget Rogaine and hair plugs, etc, etc, etc. At least guys can lie about these things and maybe get away with it, but makeup?!! Nope. Not. Never.

What's this world coming to, Tom said, brushing his shoulder length locks.
Tom, you crusty bastard, you're right on time. A woman has to have a whole lot of fantastic going on for me to overlook uncalled-for non-lobe piercing. I can't leer if I'm wincing.
We've missed you, Dawg (well, sortof dawg). To me, a woman is never more sexy than when she steps fresh from the shower.
Excellent and funny post, I agree. But...

I was forced to wear makeup in the Army. We called it "face paint." Is this acceptable? Does the fact that we were crawling around in the woods with guns looking to shoot people negate our unfortunate face makeup?
MJ, most certainly! The entire "preparing to kill people" aspect definitely justifies an exception.

Tom, I share your appreciation of women stepping fresh from the shower. In fact, I believe that was the occasion and location of my most recent arrest, at a spa in Arizona.
Two things:

(1) "like the girl who won’t stop talking frantically about her cat, or her Pilates." I resemble that remark.

(2) You got it mostly right in the title---real men don't wear makeup, unless they are on a movie or television set and are being paid handsomely to do so.
Guyliner? Murses/Manbags? Mannies? The Bro? Where does it end?!

Gah! Rated for crushing beer cans and other people's dreams.
m.a.h. , while your point (1) sounds alarms, your point (2) speaks of laudable good sense, which is deeply attractive. Why do you women insist on simultaneously attracting and repelling, with your multi-faceted personalities and individuality?

JustJuli, we men are happy to be of service, whenever you need something crushed. A threatening scorpion, for example. Or a stable banking system. Just dial 6-2-6 (M-A-N) on any phone. We'll be there, with boots on.
Excuse me, but the operative words here should be, "there IS this thing". I just printed my boarding pass.
Heh, heh. Fair enough. There is this thing...
There's a large group of boys at my son's middle school that wander around in a sad cloud of Axe and raccoon eyes.
NO, MTN . . NOOOOOOOOOOOO! How could you! :( (lolz)
Good Lord... "Axe". I have only two hands, and so many kids need their heads smacked.
There is no such thing as "guyliner." It's fucking EYELINER, it's the exact same stuff women use, and it's only acceptable for men to wear if they're performing on stage or in front of the camera or otherwise in some sort of costume.

(It's also a complete and total pain in the ass to learn to apply, melts into your eyes and burns, clogs up your tear ducts and causes stys, and, IMHO, not worth the effort except for Halloween and Mardi Gras.)
I do find this posting insulting and offensive. If a man wears a make up, it doesn't mean he is a less man. This posting clearly shows your lack of fashion sense & knowledge. Honestly they look hot. Just start to read fashion magazines!! You should NOT be judgemental. There are other things being than macho. You like writing right? So some people like fashion! What is wrong with that?!!
Anddddd this posting made front page. So sad! I'll be damn!!! Simply NOT rated!!!
But I can still wear my nail polish, right?
I've read these rants before and always wondered why the concept of masculinity was such a delicate blossom that a little kohl would be cause for concern.

All the same, I can hardly imagine having to fight any guy I'd want to call mine for access to the bathroom mirror each morning.
Skeptic - you took the words right out of my mouth. I see lots of men with dark (preferably chipped) nail polish. I dig it.
Nestor Carbonell's character on "Lost", Richard, wears guyliner.

That's how you know he can't be trusted. Word.
Yes, we shall have to be civil and agree to disagree without anyone pulling anyone else limb from limb. ;)
ZBitch, you must have joined OS while MTN was on hiatus. His tongue is firmly placed in jowl.

Two words, MTN. Johnny Depp. I rest my case.

Welcome back, MTN, I missed you!
So GLAD YOU ARE BACK!! You have a LOT of my posts to catch up on, sir.
I agree wholeheartedly about the man make-up. I dislike most of the slide into metrosexuality. It needs to end. Can a man be a gentleman without being a primper? Surely.
Men should not wear make up. Women wear too much make up. Men should not wear women's clothing. Women's clothes are made for women's bodies. Women should not wear men's clothing. Men's clothing was made for men's bodies. Men and women have different bodies and do not look good in each other's clothes.
MTN! Yay! You're back!

Now, to the issue - while I am unlikely to fall for a guy who's more made up than me, I do go for guys with long hair in a big way. THAT used to be the dividing line between men and sissies. It seems to me you are just redefining that line in the sand that keeps getting washed away by the tide of fashion. Men are men, no matter what they draw on their face. It's the equipment that counts. And how they use it.

And also, it might be a good thing that men feel like they have to work at looking good, since that "fresh out of the shower" look is rarely achieved with just a shower. (Hours at the gym, skin toner, hair treatments, etc, etc. ) Girls, am I right here?
and can we just say "no" to the purple lip junk they put on our President for the cameras? Ugh.
MTN, welcome back! I completely agree. But I disagree with those who suggest a rugged woman can't hit the hiking or biking trails with a little lip gloss and subtle eyeliner. Yes, we can!

Cuticle cream can go either way.
I have to come back later to finish reading....I was overcome by a long-lasting paroxysm of laughter after reading "Makes me look fresh after a long day." Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaa...

In the meantime....

Imean First they came for the eyeliner. Then they came for the cuticle cream...

Just so you know, you'll have to pry the Maybeline Eyelectric Color Collection (TM) out of my cold, dead hands.
Great to see you back in the OS fray. I've never liked makeup on men, not even on fey British rock stars. I like my men rough and ready as the saying goes.
I am with you on this mission, O my brother.
I'm working on a scene in a book I'm writing where the antagonist is with his girlfriend at a cosmetics counter in a department store. A guy behind the counter who is wearing men's makeup products asks him, "What do you enjoy on your face, sir?"

"Your sister's titties."

Seriously, let's read some Raymond Chandler and put this nonsense behind us.
Last time I wore it was in college and went out on Halloween as Alex in Clockwork Orange. I think those guys in Kiss may have started the trend. I wish Alex could have run into the guy with the smooching lips. He always pissed me off. Have to admit I enjoyed the glam of David Bowie back in the day.

Nowadays, the operative word is low-maintenance. Whose got time to stand in front of a mirror? I yam what I yam.
I was gonna say Johnny Depp. He can wear or not wear anything he wants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've made this comment before, but it bears repeating. It's sooo difficult to criticize the trends today when I thought David Lee Roth boucing on a large inflatable microphone wearing spandex was the epitomy of HOT! I give my teen a hard time, then I have to go to my room, shut the door, and LMAO. And no, no man is borrowing my makeup or nail polish. My dad would be so proud to hear me tell my daughter that one of another of her male friends needs a hair cut. Dad was a genius. How did he know?
Hi, Z Bitch. With respect, I just don't think it's going to work out between the two of us. But I'll always have your hate to keep me warm. ;)
jane smithie, I do not use oil of olay at night. It's saddle oil.

skeptic... nail polish! Don't make me write another rant!

peppermint, mock the defence of masculinity, will you? Please address your mind, madam, to the fact that this is a multi-front conflict, and men are being pecked to death by ducks (or other, equally silly title of a PJ O'Rourke book).

Hi, Voicegal. Johnny Depp? Depp as a validation of man-makeup? I think not. You just want to jump Depp. The eyeliner just happens to be there. (grin)
Rob, if you want to bring up the use of makeup with heavily armed men who know 37 ways to kill you with their left little finger, you have more 'nads than I'll ever posses. Of course, I'll have to re-evaluate my earlier opinion that you had more brains than me.

BTW - I have worn makeup on stage and I'm pretty good at applying it, so I guess I've crossed that line. Come to think of it, I've also worn it while heavily armed and practicing calling in air strikes.

MTN -good to see you back.
Joan, I think you've got me on the lip gloss on the hiking trail. I suppose it's practical, as well as pretty. But eyeliner? Wouldn't it get gummy and runny when you sweat?

I like your new avatar, by the way. Very "spring-y" and cheerful. Suits you.
If I don't wear makeup, what would I do if the guy was wearing makeup? The few times I have put mascara on, I have forgotten and rubbed my smell much better just shower clean and au natural but deodorized. - hey, if I don't wear perfume...some other women may beg to problem, guess even guyliner is personal preference but keep up the good fight, please - my men can't be prettier than me.
Rich, your support for the mission is noted and much appreciated. Next, we'll go after men plucking excessively and sculpting their eyebrows. (disgust face)

Ardee, nothing wrong with longer hair, as long as a fella doesn't look like a girl. My own mane is a bit long and shaggy, and I make no apologies, even in the boardroom.
Guyliner is only properly applied with a thick coat of manscara.

(Adam ant was hot, and I suspect Prince wears it too, also hawt!)

I found a present for you mantalk.

You might like it. this a serious topic of discussion? I'm hoping this is satire.

As a man who used to wear eyeliner regularly and was constantly asked "you ain't queer are you boy? I don't like queers!" (being in my home state of Alabama, this happened a lot. It was usually followed by a threat of violence implicit or explicit, depending) I'm hoping this topic is pure satire along with comments about "butt pirates."

See my response to this question back in the day was "Do you want your friends to know a man w/ makeup on beat the shit out of you? Coz if you do, we can discuss what you think about me being queer or not outside."

Seeing as my big, strong self was obviously big and strong the conversation usually ended there. When it didn't some men (oddly enough with long flowing girly locks of hair most of the time) wound up w/ a limp. I'm just saying, if you're going to confront people about their personal style habits while ridiculing them and questioning sexuality, hope they aren't naturally violent and/or sensitive.
"Men do not wear makeup. That’s for ladies. It’s supposed to be a self-evident fact."

I feel you, dude, but what you said? Only in some parts of the world, and even in many of those it was recently different. If you were an upper class male in medieval/renaissance western Europe, you wore makeup and stockings, at least in some settings. In the orient men wore eyeliner and shadow and other stuff if they were higher class. In the ancient east ditto.

But yeah, unless you're a crossdresser/tv/ts (which is fine) eyeliner on men is... viscerally disconcerting? :)

Still, folks be doing they thang till they get a different thang they wanna do. Whatchu gonna do about it, 'cept pick your company?

I wouldn't be worried. Can't see too many het (or man-seeking bi) women giving any kind of edge to the eyelined male over the natural man. Some, no doubt, but not many overall. The barbarians are not quite at the gate just yet. :-)
Keep loading. Fire at will.
Hey poisonghost, hope no offense taken. OK, I'd like to elaborate on my qualifier. Of course it's fine for anyone who damn well pleases, het, straight, trans or non to wear whatever they like. However, due to deep ingrained social conditioning, it makes even many of us "enlightened" folk (the kind who'd never offer or imply violence over what you wore, were or were with) do a double take sometimes. Mostly we cover well so you don't necessarily know it at the time, but it's there. Our problem, no? :-)
Adam Lambert RULES!!!!!!

Take a hike, breeders.
poisonghost, is this "a serious topic of discussion"... ? You bet. It's right up there with the economy, nuclear proliferation and an exit strategy for Afghanistan. I'm working on those, too.
Does eyeliner emasculate all men or just the individual wearer?

Either way, I think the definition of masculinity is going to have to start involving an element of weakness if it is so easily undermined by a kohl pencil.
I have to stop writing these hard-hitting pieces.
I’m definitely in the “eyeliner is good on Adam Ant and Pirate Johnny Depp, but not good on my husband” camp.

Also, I have a thing against guys with chick hair. Simple long hair is fine on some guys. But layered and highlighted hair like Keith Urban or Zac Efron is just too much. I don’t want a man who spends more time on his hair than me.

Oh, and Rob’s mime comment was hilarious!
I hope this is satire.

First and foremost, REAL MEN, of which there are very, very, very few, wear, do, say, and think whatever the hell they want to, nor do they feel it necessary to explain their behavior, tastes, values, etc. to anyone.

But let me define "real man". A real man is a gentleman as in the classical definition of a gentleman. And such a man is a nearly extinct creature. Too many men these days, worldwide, are simply crude barbarians.

Remember, too, as men are further "emasculated": men control the governments, the militaries, weaponry, the banks, the money, the land, the courts, the professions, most of the world's business, Wall Street, Congress, most governorships, on and on and on....

Men have absolute control over just about everything, and women are whores and blame targets. But remember guys, this is the world YOU created!!!! Women as whores and blame targets are YOUR creations!!!!! (And too many women, to my constant disappointment, accept these male definitions of women!)

But, poor emasculated men!!! Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo for men assaulted by a world THEY control!! And by the way, based entirely, solely, and only on genital organs, and according to the leading expert on male sexuality in this nation, Dr. Sherman Silber, men should wear skirts (those Scots, my ancestors, got it right: "Our balls are swinging free!") and women should wear pants...again, based solely on maintaining the health and function of genital organs. So, there. And isn't this simple logic?
Hi, Soap Box Amy. I'm not sure where to begin responding to your comment, so I won't.
Eyeliner on a man makes me throw up a little in my mouth. There's something just sickening about it.

The Egyptian pyramid crews went on strike once because they ran out of Kohl eyeliner. Turns out that it helped to cut the glare. Now maybe a big, hunky Egyptian pyramid construction worker could pull such a stunt.

But anorexic, pasty boys...nahhhh.
When my wife was breast feeding she used this lovely cream to stop her nipples from cracking. I found that not only did I enjoy the taste but my lips became soft and supple.

I’m just saying, once you get started using "product", no matter how you get hooked, a dangerous slope you are on!
Christian, thank God you here! What I thinking... trying to type... words and make talk like smart person.

Now I go leave blog thing to special folk who understand hard stuff.

Man thank you and go put band-aid on sore knuckles. Must stop dragging.
I don't know if you were joking or not, but Nestor Carbonell just looks like that in real life. He doesn't wear eyeliner.
My High School prom date--at that point in life, a rather scrumptious specimen of bad-boy attitude, stale 3-pack-a-day haze, cheekbones high as the Rockies, with jet-black hair, hazel eyes, and far more prettiness than any male should have--wore eyeliner that made his gray eyes pop and made me positively want to gobble him up.

I remain, to this day, a sucker for a man in makeup.

Eddie Izzard can throw me down onto the pillows anyday.

rickb, I don't know who Nestor Carbonell is, but I'm glad he doesn't wear eyeliner.

Verbal... Verbal, when you put it that way, I think the only sane male response is: Please pass the CoverGirl.
Rated for its utter common sense. I read some of the women's comments about it being attractive. It's not for me. Period end of discussion. Besides as a sheepdog you very rarely see my eyes except on a windy day.
Manliner? Give me a break.

That crap ain't never going on my face. The only way I will accept any makeup is if I'm going to be filmed. And then, I accept it as part of the job. Other than that? Forget it.
Incandescent, you've restored my pride in my post. Any post that can generate comments about vaginas "breathing" has got to be of some worth. ;)

I was feeling all bad after Christian yelled at me, called me names and tried, incorrectly, to correct my grammar. (Those smart people should be careful to consult... what do you call that book that tells you what words mean? right, a dictionary... before they attempt to beat people with a vocabulary stick.)

But now I feel terrific! Thank you.
Well, look what the ...ah.. CAT! (yeah - cat) dragged in. 'Bout time you showed up.

A man has to know where to draw the line.
As long as it isn't around his eyes. :-D

Welcome back. I didn't miss you. Nah. That'd be namby-pamby.

*Thumps MTN on the shoulder*

There ya go.
Oh, Christian! You keep falling down! That must hurt!

You said: " recently as 1783 "abhorrence" was used as a noun." The problem, you see, is that "abhorrence" is just that - a noun. A noun with two meanings. Either a feeling of extreme repugnance, or the object of that feeling.

How would you prefer to use "abhorrence", other than as a noun? Do tell.

Now, on to another matter. Was your comment about my gender identity cues forming in the 1700s a crack about my age? I hope not. Not only am I young man in the very prime of my vigor, but I am also strongly opposed to predjudice based on age.

Age-ism, of course, is a very bad thing. An abomination. An execration. Dare I say, an abhorrence, even.

Christian, forgive my high spirits, but there are few things more satisfying than to witness the utter self-demolition of a mean-spirited snob.
Hello, Bill! Cleverly put, that bit about knowing where to draw the line! Heh.

Let me say, though, I hate being dragged in by those felines. They think they're better than canines, because they poop in a box, and have English degrees...
Yes! When DID men become women?

I'd really like to know.

Welcome back!
Makeup should be worn only by women, like the sultry dark-eyed Latina whose photo graces your essay. Very alluring, I must say! I am captivated!
I am so torn by my attraction to you and Tom (and a few special others who know who they are), I find it difficult to refrain from deeply enjoying every word issued from your lipstick-free lips.

Yes, I am fickle, but I don't wear eyeliner either. And I'm going to step into the shower now...
My hubbie regularly wishes it was ok for guys to wear makeup and carry purses. The ability to even out your skin tone and keep your stuff organized should not belong exclusively to women.
Also, many of my male students wear makeup, it is much more mainstream today. I mean, look at Adam Lambert. Is he straight? Gay? Do I care? No. What he is is hot.
I have the impression that derision, even when applied thickly, does not amount to "physical oppression."
Christian, you just keep making my day. Please keep it up!

That large piece of lumber on your shoulder must be so heavy a burden to carry that it makes you incapable of recognizing satire - often self-mocking - from someone who prefers a good chuckle over a painfully earnest screed.

Gun club conservative? (grin) I'm a pro- gun control, pro-choice, pro- gay marriage, extremly socially-liberal, fiscally-conservative, Obama-supporting business owner.

I also don't try to start vocabulary duels when I'm obviously unarmed, as some do. I don't construct bizzare, extreme mischaracterizations of people, as some do. And I very much enjoy a good laugh, as some, unfortunately, do not.

Oh, and I think makeup on men looks really, really, really silly.

As I said... try to stay in the shallow end until you can shed your water wings. (chuckle)
Sally, are you flirting? Because it's working. ;)
Do real men actually say "la difference"?
Only when they're overcome by a wave of anus-ness, Steve. Happens to me a couple times a week.
before you know it ... they'll be wanting more closet space!
(chuckle) @ohsotender. Very sharp one!
thanks Man! (I've secretly always wanted to say that)
I had to think about this one...real serious thought for this early in the morning (god, it's only 11:11 here- why am I awake?)
I think I like eyeliner on a man, as long as it's not screaming "I'm wearing eyeliner". Course, it's the same for women.
Well, I like you anyway, Hyblaean.
I'm so happy to see so many other Adam Ant fans here!
Although...he's kinda mental these days.

How the hell did I overlook you, MTN, in all these long months on OS?
I'm glad that's been remedied!
This is possibly the most close minded, homophobic, although I'm not saying all men that wear makeup are homosexual, xenophobic article I have EVER read. Makeup is not an attack on masculinity, and never was meant to be one. Men use it for the same reasons that women do, to enhance their appearance. It's not always that, but usually for common people it is. Wearing makeup doesn't make anybody any less of a man. What's so bad with wanting to look awake? With wanting to enhance your looks and cover imperfections? I agree that not everyone can pull off eyeliner, but I also mean that about girls. Some women don't wear makeup and wear clothing made for men, and some also have short hair and like sports. Do they need to be 'crushed'? I'm a man, and I find body hair disgusting and don't like the smell of any cologne. Do I need to be 'crushed'? The answer to both of those questions is no. Change can be a good thing. Whether or not you choose to wear it, don't insult and degrade others for it just because you're, as stated before, xenophobic.
Oh, for God's sake Gazerocker, relax. You see "homophobia" and "xenophobia" here? Get your vision tested.

Do you ever laugh? Do you ever laugh at yourself? I do, and it's a Hell of a lot of fun.

You're throwing your labels at a hetero guy who thinks love is more important than just about anything, and therefore supports gay marriage, with gusto. No homophobia here, my friend.

So keep your pamphleteering to yourself.

But... men look deeply silly when they wear makeup. (wink) You have no idea how delighted I'd be if you continued to be pissed off and sent me another nasty barrage.