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NOVEMBER 28, 2010 6:49PM

WikiLeaks Revelations Put ManTalkNow on Defensive

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NEW YORK – A cache of thousands of confidential email and text messages provides an unprecedented inside look at the private life of half-assed blogger ManTalkNow.  Provided to WikiLeaks by an anonymous source, the material sketches an unflattering profile of a stubborn, juvenile, occasionally hypocritical and excessively proud man.

The disclosure of the messages has sent ManTalkNow (MTN) into hiding.  His few responses to media requests for comment have been terse and defensive.

¶ In an email exchange with a New York city official, MTN refused to pay a fine for a parking violation. He claimed that he had properly paid for his parking via a muni-meter, but that a gust of wind must have blown the receipt off his dashboard. 

“I’m sorry sir, but the regulations require that the receipt be visible,” wrote the city official. 

“No. I won’t pay,” was MTN’s reply.

“Sir, I’m afraid you have to pay.”


“It’s the law, sir.”

“Won’t pay. And you can’t make me.”

“Actually, we can…”

The emails continued in a similar vein for several months, until it was discovered that MTN also had an unpaid speeding ticket, and a bench warrant was issued.

¶ An August text message to his friend Pat reveals a stunning degree of hypocrisy from a man who has condemned men’s lingerie as “a very bad idea”. 

“Pat - I finally tried on that Guilio swimsuit.  Can’t believe it – u were right! Looks very good! Those gay Spaniards are magic with lycra/spandex. Don’t tell anyone – I’m on record against this sort of thing.”



(Guilio swimwear - totally not just for gay guys.)


¶ A series of emails with a sometime girlfriend showed MTN bargaining for sex.

MTN:  “Hey, Faye. What’s doing? Facebook says you’re single again. I should say I’m sorry to hear that. And I am, a little. But mostly, I’m really, really excited. How about dinner, drinks and late night activities this Friday? J

Faye:  “Well, hello. It’s been a while. Actually, I’m just enjoying being single at the moment. Not sure I need any complications right now.”

MTN:  “Me, complicating? Not at all. I’m simple. Everyone says so. I’ll take you someplace nice. With plants for you to eat. And I won’t call you pale and weak because you’re a herbivore.”

Faye:  “How generous.  No, I think I’ll settle for a bath and a book.”

MTN:  “Okay… How about this? We’ll head somewhere cool for the weekend. Maine?  How about Bermuda? I’ve got tons of airline points!”

Faye:  “You know, you’re sounding desperate. What’s wrong with you? Anyway, I don’t really have anything to wear in Bermuda.”

MTN:  “Er… bit of a dry spell, actually. Totally screwing up my energy. So… what if I take you shopping? Wouldn’t that be fun? Tomorrow we go shopping for Bermuda clothes. Friday we take off, come home Tuesday. You’ll be exhausted when you get back. ;)”

Faye:  “I’d need shoes, too, darling…”



(Bermuda - you can trade it for sex.) 


MTN:  “Right. The flights, the hotel, meals, a couple of outfits, a couple pair of shoes – plus my cheery personality and promise to ravish you repeatedly and at great length.”

Faye:  “You have yourself a date.”

MTN:   “Great! Can’t wait to see you. I’ll be evil.”

The complete package of WikiLeaks files from MTN’s computers and mobile devices makes for confusing and sometimes disturbing reading.  Certain emails between MTN and Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton can only be described as oddly flirtatious.


Condi and Hillary 

(What, you don't think powerful women are interesting?)


MTN would not comment directly on the disclosures, and at first denied their authenticity, sending an email from a mobile phone saying, “It’s all fake.”  When confronted with evidence that the files were real, he backpedalled.  “I can explain everything,” he said.  “Unfortunately, I’m about to board a flight to Asia.  They don’t have Internet there.  I’ll get back to you in a few weeks.”


Now saying odd things on Twitter:!/ManTalkNow



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saw those trunks in san francisco, cheap.

Boy, I hope they don't have my emails to Chelsea Handler.
Hehehehe! I knew this would happen. xox
Funny....but Condi AND Hillary?!?
Begging for sex on a Thursday night? Wow, did Condi make you wait, as well? Love the undies. Now if only they were filled out more proficiently!
I can barely wait.
rated with laughs
Sure you don't want to reveal yourself as a Nazi like Nanatehay did regarding the previous Wikileaks document release?

Aw come on ... you know you have that inner-Hitler just begging to get out.
Hope she decides to buy her own shoes. If I am going away with someone for a weekend, shoes are the last things on my mind. Just me, again. (not all woman trade sex for shoes)
Holy smokes! You plan some great dates. (During dry spells.)
King Abdullah sent me a really angry note from Riyadh. Not pleased that his Photoshopped pic of Ahmadinejad in drag got to the NY Times. Boy, am I having a bad day!
I've seen those trunks before. Matt Damon, right? In that Jude Law flick where he bashes Law in the head... Italy. I know I'm right.
That was a very expensive laid...
Damn... that is why a preffer men over women... they don´t have to buy anything to go to Bermuda...
@Mauricio: True, but with men you have to listen to all the boring stories and bragging. Well, at least with me you do.
Clever & Funny! rated.
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I don't believe the Bermuda story atoll.