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DECEMBER 17, 2012 12:33AM

It's Okay to Lie to Me, Pretty

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 No, I’m not mad.

It’s okay that you lied, and your secrets are safe with me.

I’d be one to talk.

It doesn’t make it any less, or more, does it?


You lied pretty and well.

And still we knew, we knew.

I knew, and you, too.

Our worlds rocked, didn’t they?


I knew you lied,

And you knew about me.

The lying was not unkind.

The lies were true, weren’t they?


When we laid, we lied.

We lied sharp and well, knowing

Façades will fall in time

Sweet and bitter, but mostly sweet.


Goodbye, treasure.

The lies were true.

And they always will be.


Lie to me again someday.



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Sleep well, and you should.
Your lover is forbidden
To speak the truth
If what makes you happy
Is a lie.....