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JANUARY 16, 2013 12:26PM

Ruins Everything

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Things are good. I should be very happy. But I’m not, damn it.

Flights on time. Hotel’s fine. Contract’s mine.

The trip was worth it, and I got the business. But I’m mad, and I want to punch someone.

Because I have a nasty cold. Because my throat hurts. Because I picked up something on the plane, and my throat hurts, and my head hurts, and I’m a long way from home, and I feel like crap, and I feel miserable, and I want to make someone else miserable. Because that would make me feel better. Just to hammer someone.

And yes, I know that wouldn’t make me feel better. And I know I’m being stupid. And I don’t care. Screw you, you not-understanding-why-I’m-being-such-an-asshole person.

I’ve been physically assaulted with extremely solid objects, and sustained actual injuries requiring actual recovery, and it hasn’t made me such a petulant, whiny pussy. But this multi-damned cold makes me feel more lonely and sorry for myself.

So I don’t care if you think I’m an idiot for not going to the big celebration dinner tonight. To hell with them and their smiles and laughter. Don’t they know my throat hurts, and my head hurts, and I have aches and pains?

I feel like being mean to someone. So everyone better stay out of my way. I can be really mean. I mean it.

I’m going to stay in my room and be mad. 

You'd better not knock on my door.

But if you maybe sent up some tea with lemon and honey, I guess that might be okay.

Stupid cold.

Ruins everything.



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Shut up. I don't wanna hear from you.
Sorry but I just have to chuckle. You got it and I am so sorry. IT is powerful.
(very bad words aimed at zanelle) (loud bad words)
ding service...:-)
Does it help you realize what people who have to function with a backdrop of chronic illness, like arthritis, go through?
jackie2, no, I wasn't thinking about people with chronic illnesses at all. But now I'm feeling really guilty. Thanks a lot!
Please don't sit next to me on the plane ride home.
(cough) What, you don't want me beside you on the plane? Just because I have germs? But what if I'm pretty?
you've got your grumpy pants on, with the matching socks. ::sniff:: This nurse prescribes aspirin chased with a hot toddy and a crisp set of sheets with a down duvet in a dark, cool, quiet room ~ phones off.
If you don't feel a little better tomorrow, we don't wanna hear from you either.
Being sick with no one to tuck you in is the worst. Is there a cute chambermaid that could fluff your pillow and kiss your forehead?
Times like this would be my father's excuse for a run hot toddy. He viewed it as a silver lining.
Here is some FREE medical advice.* Get two hookers and blog about it in the morning. R

*I'm not a doctor. I don't even play one on TV. I'm not even on TV, but I did play "doctor" once.
Hope you feel better before you get back on that plane.
You are acting like a man.
of course trudge recommends hookers. [eye roll] take some sudafed, motrin, tylenol, call room service for tea, crawl under the covers and close your eyes.

why is it that men forget every time what worked last time? sheesh.
@Lea and femme forte: Oh, yeah? (end of snappy comeback)

@Trudge: Naw, I wouldn't want some poor hookers to catch something from me. I feel like that would be bad manners.

@Abby: Alright, thank you, nurse. I'll do that. Actually... (swallowing)... I think maybe it's getting better? I could be back to cheerfully vain and pompous in no time!

@phyllis: I'd still take that kiss on the forehead. No man in his right mind ever turns down a kiss on the forehead.
It's all in your head.
Sounds like the flu. Alcohol can't hurt. While under the weather in Scotland, a barkeep recommended equal parts scotch and Stone's Ginger Wine. It's called a Whisky Mac and is my go medication and libation when out of sorts. R