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May 18
Mango Sherbert
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FEBRUARY 3, 2012 2:52PM

Favorite Meal?

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I'm not one for diamonds, gold or silver. I have some, but they are never thought about or added to or part of my daily happiness. Not like food. Food- not jewelry makes me happy. But...I do tend to hold onto things I love- food. Jewelry. I think my first "favorite meal of mine" I had over 24 years ago.

But...I do collect food and I've tried many items. I've lived in Okinawa, mainland Japan, Turkey and Germany. I've visited Bali, Korea, Romania, Paris, Mexico, Thailand. And, food has kept me interested in each of these places. I won't go into detail because my point, that I'm taking time pointing out, is four homemade foods are what I consider THE BEST foods ever made.

If I was on death row and was asked what is my last meal this would be it. If I was being honored by Obama for teaching or working in his campaign I would want this for my celebratory meal.

* Beer. American- Light anything. Ice cold.

*  Cheeseburger. Extra Sharp Cheese with lettuce and tomato and onions on a crisp seed topped bun.

*  French fries. Home style with lots of ketchup.

*  Chocolate shake. Thick enough spoon stands upright in it. You have to spoon it out, and it tastes more chocolatey than sweet and milky.

You know I could lose my jewelry tomorrow, but if I thought I couldn't have my favorite meal I'd be upset- more upset than losing my precious gold and silver.

Often I wonder why food matters so much to me, but like tonight. I find myself eating and laughing with friends and my daughter and to me food means GOOD TIMES.

What is your favorite- Meal?

Annie Shay

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You have a good meal there, but the light beer is just wrong. If you're going to eat the greasy burger and fries and fattening ice cream, why not have a real beer with it?
I wrote about this recently. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes would be in the mix. I'd like a buffet of many things.
add some onion rings to that and I'm with you
I don't like greasy burger. That's why its homemade. Funny, I live in the land of dark- robust beer, but I want Bud Light with Lime!