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May 18
Mango Sherbert
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FEBRUARY 22, 2012 2:04PM

Quiet: A Book Worth Buying...

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Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking is my newest book. I bought three. One for me. One for JL. One for Mr. S (favorite HS teacher JL has. He "gets" my daughter and sees all her strengths).

I remember for the most part of my growing up I was kinda nervous and shy, and still am quiet. Books and talk about ideas always got me. I love people. Love to talk, but until I laugh I'm more reserved sounding than many other gregarious people. Get this. I read Facebook for a year before I posted one status.

So, being a reader. I read as much as I could about personalities about 10 years ago, and I found out that roughly 20 out 100 people are introverts, or shy. I've told JL to not be ashamed of a natural disposition and that she is not alone. I've told her my best friends were deadly funny, but if you were not listening you missed it.

JL's 17 and its time she find out that its more than okay to be of the quiet disposition without me chatting her up... and she found this book in People Magazine. Go figure! Its a rather chatty magzine!

Once I read it I'll post a review. This is just an annoucement of a really interesting book, and why I bought it.

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