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February 14
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JUNE 2, 2012 11:28PM

Day of Action Against the Federal Budget Bill C-38

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Today I participated in the Day of Action protest against the federal budget bill - bill C-38.  This is a problematic bill for many Canadians - because many government actions have been rolled into this bill that have nothing to do with the finances of running the Canadian government - and that is contrary to what Canadian governments have done in the past. 

 Unlike the US, our tradition has been to propose legislation that is on one topic - we don't toss completely unrelated matters into 'omnibus' bills - " other budget bill in Canadian history had repealed, amended or overhauled 70 existing pieces of legislation...."  Until now.  The changes included in this bill that will seriously weaken protection for the environment in Canada are many.  I am also concerned about the 10% cut in the CBC's budget - so I attended with the sign I created for another protest.

I was at the office of Conservative MP Andrew Saxton - there were protests at Conservative MPs' offices across Canada. 


 This gentleman's T-shirt has the emblem of the Conservative Party of Canada - and an editorial comment!

This gentleman's T-shirt has the emblem of the Conservative Party of Canada - and an editorial comment (Crap)!  (PMO is the Prime Minister's Office - where the government's power has been increasingly concentrated over the last twenty years.)


The other side of his sign is visible to the left.





I loved this moppet in the cut down waders!



The top word on the sign is Why?


This sign says - Harper for U.S. not Us



I took this picture because I liked the woman's T-shirt - it says CUSJ Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice.

All photos copyright Marc Erickson 2012.

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Slogans and Tee shirts say much about peoples mentality. Good report.