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JANUARY 20, 2009 10:04AM

ObamaDayNYC: Where are the flagpins when you need them?

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THIS is what confronted me this morning in a little camera store Times Square, NYC on my way to the White House Project's  Inauguration Watch Party at Carolines' Comedy Club. What happened to the sprawling Times Square newstands selling everything from comics to cigars to, well, I would think flag pins? Or the gawdy tourist emporiums on every corner with their Statue of Liberty paperweights three feet deep on the shelf? Mostly they've been replaced by the NewTimesSquare® courtesy of the Disney Corporation. One enormous branded mall store after another with barely space in between for the old familiar sidewalk detritus of everyday New York. When I finally found a newstand (festooned with Obama caps and beer holders) and asked for a flag pin, the only one available was one with, of course, Obama's face on it.

A half a lifetime ago, or at least a staff job ago, back in November, I wrote about the Brave New World in which I actually felt the urge to wear a flag pin...  and while I couldn't find one on short notice, I'd promised myself I would be wearing one for the inauguration, dagnabbit.Well my excuse back then was not having time look because of my day job, and now my excuse is I've been having to look for, and then really work a new job.It's a freelance position, so that at least gave a few hours reprieve today to not only party at Carolines but to search Times Square high and low, winding through the chilled morning workaday crowds.To make a long story short, because I have to leave this Starbucks now (just watched the Obamas being greeted by the Bushes on the White House portico on the overhead flatscreen) and run to join my lovey at our table in Carolines, from where I hope to post more dispatches. I'm off. Oh by the way:


Mission Accomplished. 

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I'm with you brother. I know what you're saying...good to be alive today, good to have hope again.

::cheek pinch::

(thumbified for flagnamity)
dagnabbit!!! You have made us proud Marco. I just saw the inog!A wonderful speech.....some great moments of poetry.
Thanks, all. It's so cool to feel welcomed back into the fold, even with my now rather infrequent posts.

Barry, I consider myself "jadeless," i.e. committed to preserving my childish sense of wonder in all aspects of life, except in matters of politics, which get me all curmudgeony and cynical. Never in my 47 years have I felt so aligned with nation and planet as I did yesterday.

UmbrellaK, a special day indeed. The feeling of history closing in on me as I rushed to finish this post in Starbucks so I could get to the Carolines in time, the sense of acceleration, folks rushing by on the sidewalk outside as the newscast on Sbucks' flatscreen announced the Obamas were on their way to the Capitol..... I will never forget it.

:: blush, again, as ever:: (I've always been inarticulate around the teasing chicks, dunno why ;)

Garshdarnit, Gary, some serious poetry, yes, of the funky, joyously un-PC kind... I'm thinking of the reverend's closing invocation of black, brown, yella, red and white men. Funny, and a perfect coda to the Great Day on the Mall.
marco - love the photo spread. and totally get the feeling.

on the flip side - just today, I saw a bumper sticker that said I'll take my money, my freedom, and my gun, you can keep the change

and I thought, REALLY?!? REALLY - do people really believe that?

and then I thought - what money? what freedom? Obama's gonna take it away?? wow.

Not meaning to be a party-pooper - it was just a sobering reminder that even though some of us are breathing a huge collective sigh of relief and others are jubilant, there are still some who are less than pleased with our new leader.

but - I will take a flag pin!
lps— I've noticed how invisible the substantial anti-Obama ranks have become.... shows you the combined effects of jubilation, inaugural media saturation and being away from all that campaign stumping and sniping. But it is sobering to know they're still out there.... probably NOT wearing their flagpins for a change....