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DECEMBER 31, 2012 11:53PM

Not My Resolution

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How I admire


Who can make a New Years resolution

In October

That lasts

Not a week

Or a month

Or a year

But forever.

If  that strain of resolute resolve 

Could be mass produced

And injected

Imagine the millions who’d benefit

Instead of just one.

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A resolution that lasts forever? Did someone get married?

Happy New Year
It's all in how you do it.
Instead of, for instance, making a resolution to go on a diet and stay on it until you've lost 100 lbs. Just make a resolution to go on a diet until you lose 1 lb. Then repeat that resolution for 100 days.

If you fall off your diet, what the heck, its not a 100 lb. diet you fell off of, it's only a 1 lb. diet you fell off of. you can live with a tiny error like that, can't you? Just start again the next day! ;-)

Have a delightful New Year!
This reads like poetry. Not that I'm much of a judge. Count your blessing if you benefit instead of millions.

No, no one got married.

Happy New Year to you too.


This is excellent advice and not just for dieting; could apply to lots of undertakings too. HNY!


I'm not much of a poet. I do count my blessings and they're abundant but I wasn't writing about myself here.
So far, so good! 364 1/2 days left! ha ha R
One day at a time is all we can count on, it is said. Congratulations to whomever, tho, Margaret, and may your 2013 be blessed with good health, grand happiness and guilt-free prosperity. (I'm amazed to have gotten this far here today, speaking candidly, which I probly shouldn't have done before hitting "post".)

Is it that close already??? Darn; I just got done putting away my decorations and it's almost time to put them up again!


So true - today is all we have. Thank you for the good wishes and same to you. Getting on OS these days let alone being able to post a comment is a small miracle. I guess since the world didn't end, everything's a miracle!