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December 17
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APRIL 3, 2012 4:42PM

The War on Women Has Gone Too Far

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First they want to take away insurance coverage of birth control. Then they call us sluts and try to force us to have vaginal sonograms.

Now they’re trying to convince us we’re even fatter than we already think we are.

US Women could be more obese than believed

MONDAY, April 2 (HealthDay News) — The way that obesity is currently measured greatly underestimates the actual number of women who are obese, a new study suggests.

Almost half of women currently labeled as not obese by virtue of their body mass index (BMI) turned out to be obese when measured by a newer method focusing on their percentage of body fat by weight, the research found.

A cheap and obvious attempt at psychological warfare.

What the reporter failed to mention that almost a quarter of men were also found to be fatter than their BMI suggested.

So there.

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I have always been amused by the freedom with which we "males" comment on the appearance of women. So many "Limbaugh/Roves/Aisles" with their Viagra (covered of course) in case. Perhaps you have noticed that the Republicans are sure women will flock back to them when they throw off their tri-cornered hats and stand revealed as the true Republican male- the ideal of the entire universe!