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Sky Scapes - 2nd Gallery Challenge OC

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Tuscun Clouds
Timeless Tuscan Clouds- Arezzo, Itay
One of my happiest early memories is of lying on the Irish green grass of my aunt's garden in Dublin and sky gazing with my sister. We'd dream upwards into all that blue, our imaginations giving shape and purpose to all those fluffy white forms.  
 Silver Waves Over My Home
During one of the most depressed moments of my life, I grabbed my bicycle and cycled to escape, and the sunset in front of me swallowed me up, all the bad bits too, and gave me back a dawn of hope.
Then I met my husband. And he recognized in me a cloud watcher - something I'd never thought myself as. We found in each other celestial swoon mates. Thank you Stathi, for reminding me to swoon.
Singapore Skyline
Singapore Sunset Skyline - My Father's Home
The sky awakens in me the simultaneous pairing of awe and detachment, teaching their symbiotic relationship. I marvel at the works of art that appear, move, shift, dissappear - a constant motion of transformation in the freedom of the sky's open and limitless space. Everything comes undone only to create anew. And always there is the beautiful end that allows for the dawn of another beginning. The sky is the face of the heavens.
Evening Quiet
Quiet Sky over my temple - Wappingers Falls, NY
These aren't the pictures I wanted to post - they were the ones I was able to upload. Maybe someone can tell me how to get portrait oriented images to keep their orientation. All of mine ended up sideways!  Does anyone know of a linux netbook image freeware that sizes (bytes) images? 

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Maria, so thank you for reminding me to be a cloud watcher again!! Me and my sister used to do this also.. "..We'd dream upwards into all that blue, our imaginations giving shape and purpose to all those fluffy white forms. .." I have seen eleρhants, crocodiles, and when little I thought that I had found where all the clouds were created...It was (and still is) by a factory near the city I live, from its chimneys come the whitest and densiest smoke I have ever seen.

This is so romantic, and a travel back to time to me, I trully had forgotten the cloud watching game. This green- blue sky, is one I had never seen before, and the serenity of the temρle sky, so enarmonized with the belief, that sky is the true church-temρle for all of us.

Thank you Maria, this is such an excellent work!!!
I love the one from Singapore!

Three and four my favorites
Stathi - so there REALLY is a dream factory for the sky!

Thank you Stathi, Jonathan and M.C.S.!
Sometimes you just have to stare at the sky to find your inner heaven. Far from daydreaming, skydreaming connects you with the universe and reminds you of the vastness of your greater whole. Thanks for the reminder, Maria.
Beautiful! My daughter is a sky photographer too. /R
Very beautiful. I am a cloud watcher too.
So beautiful. I can't imagine what the ones your really wanted to post look like,
Oryoki, we do need eaxh other for reminders, don't we. And thank you for the wholesomely delish looking crackers you introduced me to today. Mmmm -

Nilesite, I'm so glad you came here coz I was looking for the person responsible for the stunning photo I stumbled across in the morning. I loved your take on the Sky OC and recommend a peek - it's one photo and a charming, short narrative on NY.

Sheila, I do find myself amongst good company here on OS. Here's to spiritual movements of the mind.

Trilogy, thank you! Just a bit better I think. But in the end, the pics that uploaded had me writing according to them which may well have been closer to what I needed to hear.
Beautiful! I do know the frustration of not being able to post some you want to. Many of mine were too big a file. Oh well.
Plus, staring at the skies is good for your eyes! Beautiful pics, Maria. A wonderful post. R
I like this post in particular not just because of the pictures but because of the prose. The works of art that appear, move, etc. is just really well put.
Now you've got me swooning, too. Exciting photos, Maria.
Anyone want to second my nomination for an RP for this? I said why in my comment.

I have to resize all my photos before putting them in here. I open them in an editing program( I usually just use Microsoft Office) and compress the photo for web. Then save it and put it into my post. But then I go back into the html code on OS and change the width size from '285' to '485' because it makes it easier to see here. I don't know if there is an easier way, but that's what I do--which is why it takes me so long to compose a photo rich post. Hope that helps.
My goodness, these are all glorious. Can I say they're all my favorites, I don't think I could choose just one.
Silver Waves and Hallelujah! It sounds like a greeting. Your photos are lovely.

Myself, I use Paint to size the photos down below 2MB, which is the limit here, then click and drag the corners to resize them for the post. zanelle would be a good person to ask.
oh maria....indeed, the sky is the face of the heavens. and you know how I love the sky. You have got some gorgeous pictures here!!! I love the teal and ochre stains of the first two.

But it is the way you have interpreted them that makes me sigh.

You are from Singapore? I went to high school in Djakarta and remember fondly those burning sunsets like yours in Singapore, and the muezzin blaring, before, plunk, sunset was gone.

Well done, my girl!
Lea - your photos are really beautiful, and informative, and I appreciated the world tour! This is the first time I've uploaded pics - a good start at least, any start being good! And I ALWAYS appreciate your encouragement.

Thoth - good for the eyes and the soul and the mind for sure! sometimes good for holding hands and a kiss thrown in too. Thank you, Thoth!

koshersalaami - Even the better pictures I had hoped to upload are not spectacular, but in the end it was all an excuse to share snippets of what the sky means to me. I'm so glad you appreciated that because the words are truly and completely mine. And thank you for the RP Nomination!


I know, I'm becoming shameless.

Oh Matt - I'm so happy you're swooning! We must make use of ALL opportunities to swoon!

lschmoopie - I never would have thought of using MS Office as an image editing program. Thank you for putting that in my head. One of the drawbacks of the linux OS I'm using is I don't have any image software loaded onto it. Been using this netbook just for text. I'll see if I can remedy that.

l'Heure Bleue - you are so kind! Thank you (lovely artist!).

Kate O'hehir - you're welcome! I wonder how the sky in China is looking...

just phyllis for now - it does sound like a greeting, now that you've pointed that out! thanks for the info!

(fwiw, irfanview works for me)
Emily - the poet in me thanks the poet in you so much for that sigh of validation!
With a few exceptions, I spent years 7 to 36 in Singapore, growing up there, being shaped by its culture. It has all the familiarity of home even though I never really belonged and didn't realize so till after I left. My father and relatives on his side remain my connection to the lion city. We will be able to appreciate each other's experiences. I do like the call of the muezzin, any time after 10 am, so I'm glad to never have lived next to a mosque!

Inverted Interrobang - thank you! I will check out irfanview to see if it is linux compatible.
Thank you for sharing these gorgeous sky photos, Maria! Celestial swoon mates sounds just perfect...

Beautiful clouds, but I love the "Quiet Sky" the best.
Cloud watching....yes, I love it. Nice post.
Very evocative.(Can I say 'atmospheric' with a straight face?). The 'silver waves' photos seems almost 3-D, the way it leaps off the page. I love your observation, "everything comes undone only to create anew." Skies do seem to be in constant evolving, developing, dissolving, recombining anew. [r]
There is a whole Study (spirituality) to Cloud Watching.

You see wondrous forms in the Sky You'd best keep Secret.

If You tell (jester no tells all/awe that's known) cop he haul.

You may be hauled off and locked up in a jail cell with jacket.

No wear white jacket if you get Invited to a Goth Dance Picnic.

later, maybe
thank for this
I'll view clouds
I off to the VA
I say you fluffy
you misty cloud
Thank You Maria
clay ball - Ah, you read too! Thank you!

A Simple Shutterbug - thank you for sharing my quiet sky with me, and for sharing yours.

Maureen J Andrade - nice to meet you! Your post gave me hope today, thank you.

Donegal Descendant - thank you for appreciating the words and I've appreciated the chance your coming here has given me to get to know you. Your response to the OC was beyond stunning.

I highly RECOMMEND anyone seeing to check out DONEGAL'S INCREDIBLE SKY PHOTOS:

Art James - thank you. May the clouds that accompany you to the VA today be in a sheltering, lifting sky.
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Great pics... rated!!
The skys the limit...
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
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Never mind Melba, Maria.

Your clouds and scuds of words are sublime.