Maria Scrivan

Maria Scrivan
June 01
Cartoonist and Illustrator Daily Cartoons at My children's book, Dogi the Yogi, is available at or on [why can't we make line breaks in these bios?]


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MAY 26, 2011 1:59PM

Better Communication Through Twitter

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I have been known to call or text the kids when they are upstairs in their bedrooms!
Great post!
Yes, i will text my daughter in the next room, too. But I must admit I don't undertand tweeting.
"Bill I want to get a divorce" Ewww
I don't use Twitter. I guess thousands and thousands of friends won't know what I'm having for breakfast.
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Better Communication via Twitter :

"a little to the left"

"a little higher"

"a little faster"

"right there"

"don't stop"
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