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Maria Stuart
Howell, Michigan, USA
February 17
Maria Stuart is an award-winning journalist and freelance writer. She lives in Michigan with her husband, their teenage son, and Ted, the hyper labradoodle who keeps her from sitting at the computer too long. You can check out her website at or Follow @mariastuart on Twitter.


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FEBRUARY 8, 2013 9:43AM

Snow slows the hands of time

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snowblowerBack in the day, back before I lost my “big” job as a newspaper editor, snow days were flies in the ointment of my deadline-driven life. News never takes a holiday, and it was on the days when wintry weather closed schools and daycares that the scramble was on for someone – anyone – to watch my kid. 

Snow days meant shuttling and stress; sometimes they even meant joining other co-workers with young children in the dreaded last-resort of lugging my kid to the office.

Today is different.

Long gone is the “big” job, replaced by freelancing and a lovely, part-time gig that allows me to work both on site and from home. My new life makes today a snow day of the highest order: Even though there’s no school, my house remains fully powered and wi-fi’d. I’ve got lights and heat, a reasonably stocked refrigerator, and nowhere to go.

I let the 13-year-old in my house sleep in a bit. Now he’s out doing battle with the snow on a promise of a big, steaming mug of hot cocoa as reward. This afternoon, we’ll rustle through the refrigerator for a sumptuous lunch of this-and-that to enjoy with cartoons. We may even chat a bit about life before I lose him to his friends and their video games.

Time flies, whether we work big jobs or small, and days like this – snow days -- are reminders that we can, if we are fortunate, slow things down just a bit.

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Indeed. Nice to see you, by the way! ~r
Sounds good. A nice day to write!!
Wish I could join you for lunch! HB