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April 06
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Every night of the week, year-round, Seattle provides me with a dilemma: there are too many great entertainment options available to me, and I am just one (semi-) humble person located on the far side of Lake Washington. This embarrassment of cultural riches is nonetheless most welcomed by me, having… Read full post »

OCTOBER 18, 2014 6:41PM


As a highly-experienced concertgoer, I know that each show I attend has a quality of unpredictability: that the chances of the unexpected happening sometime during the night are pretty good, and this, for me, is very good. I don't like to go to shows where it's something slick and overproduced, where… Read full post »
(Thanks once more to the lovely and talented writer/photographer AJ Dent, we have this sparkling coverage of Day Two at Macefield Music Festival! I'm a pretty lucky person to know her. -- Marianne)

Ah, the sweet smell of death and decay. Ballard’s streets were filled with it as I steppedRead full post »
(Once again, I am happier than a kitten rolling in endless carpets of fluffy catnip to bring you the writing and photography of AJ Dent, who spent last weekend covering the Macefield fest for Popthomology. Thank you so much, AJ, and everyone at Macefield!! -- Marianne)

Live music is medicinal,Read full post »

There's so much cultural anthropology in thrift stores, I tell ya whut. If I were an academic sort, I'd be writing my thesis on discarded American ephemera, with special emphasis on musical recordings and the sociological implications of finding great quantities of small-time religious pressings dump… Read full post »

(I am beyond excited and honored to host this outstanding exclusive-to-Popthomology piece from writer/photographer AJ Dent, featuring an interview with Larry Parypa, the founder of the Godfathers of Garage, the Progenitors of Punk, the Sovereigns of Psycho, The Sonics, who will be performing at Seatt/Read full post »

Early fall is a great time of year for concerts in the Seattle area: a cooling of summer temps means clubs are no longer loud saunas, and it's not yet raining so much that people want to hibernate at home instead of going out. With that in mind, we see a… Read full post »

One of the items I am most excited to find on my thrift store raids are old high school yearbooks. Why, you ask, why would you be interested in something so personal to the (ex) owner? WELL, one big reason is HAIR. Yes, HAIR. Hair of the Distant Past is AWESOME.… Read full post »

As a kid growing up in the '60s and '70s, I read everything that came into my house. I mean every last little thing, from cereal boxes to tins of creamed corn to the daily newspaper to whatever magazines my parents subscribed to. One of those magazines was the venerable BetterRead full post »

I have been asked more than once -- perhaps maybe even up to three times possibly -- the question, "How do you find such funny/weird/unusual/terrifying things at the thrift stores you go to?" I always answer, "Honey/Baby/Sweetie/Your Honor, they find me." Please to enjoy this lot of losers!!

Decomposi… Read full post »

Everybody does a preview post for festivals, but I like to do a post-view post as well, after my eyes have recovered from editing a prillion photos and I've had some time to reflect on the three days of the giant annual Seattle music and arts festival, Bumbershoot. I look forward… Read full post »

Well, kiddies, this is it: the final day of my 2014 coverage from Seattle's great urban arts and music festival, Bumbershoot! Labor Day brought us sunny skies and sweet warm temps -- a perfect end to the long weekend of spectacular performances, international foodstuffs, and me yakking it up in the… Read full post »

Ya know, it's really fortunate I wasn't born two hundred years ago or something, because instead of taking a Saturday to make a music video with my daughter, she and I would probably bond by working together in ceaseless and grueling domestic toil! Bummer! But here we are, it's 2014, the… Read full post »

Back for more visual loveliness from Day Two of Seattle's annual music and arts mega-fest, Bumbershoot! The drizzle and grey from Day One had hit the road and this was a perfect Sunday to enjoy being on the Seattle Center grounds, listening to and photographing some truly great bands. If you… Read full post »

I'm delighted to once again bring you coverage from Bumbershoot Festival, a world-class festival that infuses the Seattle Center with incredible color, sounds, laughs, and creativity each and every Labor Day weekend. I'd like to brag that over this three-day event I did not accidentally run into… Read full post »

Are you a busy person? Of course you are. You have a CRAP-TON of things to do, right? Word to your mother. You don't have time to get yourself all stressed out over figuring out what to choose to do at Seattle's mighty Bumbershoot, the music and arts festival that occurs…

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Oh ya hey, I'm tote-ly back in Seattle now, but I got more stuff to share with you from my Wis-CAHN-sin visit, eh? Ta-day it's gonna be more ahhd-ball recurds frahm da St. Vinny's and da Goodwill! I even bought a few but I ain't gonna tell ya which ones! Ennyway,… Read full post »

(Today, photog/writer AJ Dent wraps up her delightful coverage of Seattle's punk party of the year, Pizza Fest! Be sure to check out Day One and Day Two, too! THANK YOU so much, AJ!!)

It wasn’t long before madness took over Pizza Fest’s final night. I rolled in as Freak Vibe wasRead full post »
(THANK YOU to photog/writer AJ Dent for this monster coverage of the punk party that is Pizza Fest Day Two! HERE is Day One if you missed it and don't forget to come back to see even-more-monster Day Three!!)

We can all agree that due to Pizza Fest’s furlough in 2013, lastRead full post »
(I am so excited to bring you three days of coverage from one of the big highlights of the year for Seattle's punk/garage/psych music community: Pizza Fest! My friend, the very talented photographer/writer AJ Dent, is your tour guide to the fun and games, stepping in for me while I am… Read full post »

I'm here in Wisconsin on my annual family vacation, and of course I must keep up with my thrift store visits, eh? Ja! Here are a few weirdo things that caught my eye. Please to enjoy!!

The expression on the smaller doll perhaps reflects some poignant angst over the larger doll's looming… Read full post »

A dual-state post of more musical mayhem from the past! Please to enjoy!!

Tell it like it is? OK, THERE IS NO GOD!

Loose & Fiery? Sounds like my bowels after last night's Mexican meal AH HA HA HA HA HA! Sorry.



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