MAY 5, 2012 12:30AM


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Discount store! Hello!
We meet again, post-dinner
I have had sake.

Pretty platform heels
I love you all, yet I know
I cannot wear you.

Asian Man! Move on!
Your sideways cart is blocking
Me from bras, dammit!

I have no need for
A single dining room chair
And don't know who does.

Bath sheet! So fluffy!
Yet I know that with one wash
Your fluff shall be snuffed.

Lady looking in
Size 2, I hope you have a
Daughter; you are 12.

My god! Everything
Is so ugly tonight, like
Lucifer threw up.

I consider jeans
The Pull Test is enacted
Not enough spandex.

My daughter brings an
Orange neon skirt to buy
"Duck hunting?" I ask.

Ninety dollars! What?
I hardly bought anything!
Lucifer chuckles.

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Wonderful, funny!
leave home without real money
spring is the season
Spring cleaning! All done!
Then I fill the house with more
Stuff from Marshall's. Damn!
"Lucifer threw up" is a classic. Rated for laughs.
Thank you, Erica! I hope the term is used with vigor from now on! :)