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NOVEMBER 14, 2012 8:26PM


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(This one survived making it into my email inbox rather than go straight to the spam folder, so I am rewarding its digital determination by simply structuring it into a poem for you.)

Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890 - 1969), speech, April 2, 1957 

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"I may be bringing you something else in a day or two, 

Alyona Ivanovna

 - a valuable thing - 

- silver - 

a cigarette-box, 

as soon as I get it back from a friend . . ." he broke off in confusion. 

"What do you want?" the old woman said severely, 

coming into the room 


as before, 

standing in front of him 

so as to look him straight in the face.


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technology, comedy, poetry

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I like this. It makes me think of "The Wasteland".
I am terribly pleased that at least this good can come from the global annoyance that is spam! :)
I thought V. Corso miss-spelled.

General Westmorland. apology.

I met Westmorland and Whew!
His attache Goons bumped me!
Westmorland tried Lie rewrite!
He spoke at Univ of Maryland.
It was even in Washington Post.
I was irked Because GI's Died.
The briefcases had machine gun?
I kept getting bumped by killers.
The Thugs kept knocking at me.
The Military Have Evil Killers.
I can't believe I No Dead Today.
I can't Tell y whole Sad Sagas.
Goons may re-Turn as Poodles.
Goeth has Notions ref` Afterlife.
Discern. Read Inner dog Nature.
I am not anti-Standard Poodles.
Soon We re-Turn To Mule Carts.
Natives did okay with Pony Path.
Highways may be 1-mile Wider?
Cart Teamsters to Soup Kitchen.

Poor Dog get bad Wrap. Beware.
I Was Young When Roads Grew.
Eisenhouer Expanded Interstates.