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MAY 21, 2014 12:58AM


I've been in a bit of a semi-sloth mode lately...with definite bursts of spring cleaning, sure, but I feel kinda like a lazeball. And this is just fine, I have decided. I think periods of mild hibernation and minimal productivity can be very refreshing, as we are all far too busy…

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I sometimes wonder what fellow thrift shoppers think of me, when I am smiling and taking photos of strange crap to show you here. Like, do they think I am checking out things that may be super-rare collectibles and worth money to an unseen buyer? Or that I am stone-cold crazy?… Read full post »

Well, my goodness gracious, the hits just keep on comin'! My trip to a nearby VV this past Saturday paid off again, in STRANGENESS! Bless all you weirdos making records! An amusing extra: while I was systematically flipping through the record bins, a group of three teenage boys hovered nearby, watchi… Read full post »

Once you pass the half-century mark, you realize that you have an awful lot of memories banging around in your cranium, running into each other, blending, swirling, fading, changing. A few are strengthened, and many are lost. I hate losing anything that is MINE MINE MINE, so I've worked at keeping… Read full post »

Dear Miss Victoria:

I graduated college about a year ago, but I can't find a job and I'm broke. All my friends keep asking me to go out and party, but I don't even have enough cash to buy a couple of PBR's and bus fare back from theRead full post »
Do you wonder, as I do ALL THE TIME, why people buy the things they do? The more trips I make to the thrift store, the more wonder I feel. Actually, perhaps "deep and intractable confusion" would be a better descriptor. In any case, here's more crap! Please to enjoy!!


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As I prepared to write this post, I thought this: of all the concerts I've been to -- hundreds? a thousand maybe? -- none were more important than this very one, held at the Highline in Seattle last Thursday night. Our little music community here, this lovely, amazing bunch of garage/… Read full post »
I thought I had really done it this time.

I thought, well, that's it, it's all caught up with me at last.

I thought, I'm screwed.

It's the secret worry of anyone who has spent a lifetime in and around rock music: 

I am losing my hearing.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been…

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Man, I am just useless in the A.M.! I had to take the kiddies into school this morning (a task I usually never have to undertake) and, bleary-brained without coffee or many glorious hours of uninterrupted sleep, I had to make a decision: go home and go back to bed OR… Read full post »

(March) Never leave things to the last minute, I said.

(April) Really, it's best to just get on your tasks right away.

(end of April) Hey, what's going on with the Science Fair project?


Parents, it's…

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APRIL 24, 2014 5:33PM


O, Silver Bullet!
You smell of stale air, fuel,
Burnt coffee, always.

Floor lighting! Air mask!
Floatation device! In that
Event, we are toast.

Captain! Turn off the
Seatbelt sign NOW! Or I shall
Pee my pants in shame.

O, Peanuts! Pretzels!
You salty time-wasters, you.
Now I need water.

BAM! In getting up
To let…

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Remember that day that Monica, Miss Eleven, and I went to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Florida? Well, my daughter grabbed my iPhone and took photos, too! I've uploaded them to her own nature photo blog, All Flowers Have A Story. I hope you will take a moment/…

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Well, I'm back home in Washington after a leisurely 18 DAY vacation in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, the laundry is running, the dishwasher is running, Miss Eleven is back in school, and I've mostly unpacked the four fat suitcases I brought back! But I've got one more thing to do to… Read full post »

Just whyyyyy does one extend a vacation in Florida, hmm? Well, in my case, it was lots of good reasons INCLUDING the chance to see the fab Jacuzzi Boys perform in their hometown of Miami, Florida again, and at one of my favorite cool places, Gramps!!

The boys don't get…

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(DISCLAIMER: OK, so yes, I do have my own anxiety issues with driving, but THIS IS ALL TRUE! Really. Ask any resident or scientific survey!)

Raise your hand if you love driving on the streets and highways of high-density urban America! Come on! Anyone? Hello? Anyone? Well, of course no one does,… Read full post »

Tomorrow we fly back to Seattle, but I've got one more THRIFT EXPLOSION for you from our Florida forays! Please to enjoy these funky finds from the dusty, musty past!

Hey, couples, here's your next Halloween costume idea!

Dang. Just. Not. Sure.

 10-4 GOOD BUDDY! Put this on at you…

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What a cool day Miss Eleven and I had yesterday here in South Florida! Our friend, the talented photographer Monica McGivern, kindly offered to take us on an afternoon outing of our choice, and we all agreed on where to go: the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in lovely Coral Gables. I…

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OK, pals! I've rested my weary traveler thrifter bones for a bit, had a tiny mason jar filled with sake, and am ready to bring you some of the unusual items I've come across in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area thrift stores in the last few days. I love people! Please to… Read full post »

What a great treat to be able while here in South Florida on vacation to see a truly fantastic show by British Invasion legends The Zombies AND photograph it for the Broward - Palm Beach New Times AND to work with my friend, writer David Von Bader once more! Please go…

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Oh, MAN. This was an intense thrifting experience, to say the least! This store, close to Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood, was SO busy! People here were serious shoppers, even waiting at the work bay doors for more huge carts to be wheeled out from the back as to pick through them… Read full post »

As regulars of Popthomology know, I love to hunt for strange and wonderful things at thrift stores as often as I can; there is always something that makes me smile. A few weeks ago, I picked up an old Christian kids' book, mainly for some of the graphics and illustrations to…

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You may not believe it, but it's true: sometimes I can be a bit of a pest. Oh yes, once I get some goal set in my cranium, I can be rather relentless until my vision is realized, and this sometimes includes bugging other people. Around this time last year, I…

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(I am super-stoked to bring you this awesome coverage by Seattle writer/photographer AJ Dent, who stepped in for me last-minute. THANK YOU SO MUCH, AJ!!!! And click on any photo to enlarge, of course! -- Marianne)

“Wear a helmet!â€

While walking to Neumos this past Friday night, I received this texRead full post »
Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether or not something is good or bad for you. Take packaged powdered donuts, for example. They are so sweet and tasty and make you feel all fluffy and cozy, yet in fact they offer no nutritive value, are filled with nasty chemicals, and…

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