Are you a busy person? Of course you are. You have a CRAP-TON of things to do, right? Word to your mother. You don't have time to get yourself all stressed out over figuring out what to choose to do at Seattle's mighty Bumbershoot, the music and arts festival that occurs…

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Oh ya hey, I'm tote-ly back in Seattle now, but I got more stuff to share with you from my Wis-CAHN-sin visit, eh? Ta-day it's gonna be more ahhd-ball recurds frahm da St. Vinny's and da Goodwill! I even bought a few but I ain't gonna tell ya which ones! Ennyway,… Read full post »

(Today, photog/writer AJ Dent wraps up her delightful coverage of Seattle's punk party of the year, Pizza Fest! Be sure to check out Day One and Day Two, too! THANK YOU so much, AJ!!)

It wasn’t long before madness took over Pizza Fest’s final night. I rolled in as Freak Vibe wasRead full post »
(THANK YOU to photog/writer AJ Dent for this monster coverage of the punk party that is Pizza Fest Day Two! HERE is Day One if you missed it and don't forget to come back to see even-more-monster Day Three!!)

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(I am so excited to bring you three days of coverage from one of the big highlights of the year for Seattle's punk/garage/psych music community: Pizza Fest! My friend, the very talented photographer/writer AJ Dent, is your tour guide to the fun and games, stepping in for me while I am… Read full post »

I'm here in Wisconsin on my annual family vacation, and of course I must keep up with my thrift store visits, eh? Ja! Here are a few weirdo things that caught my eye. Please to enjoy!!

The expression on the smaller doll perhaps reflects some poignant angst over the larger doll's looming… Read full post »

A dual-state post of more musical mayhem from the past! Please to enjoy!!

Tell it like it is? OK, THERE IS NO GOD!

Loose & Fiery? Sounds like my bowels after last night's Mexican meal AH HA HA HA HA HA! Sorry.



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(My mom steps in to write this short but heartfelt piece tonight, as she and I and millions of others across the globe mourn the sudden and terribly sad passing of actor/comedian Robin Williams, who died today at the age of 63.)

The phone rang.  It was my daughter. 

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Halloween idea: buy up a huge pile of these creepy knick-knacks from your local thrift store and pile them around your front door on October 31st. You will either delight trick-or-treaters or scar them for life. You're welcome in advance, and please to enjoy!!


A lovely day out yesterday with our visitors from Florida to a couple of Seattle landmarks: the epicenter of all things goofy, Archie McPhee, and the very unique Gas Works Park. Here are a few photos because, fun. Please to enjoy!!

Ah, we wait impatiently through the grey and gloomy fog and rain months for days like last Sunday in Seattle: a perfect summer afternoon with blue, sunny skies in a lush green city park, an ideal setting for Vibrations 2014. This one-day music and art festival, now in its third year,… Read full post »

Have you made a record yet? What?? Why not?!? 'CAUSE EVERYONE ELSE HAS! Or at least you would surmise so by perusing the vinyl bins at the thrift stores. Here are some examples of "everyone else," and please to enjoy!!

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(I was lucky enough to be assisted by Seattle photographer-writer and all-around goddess/badass Suzi Pratt this year at CHBP, so she and I bring you this co-post! All photos © Suzi Pratt unless noted. Please to enjoy!!)

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(I am absolutely delighted to once again feature here on Popthomology my friend and colleague, Seattle-based writer and photographer extraordinaire Suzi Pratt! Suzi will be bringing you SMOKIN' HOT coverage of the annual Capitol Hill Block Party this weekend, and I am so excited to see her work I am… Read full post »

Play baseball in your shed!

Talk on the phone in your new kitchen!

Enjoy some Chopped Beef Dinner and Hawaiian Punch!

Don't get too casual!

Exercise with Bruce Jenner!

Learn the new fad sports craze: soccer! 

Hang to the right!

My theory™:

After the clusterbang that will be climate change and nuclear holocaust and whatever else nasty we've chosen to inflict upon this fine Earth, all that will be left will be roaches, Rush Limbaugh, and massive piles of curios and knick-knacks.
Of course, I won't be around to see this p…

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Six things I've learned about people from rummaging through the old record bins at thrift stores:

1. Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand, people are dumping your entire recorded works in every thrift store I've been at all over the nation. Sorry.

2. Local religious records are not popular.

3. Nor are reco… Read full post »

When I found out several months ago that THIS show was coming to Neumos...

...THIS is what I did:

And then this!

And then this!

I mean, come ON! You regulars here already know that I… Read full post »

 Q: What is more fun than seeing a superb live triple bill at a sweaty Belltown club on a lovely July evening?

1. Staying at home and watching a rerun of "Dance Moms" while clucking your tongue.

2. Organizing your pencils and pens by height and color.

3. Drinking craft beer at the… Read full post »

Isn't about time YOU made yourself a record? I'm serious! Clearly, if you peruse this post and the many other thrift store record posts I have made, you may correctly surmise that ANYONE can make one! Go ahead! Haul out your powder-blue leisure suit and a slide whistle and do your… Read full post »

Here's the question I have in my mind today: did ancient peoples have knick-knacks? You know what I, did The McHuttersons collect turtle shells to display or did the Swampsteins paint rocks to look like big-eyed wild boar with stain made from berries? I don't think I have to even… Read full post »

OK, so "Hey Joe" is already one of my fave rave songs of the 1960s, so I'm up for hearing any version of it I can get my hands on, yeah? This week in my thrift store runs I came across drummer Sandy Nelson's "Superdrums!" LP from 1966 and put it… Read full post »

It was a gorgeous summer day yesterday in the Pacific Northwest, and we found ourselves at the very unique and cool Gas Works Park in Seattle: From the park website:

This 20 acre point on Lake Union was cleared in 1906 to construct a plant to manufacture gas from coal -Read full post »
JUNE 20, 2014 6:03PM


Tomorrow, June 21st, the inimitable Ray Davies turns 70 years old. I'm very comfortable with calling him "inimitable," having suffered through many possibly well-meaning attempts by other musicians over the last 50 years or so to jack his style. Writing a pseudo-nostalgic tune about blueberry scones… Read full post »