If ever there was a time to underline the fact that society has TOPPED OUT on crap to make and sell, it's Christmas. What a world! If there's some new GEEGAW or CONTRAPTION to sell to suckers with cash to burn (and certainly to hundreds of millions of people that really…

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You wouldn't think my hearing would be any good at all at this point in my life, considering my decades of exposure to very loud music, but it's good enough to overhear all kinds of fabulous public conversations! Now before you brand me a No-Good Privacy Stalker, I will in my…

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Click flyer pages to enlarge, SHOPPERS!

NOVEMBER 28, 2013 2:01AM


I hope you are all enjoying the first night of Thanksgivukkah, or Hanugiving, or Eating Stuff x ∞. Today, I bring to you a few more odd thrift store items that, if you are very very very very very good, might be headed your way 'round December 25th. Or very very…

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There are some musicians that just cannot be mimicked without making yourself look like a bucktoothed, daisy-wearing jackass in the process. I try to get in the head space, for instance, of those middle-aged men who find it their calling in life to get on a stage and ape the voice… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 23, 2013 10:41PM


Are you like me, friend? Are you already totally burnt-out and SO VERY OVER the holidays? Are you dreading the hundreds of cheerful and savior-like human interactions that you will be faced with in the next month or so? Is their nothing left in your decorative gourd of a skull to…

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NOVEMBER 22, 2013 4:37AM


The life of a young child is shaped by the comfort of routines -- the growing understanding that when the sun comes up each morning you will be greeted with your mother's kind smile and a warm breakfast, you will play, eat, rest, rock in a chair, pet the dog play…

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I am delighted to bring you this new found-footage video today, which I created upon special fab gear request for The Len Price 3, a kickass buncha garage-poppin' Brits you want on your radar screen, hepcats! Check out this beat-driven, bugged-up romance-gone-wrong story, why dontcha!
The Preying
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NOVEMBER 17, 2013 4:38PM


Good day
given to please find attached correspondence 
for your attention.
All the best!
Kind regards,
Dr Ameer
Recommended by the Legal 2013

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I had 20 minutes to kill, and I KILLED IT! Here are a few more bizzaroid album covers from our collective past! Please to enjoy!

"World-Wide Favorites," eh? Does he mean that he himself, ITURBI, is a world-wide favorite, or that he is performing songs that are world-wide favorites? Or…

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There is a stretch of road on the way back to my house from picking the kids up from school that vexes me every DAY. Every single DAY, as the two lanes heading south merge to one lane, I always stay in the left lane, for the CLEARLY MARKED SIGN says…

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As someone whose imagination has always been sparked by moments frozen in time, I really like when the subject of photography is brought into song lyrics. When done well, the composer brings across that bittersweet feeling viewing life held static while the clock resolutely ticks on; when done poorly… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 11, 2013 5:39PM


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Another forage through the dusty vinyl thrift store bins, this time returning to lovely Mercer Island, Washington! I never cease to be amazed. Please to enjoy!


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For most of my life, I have believed that the TV show "Speed Racer" must have been the the shoddiest cartoon animation I had ever seen. When it was aired on venerable independent Channel 18 in Milwaukee in the mid-to-late '60s, I was only around kindergarten age but even then thought…

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I can't remember a time in my life that wasn't just MUSICMUSICMUSIC. That's just the way I was born. My strong feelings for music and musicians went both ways, however -- when I was very young, I could love a band so much that my heart felt like it would explode…

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NOVEMBER 5, 2013 1:28AM


Ahhh! I forgot I had these pictures on my phone from our last trip to Wisconsin, when we went to Kmart in search of cheap beach toys. We did find floaties and towels and swim goggles, but more importantly, we found these very damn peculiar outdoor ornamentations. We marveled at them…

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Do you remember when 16 Magazine, the long-running (1957-2001) teen fan mag, used to run the "5 Errors Contest" in each issue? I bet you don't, because I bet you aren't as old as ME. Anyway, it was a simple premise: find the five errors in a simple line drawing of…

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NOVEMBER 1, 2013 12:33AM


What is cute: Toddlers
In costume grabbing candy
What is not: Teens, same.

Leftover candy
Tells you much, like that no one
Likes Almond Joy bars.

Hey! Preteen boys that
All dress like ninjas! Kick my
Pumpkin, I kill you.

Nice parents taking
Kids door-to-door for treats; I

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OCTOBER 27, 2013 3:58PM


In the winter of 1973, I was almost eleven years old, and lived with my family in rural Wisconsin. I found nothing too much to like about the season as it would drag on into March and sometimes April and the snow piles on the side of the streets would become…

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OCTOBER 26, 2013 4:55PM


The world wide interhaps provide us with opportunity.

Here is an hour-long YouTube video of goats yelling.

Goats Yelling Very Loud (One Hour)

Now, what I might do with this is:

1. Access the computer or smartphone of a friend, co-worker, or…

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Another good haul of thrift strangeness for you! Please to enjoy the Bounty of Odd!

I bet Tom & Dan were really fun at parties, in that horrible "lampshade on the head" kind of way.

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