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April 06
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The theory has been put forth that Seattle's often wet and gloomy climate forces residents to excel at indoor pursuits, such as coffee brewing, creating global technology geek empires, and musicianship. Never underestimate the will of a soggy guitar player, for he hath faced the Valley Of The Massive…

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OCTOBER 5, 2013 8:03PM


Whhat is a Ζero Gravity Chаіr
helps гelease prisοners musculаг streÑ•s 
and tensÑ–on 
and alsο givеs otheг heаlth bеnefits to 
those thаt used it. 

MastopeÑ…y wÑ–ll raisе 
anÔ reshаÏe brеast

Ñ•lowing the effeÑts of gravÑ–tу 
and weÑ–ght. 

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It is without question the advice given to all who might have any dealings with Ray Davies, the legendary songwriter, author, film director/producer, and former leader of the seminal British rock band The Kinks: Set your table for two guests, rather than to speak. Much of Davies' career has…

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If you read this site on da reglur, you know that I really dig going to thrift stores, especially to find weird records and strange knick-knacks to share here. But GUESS WHAT? At the same time, I find great clothes for me and my family, thereby avoiding ridiculously overpriced retail stores…

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OCTOBER 1, 2013 2:52AM


There's nothing too mystifying or surprising when it comes to human behavior, you know. Granted, we have a very long way to go in understanding the full function of our amazing brains, but if you pay attention to the basic ol' patterns of Life In General, people act in very predictable… Read full post »

If you have a toddler or preschooler, this one is for you. Just bring Junior or Juniorette over to the screen, click on the video, and just watch their little faces.

You're welcome! Please to enjoy! HA HA!

"What Sounds Do The Animals Make?"

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I found so many great things at the thrift store this week that I forgot to post the crappy stuff! Please to enjoy!


I don't think anyone ever really wanted to know what was inside Shelley Berman. Ewww.

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2013 4:00AM


Dear Miss Victoria:

I work in an office with three other women, and we all get along just fine. But I am having a problem with one of the gals, and I don't know what to do about it. Her breath smells like a cat litter box, and… Read full post »
If you are a regular reader of Popthomology, you will know that I LOVE going to thrift stores. One of my favorite things to do there is find weird old record covers or bizarre knick-knacks, photograph 'em, write up some commentary, and bring 'em to ya for some fine comic relief…

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SEPTEMBER 23, 2013 4:35PM


I still loved him unrepentantly and exactly in the spot where his spirit used to be, something akin to standing in the remains of a old campfire, the soft, cold, smoky-sweet ashes recalling that a crackling heat once leapt and danced there. The last of the pulsing orange embers wereRead full post »
Once upon a time, there was great value given to the concept of "loyalty." To be loyal to your employer was noble; even the most humble of folks could be rewarded with great esteem by society for having been faithful and devoted, or at least with a cake and a gold…

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In the Spring and Summer of 1982, I had just entered my twenties, somewhat feeling that I had not made the most of my teenage years while sitting in a swampy rural Wisconsin Superfund-cleanup-town of 300 people. Nonetheless, I was ready to ROCK (i.e., GET OUT) and enjoy what I had…

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I got the idea to write this today after reading this amusing article, "What Your Taste In Music Says About You On A Date." OK, dates are fine and all, but what we really need in this economy, people, are JOBS! Any slob can find another slob to slobber with, but…

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SEPTEMBER 18, 2013 2:32AM


I have spent most of today in reflection and thought; perhaps something of a natural response to the cooling weather and returning grey skies, and perhaps in determination to become and remain a more mindful, grateful person. Life goes by so quickly, spent mainly scrambling on a routine treadmill of…

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I think you can learn a lot about a culture via their choices in unnecessary home decor, aka knick-knacks. I have yet to fully form a thesis statement about the fact that many American households, should I choose to evaluate them from the items I see cast off at thrift stores…

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The grooviest chicks and the coolest cats made an ace scene last night as those go-go-GONE guys that make up the rockin' quartet The Fancy Lads performed at one of Seattle's most boss vintage clothing boutiques, Indian Summer. Their mop-top sounds blew out the doors and turned the sidewalk into a…

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Sometimes I think there's a little thrift store gremlin that magically refills the used LP bin with strange and wonderful records every week JUST FOR ME. Either that, or people died and their relatives gave away their stuff. In any case, here are more unusual covers from olden times! Please to…

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It's a good and important thing to support art and artists, because without them our world is surely a lesser place. Art and music nurtures the better parts of ourselves, and I am ALL ABOUT BETTERMENT. Anyway, I was very glad to stop by Peck Fest 2013 in the tiny Hard…

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What a perfectly-timed sonic sweetness, Neumos! My eyes, muscles, bones, and ears had fully recovered from the massive Bumbershoot festival effort the weekend before, and I was more than ready to see not one, not two, but THREE of my favorite musical combos in one of my favorite clubs in Seattle.…

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A final wrap-up post today for the Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival 2013! Another great experience to add to the Life Bank, I say. To everyone who was there, you know what I mean when I say that Bumbershoot is a very special and cherished event for Seattle every year, and… Read full post »

That HARRIDAN Mother Nature intervened last night as I was trying to post these, the last photo sets from another incredible Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival experience -- a lightning strike blew out the power for hours here! Anyway, I am back up and fully loaded with electrical connectivity and…

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No burnt weenies, cold baked beans, and stale potato chips for me this Labor Day, nuh uh! Back I went to the Seattle Center for the third and final day of the Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival to BBQ my MIND with awesome music! It was such a big day that…

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Alright, cats and kitties, puppies and guppies...let's finish up what I done got from the second day of Seattle's tremendous Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival (click HERE for Day One, and click HERE for Day Two, Part One!) This year, it was music music music for me at Bshoot; as much…

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