FEBRUARY 4, 2010 9:37PM

Things That Now Make Sense to Me

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Lately I've been enjoying a minor mid-life crisis.  I say minor because I haven't gone out and purchased a sports car, had an affair, or quit everything in order to self-actualize.  I did, however, get a estimate on what it would take to clean up some sagging around my chin.  But I didn't go through with the surgery (give me a few more years/sags).

But I have finally figured out a what a few jokes/sayings/concepts meant.  These are things that never made any sense to me when I was younger.

1)  Monty Python's Meaning of Life - Middle Age.  I never knew that after spending 18 years with the same person that you might actually run out of new conversational topics (if you aren't careful).  So, the dinner scene when the couple orders a conversation just never really made sense to me.  Now, I nurture, treasure, horde each new story, every moderately unusual daily event, a random item I read on the internet, anything that I can share.  I know that one can always stay silent and that shared silence is comforting.  But sometimes you just want to chat.  I used to hate being separated from him for even a day.  Now a short business trip is a great opportunity to collect enough new stories that you spend the reunited evening talking as much and as fast as you did the first evening you met. 

2)  Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin.  I had no idea about the random crazy chin hair that comes with aging.   I attack myself with tweezers and the fairy tale refrain goes through my head like a song.

3)  No longer being able to focus my eyes.  OK, of course I knew that vision weakens over time.  I HAVE noticed older people with reading glasses around their necks.  And doing the whole, hold something far away, then close, then far, then close, then far...  But how does it happen?  How does that feel?  When do you notice?  Well, you notice when you try to remove a sliver from the husband's finger.  Suddenly you have to find the magnifying glass to even come close to being able to perform minor hom surgery.  And you realize there is no going back.

One item of hope.  I have terribly straight hair.  But my few grey hairs seem to possibly be, if not curly, then at least wavy.  Not too wiry either.  Perhaps, the silver lining will be a mane of wavy flowing silver locks.   

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