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Mark J. Drozdowski
September 22
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JUNE 29, 2012 6:50AM

Flunking out of Clown College

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In the debut of my new humor column on Inside Higher Ed, I reminisce about my time in clown college.

Pretty much anything passes for higher education these days. Enterprising institutions routinely offer intellectually challenging programs such as cosmetology, astrology, thimble repair, linen folding and bikini waxing. But hey, if it’s at a university, it must be rigorous, right? And these academic pursuits, let’s not forget, do lead to jobs, a concern that college students ran ked first, second and fourth in a recent survey of desired outcomes.

Coming out of high school, I too was in search of a job, a career that would make my family proud and let me show off my true talents. So naturally I applied to clown college. I conducted extensive research, talking with guidance counselors, reading the viewbooks and underground accounts of campus life, consulting the U.S. News rankings and other magazines touting the “best values” in clown education, visiting campuses and chatting with current students (not the mimes, of course).

Read the rest here.

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Well, there's always Liberty University....
I'm sorry...is this an OS post or an ad for another site? Why the hell is this on the cover?
Lol, that was really creative. Sadly it took me a while to figure out if you were joking or not. Flunking out of clown college is bad, I myself flunked self esteem class after 1 and a 1/4 classes
I agree with Sirenita. It shouldn't be on the cover if it's an advertisement for another website.
The band began as a project between Ulf, and Jo in Oslo, Norway in winter 2000 and 2001. -Tax Tiger
Also offended me that this was on the cover. WTF.
Excellent, and speaking as a former graduate program stuident coordinator, true in every aspect.