APRIL 6, 2011 4:30PM

Right-wing collapsitarians' racist beliefs

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One of the core beliefs of the crypto-fascist collapsitarians, who think the western world is headed for an economic and social apocalypse, is that when "the end" comes, all cities will collapse into hellholes of violence, rioting, looting, pillaging, and so on. This is one of the main reasons they believe in "prepping" for the catastrophe -- which they refer to as The End of The World As We Know It, or TEOTWAWKI -- and "bugging out" to a well-stocked, heavily armed and fortified compound in, say, Montana

When this collapse of the cities is predicted, the example almost always cited is the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. According to this way of thinking, that aftermath was almost exclusively characterized by, on the one hand, looting and violence, and on the other, pathetic dependency on government to save the people. Cable TV coverage of the event stressed both these themes, because they made for dramatic images, and that is what right-wingers have in mind when they say the collapse of the cities will look like that.

They are, of course, ignoring all the incidents where people helped others, acted with compassion, shared their resources, and made peace. TV ignored these incidents too, for the most part, because they aren't conflict-y, and are therefore boring.

But the other reason the crypto-fascist collapsitarians talk about the collapse of the cities, and assume they will descend into a cauldron of violence, is that they're racist. Take a look at this post on a prominent collapsitarian blog. About the cities, the author says: 

Misconception number four: Roving criminal hordes will come from the urban environment to your rural home or Bug Out Location (BOL). Nope, these people do not play chess or even checkers; they do not plan ahead much at all. Criminals, with few exceptions are lazy. And many are on drugs. Yes, a few will flee at the very beginning if they have a specific refuge in mind, the uncle with the farm, but most will not leave their familiar comfortable environment. Even if they have an operational vehicle capable of the trip it is likely to be low on fuel, particularly these days. They will burn up what little fuel they have driving around their usual haunts, to the liquor and drug stores, then to the convenience or grocery store like they did before the event, until their tank is empty. Walking or biking to save fuel will never cross their mind. No gas means no travel for this group.

They are stupid, lazy, and many are on drugs! Really!

Refuting those ideas, which are based on such an idiotic image of city dwellers, would be a waste of time. The only thing I can say in response is that that paragraph actually represents a more moderate prediction than the usual one, where crazed and armed city dwellers, having used up and then burned all the resources in their city, then go out to attack the good Christians in their Montana bunkers. (See my previous entry, Grim Dystopians Hoping for Complete Collapse.) So never mind that -- they are simply too lazy to do so!

It would be laughable, if not for the utter gullibility and ignorance of these collapsitarians, many of whom are elderly people who fall victim to tax-dodging schemes rooted in weird, almost schizophrenic ideas (such as so-called "truth language"). There is lots of money to be made from all the paranoia being served out there.

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Amen. You are speaking the truth. There is a post about the an economic collapse coming on my blog as well. Keep telling the truth.
Amen. You are speaking the truth. There is a post about the an economic collapse coming on my blog as well. Keep telling the truth.
Amen. You are speaking the truth. There is a post about the an economic collapse coming on my blog as well. Keep telling the truth.
Thanks for the read, darkguy.
Collapsitarians? I like that, it has a certain ring to it. They really do have a cartoonish take on things don't they. Hopefully when The End comes they'll be wearing their Glenn Beck Survival Back Pack:

It's Y2K-vu all over again. While I don't necessarily subscribe to the MadMax scenario, I often wonder why the advantaged would want to do everything in their power to bring on such a catastrophe with their Mefirstlastandalways agenda.
Hi nanatehay! Yeah, there is a tremendous amount of survival gear for the righteous paranoid to buy. In fact, right now some of their favorite stuff is on backorder: http://www.shtfplan.com/emergency-preparedness/freeze-dried-food-distributor-six-month-wait-time-amid-extreme-shortages_04052011

Tom, I know what you mean. It's not like there are no reasons to be depressed about the state of things.
Wow. Perfectly spoken. I love how the media chooses to ignore the compassion and people helping others during times of crises simply because they aren't conflict-y enough. Been there and seen it first hand.

One case in particular because you mentioned the place, I worked private security and did contract work with the DOD in New Orleans immediately following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I'll admit, I did see a LOT of violence, looting, chaos and disorder and the majority of it was from one specific ethnic group. But on the other hand, I saw just as much compassion and selflessness from the same ethnic group.

Those guys are just total racists. Just because a person has a certain color to their skin doesn't mean they are more inclined towards crime, chaos, or anarchy.

I hate to specify race/creed when describing the details of a crime, but I will do it this time because it bears on the subject.
One of the worst crimes of opportunity I witnessed down in New Orleans was 3 New Orleans police officers in two marked NOPD squad cars removing DVD players, Movies, Flat screen TVs and such items from a Best Buy and putting them in the city vehicles. Three uniformed NOPD officers were looting a store. And they weren't black. They were white.

Skin color has nothing to do with crime.
Years ago, I was a videographer and editor of a local cable TV show run by a "controversial" radio talk show host named Steve Kane. (Whom, now that I search his name, is still doing the same kind of rabble-rousing radio show. His politics shifted from Geraldo Rivera-style liberalism to right-wing paranoia; his show logo has a pistol in it now.) One of Kane's favorite games was to bring on right-wingers and watch them alternately support each other, try to outdo each other and be shocked by each other.

The one I remember best was when a Klansman met a daffy little old lady in tennis shoes. The lady talked about "George Washington's Dream" in which ol' Wooden Teeth supposedly had a predictive dream talking about how the rise of "mud people" could only be stopped if white Christians united against them. It was amusing to see the Klansman, himself no pillar of sanity, complimenting the lady while he slowly edged away from where the lady was sitting.

Now, of course, the Teabaggers have mainstreamed this kind of hate, and like so many junior Limbaugh birdmen, Kane is undoubtedly eking out a living by exploiting these guys and claiming to generate "heat and occasional light" from their rants. What Kane never learned, what Alan Berg learned to his sorrow, is that toying with violent people will eventually bring violence to your own life.