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Republican (&Dem) Bigotry, Hate, Fear, Lies, and Distortion

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Inhumanity at Quantico

By Scott Horton

Bradley Manning, an American soldier under suspicion of having leaked classified and sensitive information to WikiLeaks, has been in prison since May, 2010. His conditions of confinement are increasingly strange and defy comparison with standards applied to the incarceration even of violent and self-destructive service personnel—and by all accounts Manning is neither; he is a model prisoner. Most recently, his captors acknowledge in the face of media inquiries that Manning is subject to a strictly enforced nudity regimen.

In response to concerns about these reports, Department of Defense spokesmen have insisted that Manning is “being treated just like every other detainee in the brig.”They have responded to questions about the enforced nudity regime by stating that“the circumstances required that his clothing be removed as a precaution to ensure that he didn’t harm himself.” But Manning’s treatment bears no comparison with that of other prisoners at Quantico, and the idea that enforced nudity is appropriate as a special suicide regime for a prisoner classified by the camp psychiatrist as non-suicidal is equally suspect.

Manning’s special regime raises concerns that abusive techniques adopted by the Bush Administration for use on alleged terrorists are being applied to a U.S. citizen and soldier. Classified Defense Department documents furnish an alternative explanation for the use of enforced nudity: “In addition to degradation of the detainee, stripping can be used to demonstrate the omnipotence of the captor or to debilitate the detainee.” Other documents detail how enforced nudity and the isolation techniques being applied to Manning can be used to prepare the prisoner to be more submissive to interrogators in connection with questioning.

Department of Defense General Counsel Jeh Johnson, speaking to the New York City Bar Association last week, acknowledged the concerns raised about Manning’s detention and stated that he had personally traveled to Quantico to conduct an investigation. However, Johnson was remarkably unforthcoming about what he discovered and what conclusions he drew from his visit. Hopefully Johnson is giving careful thought to the gravity of the deviation from accepted U.S. practices that the Manning case presents. Under established rules of international humanitarian law, the detention practices that a state adopts for its own soldiers are acceptable standards for use by a foreign power detaining that state’s soldiers in wartime. So by creating a “special regime” for Bradley Manning, the Department of Defense is also authorizing all the bizarre practices to which he is being subject to be applied to American soldiers, sailors, and airmen taken prisoner in future conflicts. This casual disregard for the rights of American service personnel could have terrible ramifications in the future. The recent dismissal and replacement of the Quantico brig commander may well reflect a critical attitude within the Pentagon towards the special regime for Manning, but more recent developments, including the regime of enforced nudity, offset that.

This weekend tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators in Egypt stormed the headquarters of the Mubarak regime’s secret police in Alexandria and Cairo—flooding the Internet with pictures of the cells and torture devices used there. Leaders of the effort said their raid was undertaken to preserve evidence of the mistreatment of prisoners so that appropriate measures could be taken for accountability in the future. Around the world, the outcry against this regime of torture and terror is rising and fueling massive public uprisings–as we see today in Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Yemen. This movement was spurred in part by WikiLeaks disclosures that helped lay bare the corruption and venality of these regimes. The brig commander at Quantico should consider carefully whether it is really wise to deal with a young whistleblower by using watered-down versions of the tools of tyrannical oppression with which regimes like Mubarak, Ben Ali, and Qaddafi are so closely associated.

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Ron Paul/Kucinich or Kucinich/Paul in 2012
Shoulda' known You'd be the first to come along, bonnie, just when i was getting ready to pull the post.

It IS the america we grew up in, and it wasn't until I read "A People's History of the untied states" by Howard Zinn (may He r.i.p) that I truly understood america.

Thanks, again, Bonnie, for coming by and keeping the blog alive.
RW, When the Far left (me) and the far right (You) are far to their respective perspectives, a convergence, often, occurs.

Thanks for coming by, and, eagerly await You on Skype.
I wonder if it's an advance when the exposure of American prison brutality (and I seriously doubt this behavior is exclusive of military and federal prisons) is exposed and acknowledged and brushed off as somehow normal and necessary procedure.
Mark I love you and all that and I see you and rw have found each other, proof positive that intelligence seeks its own level. You are probably two of the smartest people on OS. The Soros trained liberals and pseudointellectuals on OS sometimes make me want to puke and I can always count on either one of you to cure my nausea with honest human viewpoints so excuse me if I interject and say you should both forget about this artificial media created schism of left and right you both concur in the crux of our problem: that being that our leaders are criminals and the media are their lapdog.

This guy Manning should have thought of the fact that he would be joining a sociopathic criminal organization before he decided to”be all he could be”. I am not asking him to do anything I did not do. The nudity shouldn't bother you all that much when you are in prison you are subject to a strip search and someone probing your asshole after every visit and it only gets worse from there.
It's a travesty, Jan. They prosecute and mentally torture alleged whistle blowers, yet they reward the big guys with bailouts.

What a fu*ked up country.

Thanks for coming by.
Jan just made my point stuff like this is par for the course with incarceration in America and don’t believe the shit you see on TV Americas prisons are the most brutal and sadistic in the world.
Jack, I always appreciate Your comments, but the guy's being treated worse than a dog and hasn't even been charged with anything.

Homophobia reigns.
Yes, I agree the prison industrial complex, one of america's few remaining "industries" su*ks.
Great point, RW -- it's 2;50 am here, so I'm going to bed "early"- the wife will be obtuse if she doesn't find me in bed when she awakens.

Any, further comments will be responded to in the morning.

Thank You to You all.
heck, it IS the morning (here) -- when I awaken.
I certainly don't blame the young man for joining, he was sold the same lies as millions of victims. If the victims decide to turn on their captors I will accept them acting in self defense. This is the way the oppressed have been used and abused in America for decades. I can certainly understand if they eventually respond in the most natural ways.

If it's good enough for Manning, it's certainly good enough for every powerful member of the Dept. of Defense, the Brig Commander, their families and everyone else who has a say who doesn't mind. Should they or their families be paraded naked through the streets or tortured I don't need to watch. I will simply change the channel and watch Dancing With The Stars.

The power brokers have plenty of unlimited resources and don't need anything from me. I have limited time and energy to protest so I'll save my protests for people of integrity and the unselfish. I also have a prayer list and I'll use my prayer time and hope for Bradley Manning. As far as the power brokers everywhere, it's my sincere wish that they receive a thousand fold what they have so freely given. After all, it's only natural.

I'm glad you posted this, I had forgotten to add Manning's name to my list. This worked out because now it's time for me to be still and meditate. (The rating button takes forever to register, perhaps it meditates too.)
Thanks for that, l'Heure Bleue.

"Department of Defense spokesmen have insisted that Manning is “being treated just like every other detainee in the brig.”

That sounds like something out of the catnliar handbook.
Well said. You voiced my own feelings: it is a disgrace that a whistle blower is being treated like this!

One would think they would have learned a lesson from the Watergate era. Actually, they have. I take that back. They learned how to completely insulate themselves from public scrutiny through obfuscation. They feared the press back then. But, we do not have journalists like Woodward and Bernstein and frankly, the Washington Post of 2011 is not the Post of the Viet Nam era.

Without Wikileaks, I doubt the Pentagon Papers would ever see the light of day today. Ellsberg would be facing Manning's fate since we have the SCOTUS of Citizen's United. Politicians are no less hostile, but this country has changed.
I have been reading (grieving) about this. I was reading the blogger `
l Heure Bleau
Maybe in some futuristic time Barack Obama will be a natural (normal human being) and stop his 18- wheeler piglet rig. He'll stop for a rest, shower, and chocolate milk shake. The establishment he goes to will be a Waffle House.
He will been contracted to run beast shot-up with hormones to the butcher slaughter house. Let's hope Barach O. (shame on him) no get tied up. I don't like violence or our history to repeat itself. I hope there are no negro-yards of slaves on Mass Ave in DC. The plantation owner would stop to lobby Capital Hill's politicos and then take home few strong farm workers with a hemp rope. Then - the wagon Teamsters Mule Team didn't have 12- lane Interstates. By the way?
Where are the jobs for white healthy males on the Interstates? Maybe the whites need an illegal alien cigar down on K- Street.
Buy them wastrel a fake green card. They'd need a big tax relief stipend so that they can afford a pair of boots and overalls, huh.
Spend a few more bilons on green and white sigs to remind us fellow Americans that these jobs are helping the economic growth for the Plutocrats.
Vain ilk.
Good God, man -- Soros-trained liberals on OS -- who are you talking about? I'm an unabashed Liberal, but I take no instruction from Soros.

I don't see Soros defending torture or Wall Street, for that matter, he says rather simply that he's merely (his word not mine) taking advantage of the system. I despise the fact that he's able to take advantage of the rest of us -- thanks to the degenerate financial system in this country, but at least he's feeding some of his ill-gotten gain into good political causes, unlike the Koch Bros, who are out to rid the country of unions and the middle-class.

Anyone who thinks Democrats and Republicans are equally bad for the working class has rocks in their head. That's just another false equivalency.
Another fine eye opening post, you research well and help me see things I would otherwise miss. Thanks for that. good job!
Tried to send you a message. Are you and your family safe?
Please forgive me for not replying sooner, but the last days have been a nightmare come true.

Tom, You are right about jack. We are friends, but often disagree, yet we agree to disagree, and so the friendship continues.

Janice, we are not alright.

Aftershocks continue unabated, and this may, very well, be a harbinger of the big one destined to come.

Furthermore, the media are lying about the nuclear reactor leaks, so as to not panic the robotic people.

It is far more serious than "they" think.

I have approached my friends and family to loan me air fare to Phuket, as the winds blow the opposite direction, and Phuket would be, relatively safe, depending upon how serious the leak is.

Should the leak become an explosion, there is NO safe haven.

Thanks for your thoughts and for trying to contact me.

Thank You ALL my friends for Your forebearance.
I found this of interest, but have no sympathy. It's not your fault, this was indeed well written, I'm just pretty hard headed on the issue of Operational Security.

While I haven't seen that report I do have something to say about it.

While I was in the Air Force I had to go to survival training due to being on flying status. The school that I went to was "watered down" due to the type of flying I did. It wasn't the full scale survival school that most aircrew members had to attend. It was however taught by the same people who did the other schools.

Our instructor had not long finished a gig as an instructor at the POW school. The stories he told would make your hair stand up. It seems they had "guards", "prisoners", and those who's job it was to protect one from the other, in both directions. Seems they really get into their rolls.

Anyway, I do remember the nudity as one of the things that they did there. So maybe...
WHY are they getting away with this? Isn't this a violation of the Geneva Convention?


Markinjapan, please let us know just by commenting here or making a brief post you can add to from time to time how you're doing. That way you don't have a ton of PM's.

I'm hoping you're traveling right now, you're both in my thoughts and prayers. Be safe.
Sorry to be unable to respond to comments, but a sixth nuclear facility has now been reported to be in severe danger - I am trying to get a friend or the bank to arrange a loan for a quick flight.
"Anyone who thinks Democrats and Republicans are equally bad for the working class has rocks in their head."

At the national level, I disagree with you. They are functionally indistinguishable. All through the Bush years, the only place the Dems stopped the Rs was privatizing Social Security. They funded the wars; they destroyed the Constitution with the same fervor as the Rs; they redistributed the products of our work to the ruling class.

Mark: while Ron Paul is a consistent anti-imperialist, libertarian economics are whack:

As to your life today, please be safe and give my love to This Yumiko (sp?)
We're all thinking of you and hoping to hear good news from you soon. May you find the best path out quickly and safely, this is my prayer.
RW, I know that, but we haven't the funds. Phuket is our proposed destination.

Thanks for your comment, lest I forget the realities, here.

A third nuclear explosion in the last four days occurred an hour and a half, ago.
Mark our prayers are with you and your family.
Thank You Go Lay Down, which I should do.

A little background on the realities here:

When I arrived on the island, I was shocked to find tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots sold in 2-packs at $2 - $4/per.

They've gradually risen since then.

They will, VERY soon, spike, further.

When we arrived at the supermarket on Sunday, the place was mobbed. When we finally got in, the shelves were virtually bare.

When I went to the bank, the scene was similar.

When I requested a small loan for airfare for a short "vacation" to Phuket, they only looked at me quizzically, which told me all I needed to know.

Yumiko has stayed up all night for three days,watching live coverage, which was on all stations.

Some background on what's been happening in our lives:

we are safe for now - the tsunami was mild, here.

I keep on warning Yumiko that the big one is coming, but she doesn't want to listen, and tells me that it's bad luck to talk of such a thing.

The Japanese have a remarkable ability to ignore FACTs.

They are brainwashed in pre-school, elementary school, and all the way through university.

One of my doctors, treating me for a possible chronic illness told me that she doesn't have internet at home, when I told her something about the illness that she didn't know.

I told her that in all my world travels, I'd NEVER met a doctor without internet at home, and that I didn't think she was serious about her career and, just, wanted to have a child, and stay home.

She wasn't pleased to hear my calmly spoken words (needless to say).

I've been laying low on OS as I desperately try to parlay a grand (in the stock market - opens 11:30 pm, closes 5:00 am{now, thank G-d, 10;30 to 4:00}) into a way for Yumiko and I to escape this place.

So far, in this chaotic market, I've been able to turn the grand into three.

For awhile, I was able to watch the market AND respond to comments to my blog, with two screens open, each with five window tabs.

Then I became overwhelmed, so, for the time, I'm out of OS.

Thanks, so much for taking the time to PM me and allow me to emote.

Your friend,


PS - The third explosion in four days occurred an hour and 1/2 , ago.

There clearly is panic in the streets. I need to get to Phukey post haste, as the prevailing winds, there, blow counter to the radiation.
Mark-thinking of you and your situation, hoping for an escape for you and your family. godspeed.
America has flouted international law for a long time, and refuses to recognize the Internatioanl Court in the Hague. If we did, many of our leaders would be in chains right now. It's an act of contrition that the torturers are after--they think that by breaking Manning they can offer up a spectacle of punishment. "See, this is what happens to bad little boys who don't cooperate." The Mother State gone mental.
Sorry, to be unable to respond individually to many of the commenters, here.

It has been a scary and hectic week. Many things, in the apartment are broken. Food prices have spiked, gas, too. The shelves of the supermarkets are bare from the initial mobs who overwhelmed them.

Radiation continues to drift downward. Yumiko teaches Japanese to foreign students. Many have left. Many of their parents are demanding they come home.

Her vacation ends in a week, and we don't know if there will be any students to teach, so our source of income will be significantly decreased.

The yen has spiked down, viciously, so my social security check, due in about ten days, may be worthless.

I had to take early retirement, to insure that she would be eligible for death benefits.

Much of the farmlands were swept away in the tsunami. Those that were left are now being rained upon by nuclear rain drops.

Radiation, continues, to drift southward.

Like all governments, this government lies even more egregiously, especially at a time like this.

Japanese students are brainwashed from pre-school through higher levels of education, so we have a robotically compliant population, which is easily manipulated, and somehow, most think, the government is telling the truth.

The truth is here:

Thank You, Janice, and ALL of You, for Your well-wishes and prayers.

They are appreciated MORE than You will EVER know.


Yumiko and mark

The government
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