MARCH 29, 2011 7:09PM

I think I get it now: abortion is killing social security

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Santorum blames ‘abortion culture’ for Social Security woes

 In an interview with a New Hampshire radio station Tuesday, Rick Santorum suggested the nation's "abortion culture" is to blame for the Social Security program's financial problems.

Per The Hill's Shane D'Aprile, the former Pennsylvania senator and 2012 presidential hopeful told WEZS Radio that not enough children are being born to support the troubled entitlement system in part because of the rising number of abortions.

"The Social Security system, in my opinion, is a flawed design, period. But having said that, the design would work a lot better if we had stable demographic trends," Santorum said. "We don't have enough workers to support the retirees . . . . A third of the young people in America are not in America today because of abortion."

Santorum was responding to a caller, who suggested abortion was behind the nation's troubled Social Security and Medicare infrastructure. Per The Hill, the former senator said the caller was "absolutely right."

"We have seven children, so we're doing our part to fund the Social Security system," Santorum added.

His comments come as Santorum attempts to attract attention to his longshot 2012 presidential bid. As The Ticket recently noted, Santorum's media strategy seems to be based on two things: trashing Mitt Romney and making provocative comments. In January, Santorum came under fire when he suggested President Obama should be against abortion because he's black.

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One of I must be crazy. I know that I am crazy, so Rick MUST be right.

sanatorium/trump 2012.
There is a theory that the Roman empire collapsed because they added powdered lead to their wine as a spice and their nervous systems were thereby destroyed and they became a culture of morons. Charles Kettering of General Motors ensured that the addition of tetra-ethyl lead was added to gasoline for enough time to see to it that lead has pervaded the whole world. It's the only sensible explanation for the moronic behavior of the leaders and the population of the world that is leading to one catastrophe after another in a multitude of directions. Santori is, of course, a prime example of a prominent moron.
"Santori is, of course, a prime example of a prominent moron."

Why such understatement, Jan?

Thanks, for being the first to comment. You, often, are.
I'm not sure if I should be scared or depressed there will be many people that think this is logical.
i guess santorum didn't bother to read malthus, and/or hasn't grasped the concept of exponential growth.

nothing wrong with having people like santorum around but when they imagine they are presidential timber and many agree, your society should start to worry.

of course, once you appear to have survived dubya and saint ronnie, people might reasonably say "anyone can be president, and should be."
I am so glad that here, in America, a woman still has the right to choose.... not to listen to a frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is the byproduct of anal sex. Thank you, Google.
Both of the points he makes are untrue, as I'm sure you are aware. Social Security isn't troubled - there's plenty of funding for the next 20 years at least. And if we remove the cap for high income earners, it will be fully funded for the next.

And as for abortion reducing the workforce by 1/3, he made that up. The problem isn't a lack of workers - it's a lack of jobs. Surely he must have noticed that around 20% of the US workforce is unemployed.

The question is whether Santorium is ignorant or deliberately lying. I suspect the latter.
Don't be scared or depressed, l'Heure Bleue.

Let it just roll off Your back like a duck (I hope LadyMiko is not around - she'll wanna get nakie and get whoooey), because the daze of american empire are gone, and the ones who flew over cuckoo's nest are in charge, now.
Sorry, I forgot to say, thanks for coming by, l'Heure Bleue.
toritto, again with the understatement, as did Jan.

he's no moron.

he's batsh*t crazy.

Thanks for coming by.
Al, You are SO right.

I nominate charlie sheen and mel gibson 2012.

Thanks for coming by.
oh, and by the way, rick, still can't understand Mickey Mouse cartoons.

If he graduates and ever tries Malthus, he'd need six reading specialists to tutor him, Cliff's notes and a psychiatrist to get through the first word.

AND he still wouldn't get it.
Always nice to see eye candy, Oryoki Bowl, visit mark's place.

My dear, with the "supreme court of the untied States, that we currently have, it won't be long 'til it's coat hanger time, again.

Thanks for visiting.
You shouldn't abbreviate Mr. Santorum's name. Because of his great distinction you can always point people to this link for an "explanation" of his greatness.
ping pong, bingo Dr. Bramhall.

As I've said with the exceptions of the representative of Texas, and the congressman from Ohio, and a precious few others, to tell if a politician is lying, all You have to do is watch they're lips.

As soon as they start moving their lying.

Always, my pleasure to see You, dear Dr.
Statements and slogans from the Right Wing side are becoming crazier by the minute. It is insanity. Why don't they just flat out come out and say it: Kill the poor. Even better why don't they make a law. What is more insane is that both Santorum and Trump have followers. There are Americans who admire these nitwits. Good one, Mark. R
This is beyond disturbing and it's a mistake to dismiss his remarks as "crazy." This is the kind of twisted thinking and illogical connection-making that his supporters are going to latch on to. I can see "abortion culture" becoming a pet tea party catch phrase already. What's next? Banning birth control, to stabilize demographic trends? Listening to him, any rational person would conclude that he makes a compelling case for abortion rights.
Great site, Anthony, and in the spirit of do unto others as You would have them do to You,

I, respectfully, submit this site to You:

"It's official. I'm now convinced. Rick Santorum is as GAY as Chrismas."
You have to give him credit for novelty. And of course Social Security is flawed because it chips away at the fend for yourself society that is the precursor to the New Jerusalem. Of course there's the option of better funding for daycare and better support for single moms, who do tend to be poorer. All of which Mr. Santorum advocates, no doubt.
Abrawag, thanks for commenting.

I didn't know that santorium advocated funding for child care, nor support for single moms.

Maybe, he's not the wicked b*tch, I'd thought him to be.
Mark, he's all of that and worse. I was trying to be ironic but perhaps didn't convey it well. I doubt that Santorum advocates anything like that. He's as uptight far right as they come.
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