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John Melton
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January 24
Country lawyer. Recently left an awful law firm where I represented large banks. Now I represent PEOPLE. Doing lots of criminal defense work and representation of small businesses. I feel better.

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AUGUST 12, 2011 10:50AM

Bank of America- I Wish They'd Go Away! Exec. Contact Info.

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Why does our government not do something about Bank of America? 

Yesterday I read the article and signed the petition on Change.org regarding Vera Johnson-a woman who is getting the run around from Bank of America regarding a mortgage modification application.  She states that she has send B of A documents that they have requested numerous times and that these documents are never reviewed.  I believe her.  The very same thing is happening to me.  

I called B of A in November of last year-before I was late with a payment-and advised that I had lost a good job due the recession that the banks caused. Accordingly, I was concerned that I would have trouble paying in a few months.B of A sent me an agreement to sign that "suspended" three payments and then allowed reduced payments for three more months.  Afterwards, I was to resume my regular payments. Sounds good, right?  WRONG!

What I did not know at the time was that in the world of B of A, the word "suspended" means "late". These "suspended" payments were reported as late on my credit report.  Also, now that I've complied with the deal 100% and am now making my regular payment timely, they want the "suspended” payments and the difference between the reduced payments and the partial payments right now!

They have sent me a Notice of Intent to Foreclose.  During the period of the agreement, I applied for a modification and I send requested documents to Bank of America 17 times. They were not reviewed.  I kept getting letters indicating that the modification was denied due to the "failure to supply requested documents."

When I would get these letters, I'd call and after 40 minutes or so, I'd get transferred to someone who would explain that they actually did get the stuff, but it was "outdated".  I would send updated bank statements, etc. and the cycle begins again. 

I finally go so sick of this that I sent an e-mail to Barbara J. Desoer, the president of the bank's mortgage unit and a couple other executives at: barbara.j.desoer@bankofamerica.com and khara.turner@bankofamerica.com ; and annabel.lopez@bankofamerica.com

I also copied Senator Carl Levin (senator_levin@levin.senate.gov). 

That got me into the "escalation team".  I was contacted by an assistant from Ms. Desoer's office who promised to help. That sounded very promising. I was given a single point of contact and sent updated forms directly to him. I made my regular payment on time. This person called me and said that he had everything he needs. Everything was looking really good.

This morning, I get a call from Bank of America-not from my new point of contact or the President's Office. It was from a collector. The modification was denied due to-you might have guessed-missing documents! That's right, after acknowledging that they had everything they needed, B of A now claims that I did not send them bank statements and the modification was denied.

To make things even worse, I was advised that B of A has sent me a Notice of Intent to Foreclose! I haven't gotten it yet, but it's on the way. They need 5 full payments right now plus late fees or they begin foreclosure.  AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I was told "..listen Mr. Melton, you have had several chances to submit documents and you have faied to do so, we are not going to give you another chance."  But I did submit 100% of what they needed everytime they asked for it.

The fact that I'm back to paying these people on time does not persuade B of A of anything.

 So I feel for Vera Johnson.  I hope that everyone will go to Change.org and sign her petiton.

I also hope that some of you will do what I have been doing and forward some of the comments on the article to the B of A execs listed above and to some elected officials-especially Senator Carl Levin who seems to be actually trying to do something about these banks.


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Do what a woman did two years ago when they raised her interest rate on her credit card for no reason. She went on YouTube, they reduced her rate, but no one else that I know of. I feel your pain.
I hope you are not one of those people who think that citizens have no need of gun ownership. Until these banking scum are told, firmly and in no uncertain terms, to get their freakin’ hands out of our pockets, they are just going to keep on pushing the envelope to see how much they can take from us.

The sheriff is crooked and on their payroll, as is the judge. There comes a time to stand up and say, NO!!