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John Melton
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January 24
Country lawyer. Recently left an awful law firm where I represented large banks. Now I represent PEOPLE. Doing lots of criminal defense work and representation of small businesses. I feel better.

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MARCH 25, 2012 1:19PM

Show Some Leadership Mitt! An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

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Dear Governor Romney:

As the person most likely to become the leader of the Republican Party, are you willing to come forward and reject the toxic rhetoric coming from your opponents and fellow travelers?  Are you willing to renounce the orthodoxy of this "new" Republican Party that preaches that anyone who disagrees is not just -in their view-wrong, but "evil", "a traitor", "foreign", "bent on destroying America", "a Nazi", “a communist”, “anti-Christian”, “a terrorist”, etc.

Is this where you want the country to go?  My guess is that it’s not. I disagree with you on many points, but you seem to me to be a decent and patriotic man who genuinely loves his country and wants it to succeed. You don’t need the money and could lead a comfortable remainder of your life without the grief that comes with running for president. Therefore, I assume that you are running because you love your country and want to serve your country. I also assume that you likely hate the extreme rhetoric as much as I do.

That being said, are you willing to say to those on the extreme right of your party that; while President Obama is someone you disagree with; he is-like you-a patriot who loves his country and wants it to succeed. Are you willing to say that the President is not a “foreigner” or “illegitimate” or bent on destroying the nation as portrayed by your rivals and those on the far right, but a good man that you disagree with.  

Rick Santorum has said:

Barack Obama has systematically, in every single way, tried to destroy the very foundational elements of our country...Rick Santorum in a speech in Plano, Tex.

Do you agree with that? Do you also believe that President Obama has “...tried to destroy the very foundational elements of our country”?  My guess is that you don’t. So why not say so?

And what about the really insane stuff-like the birthers and those who are pushing the idea that the President is a “secret Muslim” or that he murdered Breitbart, etc. Where are you on this stuff? You surely must disagree with this. So, again, why not say so?

Isn’t that what leaders do? Don’t leaders come forth and tell the truth at times like this?  Don’t they stand up-even to those who support them-and oppose vile lies that are meant to divide us as a nation? John McCain had the courage to do that. Do you?

You aspire to be the President of the United States. We expect our presidents to be statesmen. Be a statesman and speak the truth.

I don’t support your policies and I won’t be voting for you. But as the eventual leader of one of our nation's two great political parties, I yearn to hear you act like a statesman. I urge you to reject the toxic atmosphere of the moment and bring the country together.

Tell the truth that the Democrats and the President are people with whom you disagree, but they are fellow Americans who also love this country and want what’s best for it.

Do that and you will not just be more respected; many people may actually learn to love you.  

Very Truly Yours,

John E. Melton

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I think that the ideological flexibility Romney has shown in the past in pursuit of power reveals that he does not have the character of a statesman. He is engaging in all the dishonest distortion of the truth that Santorum and Gingrich are. And he justifies that as what is required to win the support of at least some of the base that is clamoring for red-meat to satisfy their enraged political blood-lust. And what is that rage based on? It's fairly clear that their rage is directed at a straw man effigy of Obama constructed by Roger Ailes and the RNC, and embellished by the bigoted hatred of those ghosts of the Dixiecrats and the Southern Strategy who can't tolerate the fact that a black man dares to assert his superiority over their pale white mediocrity.

That Romney feels it worthwhile to pander to that ugliness makes him and his party unqualified to lead this country, no matter what words you may convince him it is in his self-interest to robotically mouth with his lips for the media spotlight.
I liked this. Romney seems so fearful.