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July 04
After a long career as a nurse then Realtor in the Pacific Northwest, where I spent so many seasons enjoying the rugged beauty of the area, I headed to San Diego, California then the warmer, tropical locales of the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Puerto Vallarta. During my travels I have had the opportunity and good fortune to pursue my dream career, that of journalism and writing. Inspired by the beauty around me, whether created by God or Man, I have written and reported about what I saw and the people I met. I have over 350 published articles from Gig Harbor, Washington to Guadalajara, Mexico. Current projects include ongoing publication of articles on various subjects, website text publishing and a collection of essays on my experiences about living and loving in a foreign country and life lessons I have learned along the way. www.marlahoover.com


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JULY 30, 2011 1:12PM

Diamond Heart

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Through a train wrecked love life I survived

With one last gleaming gift to give

A shimmering, incandescent expression

A diamond heart illuminating from a silver string


Clouds of dreams, coasts and warm sand

Musical fantasies meant for manifestation

The harmonized breath of lovers whose solar winds blow nebulae into stars

Potential and promises inhaled for safe keeping


Proclamations of love whispered in the warm illusory dead of night

Offerings of eternity, assurances of companionship unending

The riches of the world gladly obtained and freely given

All for the touch of your smile upon my heart


The softly spoken aspirations promised; the words still wet upon your lips

When the heat from your heart turned petrified stone

The vapors from our bodies still lingering in the ethers

As you shrunk away from us


On a pillar in the middle of the gray sea, shrouded by cold fog I stand alone

My hand remains outstretched

The diamond heart upon the silver string precariously balanced from my finger

My one last gift of love to give



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Don't worry: silver is a fine strong metal.
Too bad about the Incredible Shrinking Heart of
a pebble now,
just another pebble for the Sea to play with?