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NOVEMBER 9, 2010 10:32PM

Sarah Palin and GOP ‘Manhood’

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Commercials are running now for Sarah Palin’s new TV reality series called “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” set to premier Nov. 14.

 Wait. There are two problems with that sentence.  First, I doubt Alaskans, whose opinion of Palin is as low as Mt. McKinley is high, would like their state be deemed the personal property of their former half-term governor. That strikes a little too close to home, considering how Palin repeatedly used the state to her own personal advantage. 

 The second problem is the description of the show as a “reality show.” Sarah Palin and reality are two twains that will never meet. 

The trailers for the show display Palin and her family enjoying the beautiful landscape that is truly Alaska. This, she proclaims, is better than sitting in “some stuffy  old political office. “ (She must mean the governor’s office.) The intended image is of a real, gun-toting outdoors woman, willing to challenge the wild while namby-pambies (like Democrats) sit in their cigar-smoke choked meeting rooms in Washington. 

Really? Sarah Palin, outdoors woman? 

Sure her husband, Todd, is a part-time commercial fisherman and Sarah likes to have herself photographed harvesting gilled fish. But, after all, this is the same Sarah Palin that spent more than $150,000 of RNC contributors’ money on a new hoity-toity wardrobe during the 2008 presidential campaign – and never gave the clothes back.  The same Sarah Palin who insists that special bottled water and bendy straws be provided at each of her appearances; the same woman who won’t show up for those appearances unless she is flown to them in specially chartered jets that must be “… a Lear 60 or larger (as defined by interior cabin space) for West Coast Events; or, a Hawker 800 or larger (as defined by interior cabin space) for East Coast Events,” according to one of her speaking contracts. And this is the same Sarah Palin whose idea of hunting is shooting wolves with a shotgun from the comfort and advantage of a hovering helicopter.

Yeah, this woman really loves to rough it. You can tell by the brand new, never-been-worn-before outdoorsy clothes she’s seen wearing on the show. 

Let’s say “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” lacks verisimilitude the same way photo ops showing George W. Bush using a chainsaw to clear brush on his Crawford ranch did.  Set aside the fact that Bush bought that ranch the same week he announced his candidacy for president, and sold it the same week he left the  White  House. This is a man who is deathly afraid of horses, and whose  ability to handle machinery is so poor he fell off a Segway and left a trail of terror from D.C. to London with his mountain bike riding. Did anyone ever really think this celluloid cowboy could actually operate a chainsaw safely?

Ever since Abe Lincoln used to split logs, the Republicans have tried to convince voters their candidates were the very essence of American manhood. In the 1980s, photo ops showed Ronald Reagan doing just that — chopping logs — at his so-called California ranch. The “ranch,” however, was actually an estate with a mansion built on an old Spanish land grant,  and the Reagans had servants to do the manual labor.  Reagan was not a  man who relished hard work or discomfort. As governor of California, he built — at taxpayers’ expense — a multi-million dollar mansion for Nancy and he to live in. The old governor’s mansion, now a museum, wasn’t good enough for the two Hollywood socialites. However, unlike Bush, Reagan could ride a horse.  

While the GOP likes to bolster its members’ manliness, it has a long history of belittling the manhood of their Democratic opponents despite the questionable backgrounds of their own candidates.  Nowhere was this seen more than during the 2004 presidential election when the Republicans ridiculed John Kerry’s two (yes, two) tours in Vietnam, during which he was awarded three Purple Hearts and a Silver Star. This was to counter Bush’s lackluster service as, in his words, “an old jet jockey” in the Texas National Guard. (In fact, Bush washed out of his jet flight training, and his DD214 from that period of active duty lists no flight qualifications.) 

We saw similar attacks against George McGovern, a highly decorated WWII bomber pilot, when he ran for president in 1972 against Richard Nixon, who saw no combat duty during WWII, and  Jimmy Carter, a Naval Academy graduate and nuclear submarine officer, when his re-election was opposed in 1979 by Reagan, who finagled a transfer from his Army Reserve horse cavalry unit at the start of WWII to a movie-making unit in Hollywood where he sat out the war.  

Sarah Palin’s motives behind her new show (besides making lots and lots of money) may be to build an archive of stock footage showing  her as a latter day Teddy Roosevelt (sorry,  TR) to use against  her potential  rivals  for the GOP nomination in 2012. After all, how could Mitt Romney — he of the Ronnie Reagan dyed hair and botoxed  faced — stand up to Momma Grizzly driving a dog sled across the Alaskan tundra? Mike Huckabee might be able to live off the land by cooking squirrel in a popcorn maker, but what’s that compared to Sarah shopping for a new pistol-grip shotgun? And if she should get the nomination, how well could a basket ball dribbling city slicker like Barrack Obama  deal with pictures of Palin hiking up a snow covered Alaskan mountain? 

So there’s the real message of “Sarah Palin’s  Alaska.” Palin wants Americans to “man up,” ignore all those namby-pambies, and elect her president in 2012.

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How does this get an Editor's Pick when I'm the first one to rate it and comment on it? One of the editors write it...?
Personally, I'd prefer for Sarah to "Shut-up" rather than "man-up", but ithis is a great post anyways!

P.S. It's worth of an EP so please ignore the whining. Oh, and a belated welcome to OS.
Look at what's going around~~


What would work much better is telling all the sponsors to cease and desost from sponsoring bullshit from this loonette.
Maybe we'll get lucky and the bravo housewives curse will strike her!! Her husband will cheat on her, she'll come off as the colossal dumbass that she is and America will kick her stupid ass to the Alaskan curb!
"this is flippin fun"
You're unique. You get an Editor's Pick on your fourth post! That's a record.

Second, you must clean up your posts and remove the spam if you want people to read and comment.

Third, my great fear is that we are paying Palin's game if we sit around waiting for her to self-destruct.
Palin has it all - sex appeal AND manliness.

Too bad there's no brains in the mixture...
"How does this get an Editor's Pick when I'm the first one to rate it and comment on it? One of the editors write it...?"

Trust me, no one was more shocked than me....
"Really? Pretty damn sure it was wildlife management sharp-shooters using rifles, not shotguns."

No, as governor, Palin supported and pushed for aerial hunting of wolves and bears by private citizens, including tourists. Since the true skill in hunting is the tracking and stalking of your prey -- not the killing of it -- I have to assume that the marksmanship of anyone involved in aerial hunting is as bad as their fieldcraft, hence a shotgun.
I've got sort of a love hate relationship with Sarah Palin. I love her marketing and her sense of how to play a crowd. I hate everything she stands for, and the ideals she represents.
Two comments: 1) True, Reagan could sit a horse, but I was really a terrible rider. If you watch his movies, he always looked unbalanced. We would consider him a recreational rider. 2) People are tired of seeing metrosexuals. Palin stirs a lot of people--including me with her Alaskan independence. It's heady stuff and America likes it.