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NOVEMBER 3, 2010 10:33AM

Voter "Rage" in Real Numbers More Like a "Snit"

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Iran vote 


While our sons and daughters die every day fighting for the "precious right to vote" for Iraqis and Afghanis, the Associate Press announces that on Nov. 2, 2010 - Election Day USA -

"Overall, turnout in the midterm elections was projected at 42 percent of registered voters, about 1.2 percentage points higher than in 2006."

 Dream on, America.



Photo credit Boston Globe



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Bill Moyers on Howard Zinn: "Howard championed grassroots social change and famously chronicled its story as played out over the course of our nation's history. More, those stirring sagas have inspired and continue to inspire countless people to go out and make a difference. The last time we met, I told him that the stories in A People's History of the United States remind me of the fellow who turned the corner just as a big fight broke out down the block. Rushing up to an onlooker he shouted, "Is this a private fight, or can anyone get in it?" For Howard, democracy was one big public fight and everyone should plunge into it. That's the only way, he said, for everyday folks to get justice - by fighting for it."
It just kills me and it is getting scarier by the day.
Rated with hugs
Shiela - Thanks for that extraordinary reminder...amazing quote.

Thanks Linda.
It's unfortunate that those who complain about the existing system fail themselves in taking one small step which may help to change it. Apathy is a growing epidemic that threatens democracy. Sad, indeed. ~R
That only scratches the surface ...

But it was 62% in Minnesota, does that help? And yet, look what we did with it.
Thanks for taking the time, Fusun, nerd and Bonnie and welcome, Jane, glad to help.
Hmmm. In my district, it was the highest turn-out for a non-presidential election in 40 years. Seattle here.
Thank you for this sobering reminder.
@Sheils - I'd always heard that joke as an Irish joke, so it is true in any number of ways. Also a great reminder.
@Bonnie - damn straight the 'merica public is a huge part of what's broken in politics today! Jimmy Carter tried to address that in his "American Malaise" speech in what, 1977?
R for right on
Military ties make this especially sickening to me. I spoke with a soldier in the airport who said he hadn't voted..."what's the point", he asked. "We leave our families and go thousands of miles from home. We fight and die for the rights of others while Americans take them for granted." There was nothing I could say.