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Mary Cuevas
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November 08
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JANUARY 25, 2009 1:58PM

Australian Open 2009 - Tennis Anyone?

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Australian Open 2009 - Tennis Anyone?

Rafael Nadal, photo uploaded by azzurri_nr1 on Flickr

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, photo uploaded by azzurri_nr1 on Flickr

Fernando Gonzales, photo uploaded by azzurri_nr1

Gael Monfils, photo uploaded by azzurri_nr1

Four very good reasons to follow tennis (see photos above).

My favorite match so far was the one between Gonzales of Chile and Gasquet of France. Gonzales was down two sets, but with the help of the Chilean fans in the stands, he came back to beat Gasquet.

I am looking forward to the match between Gonzales and Nadal, and Tsonga and Blake. If interested and in the USA, check it out on ESPN2.
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just what are you following, young lady?
hi al,
i am a huge tennis fan. i have gone as far as to set my alarm for 3am to watch matches going on in different countries. only for the grand slams, like australian open french open, or wimbledon.

u.s . open is my favorite time of year.:)

and this year i may go out to indian wells, near palm springs so i can see my favorite players.:)

i played tennis in high school and was second in my class.:) it is a great game and a lot of it is a head game. lose your concentration and confidence and you lose the game.

think the nadal/gonzales match is least i am hoping.:)

thanks for commenting.:)
so you say, but i noticed immediately that all these images were young men. strange, half the players are women..

no shortage of good female players in action, some of whom i, by chance, happened to notice were quite comely, in an athletic sort of way. i dip in to the oz open, just as an occasional pastime.
hi al,
i am watching serena williams and azarenka right now.:) my fave female player retired last year. justine henin. also like ivanovic and dementeyeva. think i spelled it wrong, but she won olympic gold. think she might be my fave female player.

i love federer, but didn't post his photo.:) love bhadatis. love wathcing him play.:) the fan, cypriots, love him down in oz.