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Mary Elizabeth Williams

Mary Elizabeth Williams
New York,
November 09
I work here. In my other incarnations, I'm the culture critic for PRI's The Takeaway, and my book, "Gimme Shelter" comes out from S&S 3/3/9.

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JULY 27, 2009 12:28PM

Madmen yourself!

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 You know the two weeks and counting anticipation is killing you. But if you can't see it, be it.

I think the photo from last Halloween explains why I love this so.

Folks, avatar thyselves.




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ME, you're Joan?!?

God, that explains so much...
Truly awesome little site. Very well designed, and I love that you have the option to generate 3 different kind of pictures from your little Mad Men avatar. Thanks for passing this along!
Floyd, if you have to ask...
I didn't really, but I like to confirm the blazingly obvious.