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Mary Elizabeth Williams

Mary Elizabeth Williams
New York,
November 09
I work here. In my other incarnations, I'm the culture critic for PRI's The Takeaway, and my book, "Gimme Shelter" comes out from S&S 3/3/9.

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JULY 29, 2009 7:30AM

Need a little more "Glee"?

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Theater nerd says BUST YOUR WINDOWS! Love hurts, but TV is great.

And it gets better -- FOX has moved the season premiere up a week, to September 9. 

I feel like dancing.



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i cannot wait!!! love love love
dunno...after watching "Hamlet 2", can Glee hold up?
Interesting promo for the show.

I am sorry. You seem very nice. Why is this on the cover and not some good writing?

This is not about you honest.

I am just totally confused.
Nor is this about me. If I wanted to be on the cover I surely would not make these comments.

Please see


He is a fine writer and this EP is an example of what he is complaining about.

Again Mary I am sorry. You seem very nice. It is not about you personally just this type of post.
One of my sisters and lot of my theater friends keep raving about this show. Now my wife wants to watch it.
Mary Elizabeth I have great stories from the makeup artist, James. He is a high school friend of my son Alex! He loved working on the series. Looking forward to seeing it all!