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MARCH 31, 2009 9:48PM

Simple Recipes for Good Health

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I used to be a cook at a health retreat.  It was part of my job to teach about nutrition and a favorite quote I came across is: "Our bodies flourish or decline as we respect or disrespect them."

I think to make it really, really easy I'm going to start eating mostly fruits and vege's.  I like yogurt and Kefir and will use these. 

I've been "inventing" some new staples that are quick and easy.  Will share these with anyone interested. 

Here's one of my newest taste obsessions:  Apple and Kefir:  Wash and slice a really crisp apple into narrow slices.  Put on a plate and pour Kefir over it.  Sprinkle with stevia, if you want to tone down the tartness of the Kefir (a liquid "yogurt" that's sposed to have more live culture than yogurt.)  Sprinkle cinammon over this and add some chopped walnuts to it.  This concoction will take a fork and a spoon to eat.   I like to do the same thing with Cantolope, in fact, any fresh fruit would work, of course.   I eat this anytime of the day; sometimes for dinner.

"Kick-a-poo":  This is a tonic you make and drink once or twice a day.  It's good for so many things.  I hadn't drank it for awhile and when I started up again, I felt like my body was coming back into pH balance; which this is supposed to do. It actually helps us get more to the alkaline side. It also helps keep your arteries unclogged (the cayene).  Here's the recipe:  Mix equal amounts (about 1 1/2 Tablespoons) of Raw Honey and Raw, Unfiltered Vinegar (Bragg or Haines Brand).  Add about a cup or so of pure water and as much Cayene pepper as you can tolerate.  You can build up to more over time.  Maybe start with 1/8 teaspoon.  Drink it down. 

Feel the good effects almost immediately.   A Gentle Warning:  I've heard that instead of putting your Cayene in Capsules, you should take it straight-up :-)....your body needs to have the tongue relay the message that it is coming in to prepare the digestive juices to accept this strong thing coming in and be ready for it so it doesn't hit the stomache straight on with no warning first.  Just something I've heard more than once and want to pass this along for you to use or not.                                                 


Brocoli Tacos: I really love this.  I use corn tortilas, warm over the open flame on low if you have a gas stove.  Or just warm in a cast iron skillet and wrap in a towel to stay warm as you prepare the rest.  Sautee' chopped onions, garlic if you want also.  Add washed, cut up brocoli to this and a tiny bit of water to steam it till it turns a bright green.  Don't over cook.  Wrap all this in a warm, corn tortilla.  Very filling and I am addicted to this taste combo.

 Garlic Popcorn:  Popcorn with a twist.  I cook the old fashioned Pop Corn, Orvill Redenbacher's, over the stove in a pop-corn popper.  Melt 1/2 the amount of butter you'd usually use, add unheated Olive Oil to bring it up to the amount you pour over the popped corn.  Chop fresh garlic with a garlic press and either add to the butter as you melt it or directly to the already buttered popcorn.  Salt to taste.  Every now and then you will get a hot piece of garlic that will keep you awake and alert during the movie.  This has to be the most wonderful taste combo I have ever put in my mouth!

Carrot Juice:  If you juice, or would like to try it, get a commercial juicer...for vege's and things.  My favorite and consistent thing I juice is Carrot Juice but I add some other things to it.  Everything is raw.   About 7-8 carrots, 1/4 beet, 1/2 apple (makes it taste really good) and about 1" of ginger root.  The ginger root is so good if you are exposed to or on the verge of getting a cold/flu.  Something in it really nips it in the bud and I usually don't get sick if I use raw ginger root at times when I am susceptible.  The ginger has a kick to it, use a lot and you can barely tolerate i!  Anything hot must kick the bad stuff right out of us!

You can boil about the same amount of ginger root in a pan of water and then put a towel over your head and the pan and breathe in the steam.  If you're brave, drink the "tea" afterwards.  This is not for sissies.

 A really simple, quick breakfast.  Dry Cereal (I like P'Nut Butter Bumpers) and just add all kinds of goodies to it like chopped nuts, dried or fresh fruit, etc.  Mix a couple of dried cereals together, then doctor them up.

Squash Enchiladas:  Cook any type of yellow winter squash; pumpkin, banana, yams, etc.  Mash.  To this add some corn (canned, frozen or fresh), chopped onions and olives.  Mild ortega peppers.  Whatever you would put in a meat-based Mexican dish.  Add seasonings of your choice.  Put some enchilada sauce in the bottome of a large casserole dish.  Dip whole wheat tortillas in the sauce and then add the above mixture inside and roll up and place in the pan with the sauce on the bottom (this prevents burning or sticking).  You can shred soy cheese or regular cheese over the top if you want and before serving sprinkle chopped green onions over it and serve extra for people to add on their own plates.  Heat about 20-30 minutes, 350 degrees.

Most people don't even notice the lack of meat in this dish.  All the other stuff tastes the same and the meat just blends into the whole thing anyway.  The squash holds it all together.  Serve with a tossed, green salad.

Tangy Vinegarette Dressing:  Perfect for a green salad.  Blend 1/2 cup orange juice, 1/4 cup vinegar (raw), 1/4 cup honey.  Mix well with wisk.  Add enough Olive Oil to make a good dressing, about 1/4 cup.  Add a pinch of Cayene Pepper.  Taste. If the vinegar or Cayene is overpowering, add some more honey.


~ This is going to be an ongoing thing for awhile, as I think of good things to pass along. 


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I am both interested and frightened by the Kick-a-Poo-especially the poo part...
i'll second the Doctor on that, and the apple with Kefir thing sounds pretty good too. and i've never even heard of Kefir!
I didn't mean to frighten you. The name is fake...my ex talks like a hill-billy, always hanging a different name on everything. :-) It just has a kick to it, due to the vinegar and the cayene. I should put in a disclaimer, like all the alternative people are forced to do. This is only my personal experience with this. You can read about the health benefits of Cayene Pepper in many places, as well as raw honey and raw vinegar. We all agree pure water is nature's finest gift to us. So: "Cheers"!
one day i'll get brave enough to try the kick-a-poo
LOL: The kick-a-poo is making quite a reputation for itself. Your body will love you for it. :-) I buy "Really Raw" honey at the health-food store. That's the brand name. It's expensive, about $11 a pint but it has lasted quite a long time, about 2-3 months.
Get brave...try it, you'll like it. :-)