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September 13
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APRIL 19, 2009 1:52PM

Photos of My Custom Paint Jobs

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Here is a smattering of the work I did for approximately 5 years before the fall of the real estate and construction markets.  Every wall or garage door was a brand new "blank sheet of paper" waiting to be transformed into something creative.  Doing the faux metalic copper garage doors was my favorite.  I did a few interior surfaces using the same technique.

~ Copper-Metalic Look Vinyl Garage Door, popular in St George area.


~ My favorite:  Metalic look inside panels, custom mixed dark painted borders.

                                           ~ Leather-Look Fauxed  and Glazed Wall.

  ~Exterior Metalic looks used inside.



~ Mural at the end of a stairway, ongoing "arched windows" on side wall.


 ~ Rose-Colored Faux and Glazed Ceiling, dropped down 24" with a    Painted Rose & Butterfly Border.

   ~ Fake "Cracks" in same restaraunt as below, glazed   backround paint.

   ~ Interior sheet-rock counter made to look like burnished copper at a local restaraunt.

    ~ Metalic Base Paint w/Brown Glaze     Overcoat.

This was a fun time in my life....which came to an abrupt hault a year ago.  Now people are more concerned with paying  the mortgage than decorating these palatial homes.  I have tried to start a non-profit business, doing this kind of painting for low-income families.  I felt like it would be a wonderful thing to come home to for people who are living at a survival level only, who could never imagine extras like this.  In this type of work, the money was one form of payment, the joy and satistaction of the clients was another, the best, form of payment. Children's rooms and murals were a favorite thing to do.

When I get my second wind, I may try to get this off the ground again.


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There are wonderful. I haven't seen anything like them. I so hope you get this off the ground again.
Thanks so much. I would love to do that type of work for people who would never dream they could have something like this in their homes. I had it all planned. Along w/the paint job would be a mandatory class in organizing as I find this is a major problem with most low-income families going to yard sales and Salvation Army's; not enough, but too much clutter accumulates. I think anything can be beautiful; no matter the size or monetary value if it's kept uncluttered, clean and plant a few flowers, etc. It doesn't take money to have a quality environment.
Well done but it looks like quite a bit work for to me. I will say you are very good at your craft.
Goshdarnit....Thanks, I really appreciate that.
Jeez I hope the spousal unit doesn't see those, or I will be sent to take lessons. I'm currently turning a bathroom back into a smooth cuboid shape (as opposed to a cuboid shape with seams, ridges and lumps) after a major renovation. Making plaster flat and smooth is one of my few talents. However once done I was planning on one coat of primer and two of a nice off-white semi-gloss paint, not that amazing faux stuff.
GeeBee: That was so sweet. I know what a talent it is to be able to get plaster smooth. The new look, the new texture. It really takes a glaze nicely. I miss painting but have started doing a trade job for a massage therapist...so I get to enjoy painting and then a massage as well!