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SEPTEMBER 26, 2008 1:09AM

Adult Diaper Fashion Show

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  diaper show

IMPORTANT NEWS:  This was sent to me by my alert and wonderful friend lorimarie, a new OS member.


Yes, Joan Walsh and all you other men and women over 40 and beyond, especially women…especially women who have had children…especially women who have had multiple amounts of children…don’t despair.



Japan recently showed off the latest and greatest in diapers for adults in a chic and hip fashion show.  The designers figured out that there were an extremely large number of older adults who needed diapers and they decided to take full advantage.

A study told them that these adults just didn’t like wearing the diapers.  Silly adults.  Since fashion designers are also trendsetters, they took matters into their own hands.  Yuck.

diaper show

I think there’s a business opportunity here.  Anyone want in?  Are you good with colors, fabrics (preferably thick fabrics), design?  I can be the public relations gal, and if need be, the model.

Not to go into any unnecessary details, but being “middle aged” (meaning at this point I’ll live well over 100), having had 4 children…let’s just say, I take a chance every time I sneeze.


P.S.  Denis, are you in this? 

boys gone wild 

 OK, Denis is said no.

 So, here's Denis's stuff:  

us peg

From the mouth of Denis:  " Eventually, I'd even initiate some of our activities, most notably, 100 Club w/Diaper, in which we sat at our kitchen room table and did 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes while wearing Depend Undergarments so that we didn't have to stand up to pee during the hour-and-forty-five-minute marathon.

Yes, it was my idea."

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Didn't the squirrel suss out this trend a few days ago?

I wonder how Walsh will feel sandwiched between bladder control and incontinence in your tags.

I actually wore diapers once for a night of drinking in college. It was amazing comfortable and convenient.

But it wasn't a hit with the ladies, if you catch my drift.
Remember the stalker astronaut who was making her escape with the diapers on?

I remember squirrel's post and I remember losing my appetite.
Ah, yes. CDR Lisa Nowak, USN. She was a frat bro of mine. The shame. It burns.

Note that all astronauts wear diapers for missions. And then there is the whole piddle pack fighter pilots carry in the cockpit. But by far the worst is the honey bucket bomber crews utilize for long flights.
Maybe these aging astronauts could be the models for my new diaper company.
Yuck! I'm just not down with this adult diaper thing.

Joan and all, there is a bladder sling surgery, laprascopic and considered non-invasive, for the most part, 8 weeks or so of no heavy lifting, and WAH LAH!!! NO ADULT DIAPERS!!!!

And, yes, sneezing is a bit risky until you get the sneezing inhibitor method down pat! Will share this method by request only!!!
Adult diapers appear to be the new black.
The Japanese are always so great at this sort of thing.
Stellaa...good point. I've got my tech team working on it.

Cathy: I'll be contacting you soon, like really really soon.

Rich: You made a good funny.

Lonnie: And how would you know? I want proof.
Diapers are probably much more effective under the clothes. I'm afraid those people may be suffering from a false sense of security.
LT, that was my best laugh of the day. How astute of you to notice the tag lines. I didn't notice it. Well, all I can say to Joan is Welcome to the 50's! Get used to being in the middle of a lot of s...t.

Denis, I think I have a picture of you! I have a picture of a group of college guys in diapers at the famous Halloween party in Isla Vista, CA? Any chance?
Gotta love the Japanese. They can make show out of anything. Maybe in a hundred years there will be exacting, esoteric diaper changing ceremonies.
Yes, LT, I immediately noticed myself stuck in between incontinence and bladder control, I wonder what that's going to do to my Google rankings...
Hey, Mary, good on you for spotting a trend, but did you also know it was a Republican fashion trend?

To wit: "So, you think the war's too "single issue" even though that's what brought the thousands of young people out to the celebrity rallies (and had the Republican old farts changing their Depend adult diapers every fifteen minutes)".

The author? I blush to reply............... Not really a plug, because you've already been there and all, but I thought, you bein' so popular and all, that folks comin' here might wish to go there, as further evidence of your perspicacity. There, that's it.
That's my story.

Very funny piece. And here's a woof to LT: trust him to point out the most salient feature :-).

McGarrett: 100 years? That long? However, if this were the Chinese, that elaborate diaper changing ceremony would have been in the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.

Jimgalt: Do ya think?

Joan: Great, just my luck...shouldn't you be recuperating from your big birthday bash rather than wasting your time on my little diaper post? And LT...thanks for giving Joan some mental message so she would even notice the tag lines. Note to me: Be mindful about the order in which you write tag lines.
See, the thing is, I went to UCSB and I wore those diapers in 1990, so these clowns are just a pale imitation.
Well, now isn't that a coincidence??? I'm sure you've been at that exact spot on Halloween night in the cool town of Goleta or Isla Vista or whatever it was called. So, you're the guy that started this very decadent immature male trend. Good for you!
BBE: Don't think you know everything. Apparently you have not heard about my little episode with my blue jean mini-skirt and, ahem, a few unexpected sneezes in a row...well...actually 3 in a row. It's the way I pairs or three's. I digress.

I'm happy to say that I haven't advanced to the next stage...the BBE phase...this is where the only solution may be the dirty diapers, so have some fun with it. The Japanese are boring and not practical--they only have white diapers. Those diapers definitely shouldn't be white. Especially if Denis is wearing them! And it sounds like BBE.
Here's Denis' link to his back in the days to college, you know that time, where they guys take off their shirts and strut around in...DIAPERS.
I can see a movie here or at the least, an MTV video:

Dirty Diaper Burlesque Shows...intead of the men getting lap dances, they could be getting changed and powdered. BBE, don't get too excited. Really. I might get you to crack a smile.
Woof Man...I haven't forgotten you! Saved the best for last, at least until this moment ends.

I remember your post and I remember loving it. I know since I had a comment on there.

Everyone, check it out...great post from the Woofy Man...
Uh - given the topic at hand, I was hesitant to give you a thumb. :-D

But I did anyway. My favorite joke was when my son would try and imitate those Michael Jordan commercials and ask me, "So dad - boxers or briefs?", and I would just shrug and say, "Depends."
It took him a while before he caught the double meaning.
Bill S--I appreciate your reluctance and your generosity. It's a bit of a depressing subject...and I guess reality bites. We start off in the world wearing diapers and we end up that way too...if we're lucky--one way to look at it.

Good joke to your son...and good that he "gets" it.
One of my former co-workers always had a "New Englandism" handy. One of my favorites was, "Every day above ground is a good day."
I try to have that outlook whenever possible. :-D
Ah, the wonder of culture clash: the Japanese target a specific audience with "fashion" while here in Big Pharma Country we saturate (so to speak) the airways with animated bathroom door characters touting anti-pee pills.
Wow. I wander off and this goes the way of the scat. Wet farts, indeed.

And another wow... I was actually addressed by the Walsh.
Bill S--since I have a birthday coming up, your friend's "New Englandism" will come in handy.

Sally: Again, so good to see you and you are so right! Love the image of the anti-pee pills".

LT: Yeah, you did get noticed by the Great Walsh and unfortunately so was I! Just my luck...I finally get a comment from Joan and it's about my Pee Post! (Although she did make a nice comment on my birthday advice to her.)
I'm sitting here stammering, trying to come up with words to describe...I mean my eyes are wide and my jaw is dropped...those things are the size of mattresses! There's no way to make a mattress crammed between your legs fashionable. Very interesting and scary post.
Hello! I found a really cool womens site that is giving away a Burberry bag! There's a scavenger hunt at Check it out; what a great site!
I had to laugh when I saw this story. I actually did a modeling gig a couple of months back for an incontinence products catalogue. I've been a professional model for several years, and you kind of get used to being in strange situations, but this was probably the oddest gig I've ever done. I have to say, though, that the photographer and the client were both great and it ended up being the most fun I've ever had on a gig.
Rachel, your story made me smile. I thought this was some random have a great sense of humor! Thanks for commenting.