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October 22
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OCTOBER 31, 2008 8:50AM

Naked Pumpkin Run

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Boulder is known for its liberal attitudes, new age spiritualism and left wing politics.  Pearl Street Mall is the home to Mork and Mindy, hip restaurants and expensive boutiques.


Every Halloween, the Pearl Street Mall fills up with crazy Halloween college students, filling every pore on the sidewalks in their crazy costumes and alcohol soaked breaths.

Sharing the space with the sophomoric youngsters are those  who are hitting the street for the NAKED PUMPKIN RUN


Tonight will be the 10th anniversary of Boulder’s Naked Pumpkin Run.  One past participant reports, “It’s super liberating.  It just feels like we’re all in this together and we’re all having fun together”.  This coming from a town where every 4/20, over 10,000 people come together on the campus of the University of Colorado to let’s just say, hang out and be mellow, very very mellow (I was there, of course just as an observer).


My husband and friends want to dress up in costumes and go watch the Naked Pumpkin Run tonight.  My husband got all excited and went out and got pumpkin heads.  Silly guy.  He thinks he might persuade this still shy wife of his to let it all hang loose and join in the fun.  Poor guy.  He’s such an optimist, but the thought of me running down this mall, with pumpkin on my head, and nothing else, well that’s just a very scary thought.

Happy Halloween to All! 



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Oh...This is WAAAY cool!!! Next year, I'm flying to Boulder for THIS event...I'd say it looks to be totally the 'tits' but I'd be overstating myself. Wicked cool post, MT!

Oh my god.... What a hoot! Let's hope there are 100 more years of this great tradition for Americans to be able to run naked & free.
Speechless. Giggling, but speechless.

Rated if for no other reason than there are pics of people running around with pumpkins on their heads and nothing adorning the rest of them.

*thinks to himself it had to be cold out*
I say a national month of everyone going to work naked ought to ensue. Most of my pals, of the Charlie Sheen, dating genre, are tired of trying to guess what is under the clothes of the women they ogle, lets have some moments, or a month of truth, for a change, they say. Most of my pals who date are tired of seeing breasts which do not jiggle, and faces which cannot smile, they want the Real gals.

Personally, I think they are as nutty as the non-jigglers. Count me out, I never went to the Nude theaters Burlesque in Chi-town as a kid, never to a dance club as an adult. Don't want my dates going public with nudity. I am at heart just a former girlfriend collecting prude when it comes to exhibitionism. Although I must admit that the scene in EYES WIDE SHUT when Cruise's character crashed the mansion of great tall, nude prostitutes was a bit awesome.

You should totally go. Someone should make a subversive underground comic strip of the Holloween Peanuts stuff with the great big scary pumpkin, with the naked pumpkin run.
Very interesting! Only men are commenting on this post so far. We'll see if that continues to be a trend.

Joe: Yes, fly's a beautiful time of year in more ways than one.

George: We can only hope. Even in Boulder, the annual erotica ball got shut down because it was too over the top. Sadly, I never made it to that one.

BBE: I knew this one would meet your approval. My husband would appreciate your suggestion.

Bill: Glad you enjoyed...and yes, to all the men in the pictures, I'm sure it was very cold...this is after all, Colorado.

Prof: Yes, I will say that one scene in the Tom Cruise movie--let's just say, compelling. Glad you understand the reservations.

David: Great idea about the Peanuts cartoon. Only you.
Looks fun, though maybe cold. I'd be worried about "shrinkage."
Wow--this would be quite shocking in my part of Virginia! I don't think I could get two steps without falling with a pumpkin on my head.

I love knowing there are all these free spirits in Boulder.
This is one of those things that I am glad it is done, for the sake of freedom and love and happiness for all people.

I am also glad that I am not required to participate.
What fun! I never heard of this before!
It would be too cold to do this here in Pennsylvania. Certain parts would, um, retreat hastily. (HA! See? It's not just guys commenting!)
Remember, this is Colorado and we are well known to get quite chilly at night. No excuses here guys!
You could easily do this. I would carve out a big pumpkin with two leg slots and wear it on my south side, not on my head. I'd put on a mask of Sarah Palin. Then I would walk slowly, topless through the streets saying, 'You betcha."
Lea, hysterical idea...and I'll add the occasional "doggone it all" while I'm at it.
Wow, Boulder people know how to live!
Well, Mary T, you have the dubious honor of being the site of my coming out of the closet. I planned on outing myself after the election but your delightful post influenced me. I will post on this later this week.

My family and I have been card-carrying social nudists since 1991 and belong to the American Association for Nude Recreation (formerly the American Sunbathing Association). I waited to establish myself as a serious writer on OS (notwithstanding the picture of a dead goldfish in the toilet on my site) and hope I have accomplished this. We shall see...

I can't figure out where John Walker is...must be at work..

rated and outed myself
Boulder is so crazy & liberating!
Don't you just love it?
I know about the Naked pumpkin Run.
At least, it's not going to be too cold tonight and noone will have a frozen tush!

Me, I'll just be handing out candy to all the little trick-or-treaters.
I love it though and actually have to go buy some more candy as we'll have plenty of little ones tonight due to the warm weather.
Happy Halloween, Mary
Have fun!

o'stephanie: I feel honored! Truly! What are you waiting for? Come out to Boulder asap. And yes, please write that post. My husband and I had a long discussion last night about the brainwashing that took place as children and continues to as adults when it comes to being ashamed of and covering up the body. To be honest, I continue to be programmed to cringe at the thought of public nudity...not for others, but myself, and when you think about it, it's quite ridiculous. Thank you for exposing yourself (no pun intended!). And I look forward to your piece...
Mary, take your cue from Nike Chairman Phil Knight's friends on Madison Ave.: JUST DO IT!
Lonnie, do ya have some drugs I could use???

Thanks Margie!
Pumpkins with holes cut in them around naked men just kind of creeps me out. :-D If it were the Boulder Naked Woman Pumpkin Run, I'M THERE!!!!!! LOL
Mary, I predict that, by next year, you'll be running with a pumpkin on your head and having a blast!!
Greg: Many of the runners are women...why do you think my husband and guy friends want to go so much???

o'stephanie: Maybe I will! If I do, you will be a motivating force!
I like the body painting in the first photo which looks like it could be a very nice theme for the whole body. In the other photo is that a back tattoo? I also noticed the plastic sack slung over the blurred runner in the last picture. Is that perhaps his clothing?
OS, congrats on your exposure! I think that is one of the great things about this site. We get to know one another and then feel safe to communicate authentic things. Many of us are holding back a bit, but you have encouraged us.
Thank you for thinking of me O'stepf, especially as it regards nudity!!! You're so my kind of girl.
But I can't believe you let out our little secret.

BTW to all. I having a BIG H'ween party tonight (adults only ) and you're all invited if you happen to be in the China, Texas area.
Ahhh. C'mon Mare!!! Be a good sport and join your hubby in some good old fashioned Halloweenie exposed fun around the mall!!!
John, I'm obviously busy tonight but raincheck for next year? Although China, Texas sounds a little scary.

Cathy, if you tell Nick you encouraged me to do this, you are in the big sissie doghouse!
This activity seems a little dangerous ( running with a pumpkin on your head) even if there are holes cut out.
And how do you explain this in the emergency room?

Mary: China isn't all that scary. There is no police protection nor any enforceable speed laws. But that's okay 'cause many of the children are armed and big dogs run loose in packs.
Just think Mayberry with spurs.
Mary, I think a little 420 and a few shots of tequila oughta do it. But if you feel like you need more encouragement than that, maybe next year I'll come out with some special 'shrooms and get all punkin headed with you and Nick and O'steph.
I must say, I am very jealous of these naked pumkin heads...sounds like a blast!
Blue Eyes, you got me laughing my ass off. (Opps maybe you wanted that in a picture?) Tell you what, you add me as a friend on your site and you got it (at least on all my nudist posts)! Am working on it right now (per Mary's request) and have already picked out the photo.
Uh oh.... sounds like this might become a very different type of site soon.
March of the naked OSNIANS!!!


You first, O'Stephanie!
It's ok, David. I am still the same sweet Stephanie who loves everything you post.

Social nudism, believe it or not, provides a nonsexual atmosphere. I am working on that post....

Blue Eyes, I added you as well. I am happy with my loyal readership but you may be right. (Mary, if this goes over 50 thumbs, you owe me bigtime!) I will add your name to my mass email when I post, carefully leaving Wayne off.
I love this! You should totally do it. How liberating and fun!
Mary, fantastic story and photos. This clearly shows how Halloween can a special meaning for adults, too. Perhaps the event will catch on nationwide after this.
Hey, Cathy, I'm looking at that great tan of yours and thinking...hmmm...tan lines or not...? You are a candidate for sure!
This must be unbelievable fun, and in the coolest state!!
This was a great pleasure to read Mary!!
I go out for an innocent cup of coffee and come back to my post gone wild! Okay o'step, I'm halfway there with the ratings...this is bringing lots of people out of the closet and proving how well balanced we all really are.

Now BBE, that little voting secret was between you and me, and you've gone and outed me.

A lot of outing going on today.

Lonnie, it'll just have to be the 420--you don't even want to think about me with a couple of shots of wouldn't be pretty.

John: Mayberry with spurs...I love it.

Hmmm...after all these comments, maybe I'll surprise my husband. But you all can only imagine all the videos and pictures that are taken of this event. There's a running cam on the Daily Camera internet site (the local newspaper). I do have 4 children to think of who have friends still in this town. They would all need intensive therapy if their naked mother ended up on youtube.
I'm scared that The Catholic Lord that I was taught to believe in, for the first eighteen years of my life, would send me to hell for being naked under pumpkin in public. (Doesn't the Catholic Church think that the act of Halloween, itself, is a sin?) And besides, I need to lose a few pounds, before I take my clothes off anywhere! Fun post though, that you have here. Kudos.
Thanks, Mary, for "exposing" this "fun" "event".

It brought back memories of the time an old boyfriend talked me into going to a nude lake up in the Marin watershed. It was more like a pond, but the sight of so much uncovered flesh stays with me to this day. It was a warm day and, as a result, there was nothing drooping and shrunken if you get my drift...

Thanks and Happy Halloween! It's cold and windy and possibly snowing here (weather alert to Mary - it's headed your way) so I'll have a great excuse to stay bundled up!!!
very fun post. ditto what Liz said - very glad to see people having freedom to run naked in the streets (I grew up with Mardi Gras, after all) - glad I don't have to participate.

also ditto & kudos to o'stephanie - I was just thinking nudity is so not equal to porn.

we should declare a body paint contest here on OS, though. Not just for Halloween. For whatever - Michigan football games, Freakfest, Burning Man, Mardi Gras...
Mary, it's time you got to know the real Lonnie: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Calf.

Also suitable for those not here for OS Beta Calf Wars.

Love this post. You could do your own reverse version of the run with strategically placed pumpkins...
Lpsrock, absolutely correct that nudity does not equate with porn. Our society equates the two, but we do not have to.

Sierrasong--loved your reminiscence of skinny dipping. Many folks have dipped in the past. I remember many wonderful family nude camping trips in the Sierras...
Btw, you gotta read the comments on Lonnie's post.

Btw2, your post rated and appreciated.
"would send me to hell for being naked under pumpkin in public."

Then I suggest that you forego the pumpkin.
Boulder just gets better and better in my estimation. I love it. Although by the time I drank enough to have the courage to do it, I'd be curled up naked and passed out in that corner by the bookstore, perhaps in the flower beds. Not a pretty site.

Thanks for sharing! Someday, Colorado will be home. I swear it!
Holy crap. That's too awesome. You totally need to do it, MTK. Carpe Diem!!!!!
Here in No. Central Florida, where McCain-Palin signs outnumber Obama about 100 to naught, I would have little trouble organizing a shit-head run.
They would all need intensive therapy if their naked mother ended up on youtube.

...isn't that what the Pumpkin Heads are for? How would anyone know it's you, punkin'?
Oh, I would totally do that! And it wouldn't be my first naked night time run (there, another person outed). On on!
Okay, I wrote many comments to many people and they are not here. Damn...they were so brilliant.

So, just a few:

mikelpoet (I know I spelled this wrong): Thanks for remind me about the Catholic upbringing--I'll need to go to confession.

Lauren: It will happen and I'm like you...there wouldn't be enough I could drink and since I don't drink, I would be rendered useless.

Lonnie: Have you been talking to my husband???

Wayne: Go for it!

Denis: Apparently you are also in kahoots with my husband. Although the "carpe diem" is compelling...
Rebecca: Do tell! It would BBE so happy, and we all know how much we need to keep him happy.
Like SF's Bay to Breakers, and its naked contingent of runners affectionately know as Bare to Breakers. Most of them wear fanny packs with their clothes in them, which spoils the effect....once, I saw a woman wearing a jog bra and nothing else. I though hmm, that wouldn't have been my choice. Still, it's a hoot, though I have observed that the cost of observing nudity is, usually, inversely related to how appealing the nudity is.
and go on maryt! strip and run! you'll have a pumpkin head! no one will know it's you. or, if you prefer, wear a nice bra and panty set, which can be better than naked, and a good way to ween you from your shyness. go for it!
Sandra, I am now convinced you are psychic. As a "maybe" (meaning I'm a long ways off from this but I did pull these out of my drawer), I have a very very sexy fun red lacey bra with matching panties...yikes I can't believe I'm saying this...and the lighting is pretty low...and maybe with the pumpkin head...I might just might get away with it. The woman jogger with the sports bra and nothing else...that sounds scary.
Okay, Mary, I posted.
Save the red lacy item for the Lingerie Pumpkin Run, Mary. We are talking about a Naked Pumpkin Run.

Just get your pumpkin head on and go for it. Nick's in, too, right?
Aw Mary, we need to go to Greece!

I actually would mind the pumpkin more than the nudity - and isn't it a bit COLD for barenakedness.....?
Lonnie, you mean Nick the adventurer? You make a good point about the lingerie vs. the nakedness. Probably wouldn't be too PC here in Boulder to wear Victoria's Secret. Only if my friend Susie will (she is far more adventuresome than me).

O'steph: Great post.

Cherie: Yes, I could do this in Greece!
Oh my. And what's wrong with me that all I can think when I read this is the thought of the smell and sight and feel of all those pumpkin innards clogging my senses? What an old fart I've become. Great to look at when someone else is doing it though!
Mary, great post! And here I have family in Boulder and have been visiting there for years and never knew about this - hmph.

As for trying it yourself, yes, of course you should. I'm pretty dang modest, too, but I have found out from going to hot springs type places that if you are in a crowd that is nekkid, once you join in, you actually feel fine, as we humans we tend to feel most comfortable following the normsl of the crowd we're in. So I've found that in those situations, having clothes on actually feels rather perverse.

Trust me on this, and give it a try - if not this year, next year (or any year that's not too frikkin' cold).
Lainey: Well as one of my best friends said, "The visual of middle age people running down the mall with pumpkins on their heads is just too scary." This is a valid point.

Silkstone: However, as you are suggesting, what the heck. It's an Indian summer evening...who knows what may happen :)
BBE: I was just about to sign off for the evening when I read your comment. The gauntlet has been thrown...Lonnie sent me a big time pep talk...I will say this...if I follow through (and I just may, really, I really might do this) my husband will be happy for months. You will be too, that just might be the annoying part :)
I don't have any problems looking at middle-aged people, dressed or undressed.

I am waiting for the morning after update. The climax, as it were, to your participation in this Halloweenie ritual. How was the race? Lots and lots of JACK-O-Lanterns on parade, I trust. And your own personal lanterns? Did you light up the trail?
Mary, if your husband wants to see you run with a pumpkin head on and nothing else, send the kids out and answer the door like that when he comes home and run around the house.

For me there is not enough mind altering substances in this country to make me go out and run like that. You might say I have a "little problem" with doing it. Well not really, but it sounded good and it's not politics.
Just updated the post...

Go to:
Mary, I gave you such great ammo here... how could you have missed the link I posted of Lonnie's bare butt blowing in the breeze...
Isn't it really cold there? Jeez. talk about headlights.
I think this should be the ultimate OS guillotine now - if you lose a bet, I'll see you at the Boulder Pumpkin Run! Loser takes it off....

I'm just sayin'
Oh, the city of Boulder is playing the ultimate of party poopers. The Annual Naked Pumpkin Run is getting squashed. Strict warnings have been issued to any citizen in Boulder who dares to try this tonight. In fact, they threatened legal action against two young men who had started a website to promote it. Their attitude is fear-based and threatening...and over what? We were there last year...there were about 300 naked pumpkin runners. It was hysterical. But not so funny for some of the runners who were issued tickets at the end of their run, and had their names publihed in the paper. There were threats of them being prosecuted as sex offenders. Bah humbug.
I would love to live there, when I visited it was so beautiful in Colorado and the vibe was so laid back, as you said. Still don't think I'd run naked with a pumpkinhead but like to live around folks that would.
It does sound like a ton of fun, especially if there is a healthy percentage of females participating. I certainly hope the authorities there don't try and stop it. It could become a huge tourist attraction for future years.

Unfortunately, the authorities have put a stop to some of the nude runs on or near college campuses over the past few years. One of the best ever was the "Mile Run" on the night of the last finals each spring at the University of Michigan. But now, it is either very hushed up or has been stopped completely.

So, Boulder, we're counting on you!
Given that we're One Nation Under Shame it's not surprising Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner has announced he will put a stop to Boulder's Naked Pumpkin Run.

While equally unsurprising, it's instructive to note that he's stated he'll arrest the runners as "sex offenders." This despite the fact that it's not illegal to be publicly naked in downtown Boulder.

So, MTK... I'd say you and your husband are now facing the moral imperative to protest injustice along with the opportunity to have a good time. Come on, girl... You can't let some Christofascist get away with this.
I appreciate the new comments (a surprise to see them after a year).

I have a new post up talking about the extremes Boulder is going to in order to shut this down.

Bryan: Always an honor to see you...and you're right...husband and I are heading down there with friends...we'll walk if we have to!

As for the moral imperative to fight this injustice, my husband and I will do our best and there'll be a report on my latest post:

tomorrow morning...providing I'm not in jail! Thanks for the encouragement.
Did you do it this year?????????????? Hahahahahahahaha! Fantastic!!!
You're still dealing with Catholic angst to try this?
C'mon MaryT, which one is you?
About to update my post from last night...but let me suffice it to say THERE WAS NO ONE NAKED RUNNER: GO HERE TO FIND OUT THE REST OF THE STORY:
Scary or not, you should do the naked pumpkin run next year (provided, of course, there is one next year).

A little streaking does the soul good.
Israeli forces storm into holiest place on earth:
This reminds me of the naked polar bear swim on New Year's Day in Vancouver at English Beach. So far no one has tried to shut that down.
Well, I think the naked pumpkin run might just be calling it a day for awhile. And that just doesn't feel right.