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MAY 25, 2011 9:04AM

"American Idol": The Whitest Wonder Bread Finale of Them All

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lauren and scotty
Lauren and Scotty:  In It To Win It!!!

Can you say, "Yee Haw"?

This season of “American Idol” produced some of the best talent and the most diversity in all of the combined seasons of "American Idol".  But if you just tuned in last night for the finale performances between the last two contestants, you would have never known it.

Scotty McCreery, an Alfred E. Newman look alike with a perpetual “What me worry?” smirk on his face boasts from North Carolina and is all of seventeen years of age.  His rival, Lauren Alaina, is a Georgia peach of a 16-year-old girl who all season long exuded sweetness and an innocence that was disarming to most.  And oh yeah, those two can both really sing and their twangs are terrific!

Lauren and Scotty could be identical twins except for the minor difference of their gender.  They are white, country music singers, and Christian.  Lord are they Christian.  They are so identical they even have the same favorite quote, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 

Visions of the Double mint twins singing arm in arm were stuck in my mind.

As for the judges, despite the fact that one is Hispanic, one is African American and one is a ROCK STAR, let’s be honest here.  This has been a kinder and gentler judging panel, almost Pollyannaish.  These judges were as white wonder bread as the final two teenage contestants.

Lauren, being a teenager, showed up with a pre-made excuse, complete with a permission slip from her doctor.  He even came on stage to explain that Lauren blew out one of her vocal cords.  Seacrest was milking the story for all it was worth trying his hardest to make us feel sorry for her as if we were a room full of codependents at an Alanon meeting. 

Hey kid, this is showbiz and the show must always go on!  

There were three rounds for the final performances.  Round 1 was the contestants ‘ favorite song of the season.

Scotty, in a move unusual for a good Southern boy, started first. He sang, “Gone”.  Watching him tonight all I could think was, “Didn’t he sing this last week?  And the week before?  And the week before?”  Is it smart to sing a song that has the word ‘GONE’ in it over and over?"

Lauren sang, “Flat on the Floor” and I swear it was the same song she sang last week. Her voice seemed to be holding up just fine.

Scotty was up again and this time he sang, “Check Yes or No”, a song that was handpicked by George Strait, Scotty’s idol.  And yes, once again, Scotty sang the same exact song!  Except this time, instead of walking around the judges' table and yucking it up with the hand picked pretty girls up front, he stood in the middle of the stage and played his snazzy acoustic guitar and did that raised eyebrow, cock his head shrug his shoulders look at the camera that has crept me out all season, if only for a moment. 

Lauren sang, “ Maybe it was Memphis”.  To be honest, I kind of missed most of her performance.  I had run into the kitchen for some much needed nourishment to get through the show.  I could hear her singing from the kitchen but I could have sworn they were replaying one of her older performances as I got distracted in concocting the most magnificent ice cream sundae.  I did catch the last bit of it.  She had transformed into Glinda, the Good Witch of the West except her gold gown had been appropriately shortened for her sweet sixteen age.   She looked so adorable!

And you won’t believe what Randy said.  I was concerned for the guy, I really was.  He was all excited and all in a dither, frothing and foaming at the mouth.  It was reminiscent of Linda Blair.  As his head was spinning, he was shouting, THEY'RE BOTH IN IT TO WIN IT!!”

I never want to hear this expression again.

Round 3:  One final song.  A song that would be their first single should they win “American Idol”.

Scotty’s song, “I Love You This Big” turned out to be a real tearjerker.  He needed everyone really BIG and his mom was crying and the judges were crying and there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd. 

Lauren came out dressed in virginal white and sang a song to her mother.  Forget the tears, the place was flooded.  Her mom was sobbing, the camera crew was sobbing, I was sobbing.  The judges got more than sappy and all three pledged their love, devotion and first-born child to her and mothers all over the country with tear-stained faces were desperately grabbing their cell phones to text Lauren’s number over and over again, late into the night if need be.

Randy, JLo and Steven Tyler had to be subdued and gagged with duct tape as they were declaring Lauren winner. Scotty and Lauren stood side by side, dazed and confused staring off in the distance mumbling over and over, in unintended unison, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengths me, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. “

Move over Bristol Palin, America has a new “American Teen Idol” and her name is Lauren Alaina.


Okay, so Randy Jackson, JLo and Steven Tyler had it wrong.  Yes, and I got it wrong too.  I always do.  In fact, I've never successfully predicted the winner of "American Idol" EVER.  Yes, I know.  Simon would never have gotten it wrong.  

Move over Pat Boone, Scotty McCreery is the new kid on the block and America's new "American Idol".

See you in the fall for "X Factor" featuring Simon Cowell and his adorable, often tipsy slur-her-words sidekick, Paula Abdul.   



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I watched my three favorites get picked off one by one: Casey, James, & Haley. I no longer care who will win, but I'll probably be watching.
I watched The Voice as I gave up AI years ago. Did you know AI did not invite back last years winner Lee? Seems they do not want to waste any more money on his lack luster sales promoting him.
Just lovely.
rated with hugs
Oh Mary, how sacreligious of you! And I loved every word!
It felt like a high school assembly and you caught the mood here. Yawn. Too many other final shows last night to really concentrate. Summer's a comin.'
Well, think I'll just to in to my MaryTKelly channel for the recap. Yikes, sounds like it was a horrible show. I watched maybe three...and now I am glad that's all!
I must be the only person on the planet who thinks Scotty isn't that good--no range, really, and a voice that sounds like the standard CW voice you can hear from a hundred different singers. I've read that the average age of "Idol" viewers is 45. Perhaps that accounts for edgier performers like James Durbin falling by the wayside.
My husband and I decided to "boycott" American Idol this year. In my opinion, this year was predictable; due to the drop in age qualifications. It seems they were riding on the shirt tail of Justin Beiber fame. I did catch David Cook's performance, as he from the KC area and was disappointed--cover song, really? He was probably doing the same song in bars before American Idol.
A poor and manipulated finish to what had looked to be a promising season. Neither was appealing to me and I think it was egos and religion that put me off of them. Did the folks at Fox News jump on the producers backs and declare that no lousy, stinking, liberal, non-christian could win this year? I have a suggestion, next year limit the votes to one per customer. I'm sick of seeing talented people kicked off by coalitions of teeny boppers and political/religious bias take it all.
I get increasingly weary, and I'm sure the actual judges of this show do too, of the "tyranny of the teeny-boppers" who seem to be the voters consistently tossing out more mature, more polished performers who actually are vocal musicians in lieu of the "pop" (read that as popular) performers who are "Bieber-like" and seem to fit in with their own image. But then again, that's just me. After-all I did write a post a month or so ago extolling the virtues of young Mr. McCreery as a bona-fide baritone, a voice that has been sorely missing from this show as well as the recording industry for far too many years--although he'll never make it to Lou Rawls, Bill Withers levels.
Randy is such a repetitive doofus. I loved this review.
I was rooting for Haley. Those two are cute kids but boring. I never have been as bored by a finale.
I had no idea you get high on an ice cream sundae! What brand of ice cream did you use?! Pretty funny, Mare! I do like both of the kids with the crosses and could care less about their Christian devotion. They are both winners, hands down and I do agree with you should be Lauren, but you never know! What I do know, is that Scotty has barely begun to develop his vocals. He is maturing in front of our eyes into one of the best country crooners of the next decade. I love his voice! I'm a sucker for a southern gentleman who can serenade me into the night...
AI has been cheery soda for awhile
no fizz ... no pop ...
with a 5 cent deposit
no returns
Huh! Either my comment didn't take or you deleted it. Okay, it didn't take.

I said I went along with Neilpaul in the matter of maudlin bathos (ugh).

White breadest, yes...and by me awfully boring. I had it on last night, but barely paid attention.

I am afraid we will have to suffer thru INNIT2WINNIT for a few seasons until, like DAWG, it finally gets taken out and shot.

Um, I think the judges dope up in some way before the show, tho JLo not as much. As you say, Randy has a fit of some kind. And Steve...he's like those potheads who sit around saying about everything, "It's beautiful, man." I can imagine Simon's sour face sitting on a panel with these ditzes. (Tho I have a bit of a crush on Steve anyway and look forward to his costumes. I expect all three judges to go all out in the bling department for tonight.)
This was by far the dullest AI finale ever, ironically coming at the end of a season that actually included some genuinely different performers. You could tell Cowell was no longer near this thing as the standard "white teen trying to sound black" pop singers didn't dominate as they did when he had influence.
What this finale really demonstrated is the necrotic condition of country music today. Anyone recall Johnny Cash's full-page ad in one of the trade papers, reacting to how hard he was finding it to get any air time on country radio, and celebrating his Grammy win for the "Unchained" album? A fine picture of Johnny flipping the bird to the camera.
Mary: How dare you judge these two kids for being Christians. This world would be a better place to live if there where more Laurens and Scotties and less bitter and hateful middleage women like you. Last time I checked our country was founded on Christianity and the problem is that there is not more people to speak out against people like you. By the way I am a Christian, white and I love country music.
Oh oh, a troll has got stuck in repeat mode.
One of those faceless people who signs on just to make this comment - no other history. Possibly a regular OS too chicken to use their regular identity.
Cuz being a Christian means being a hater. Apparently.
If she wins it will be an upset. The current odds have her at 5/2 and him at 1/4. Almost a lock.
This is too funny! I liked the old Idol with the crazy people they kept around for weeks. I was surprised they ended up with 2 country singers. Not my thing. I am an alternative rock girl myself!
I turned down the sound and wrote my fiction for today. Congrats on the EP!
I lost all my enthusiasm for AI the night Pia was kicked off. I fnally grew to admire Haley for her unique technique and was thoroughly turned off when she lost. Last night I watched The Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars. I do not care which of the teens wins on Idol.

The two finalists are:

Taylor Hicks and
Taylor Hicks in drag.

Though quite a bit younger, so more fit for pimple cream ads than Metamucil.
James was the one with star ability heft, and will go accomplish much more than the Frick or Frack of fluff. Scotty should win, as at least his voice doesn't get swallowed into the instrumentals, becoming a monotone drone, like Lauren's.
neilpaul: Yeah, OS is working! I will look for the elusive (at least to me) "childishly dressed producer" and you are so right. It was manipulative, it was a bit devious, it was sappy and corny and it worked! I'm a sucker for anything that has to do with my kids so that one had me blubbering. I agree with you about Simon. I think perhaps these two would not have made the final had Simon been there, but hard to know for sure. Like you, I'm no "music" critic...I agree. Thanks for reading and being first!

lschmoopie: You are talking to the choir and let me add one more: Pia Toscana. All unique, diverse and simply unable to fit into any kind of cookie cutter. I don't care who wins, I actually like both of them and I think they have great potential for their particular genre and I will definitely be watching! Thanks for your comment.

Linda: I tried the Voice but for some reason it annoyed me. Maybe it was Christina Aguillera that was bugging me. I don't know. I'm looking forward to Simon Cowell's X Factor! Thanks for reading.

trilogy: Isn't "sacrilegious" the most delectable treat? Thanks for reading :)

Lea: What other finales did I miss? I hate missing a finale. Yes, six songs that sounded basically the same. Boooooooooring.

Buffy W: I always knew you were/are a very wise woman!

Jerry: I have heard the same thing, that the average viewer age for Idol is 45. It's also well known that it's the tweens/teenager who usually determine the winner. It'd be interesting to see the demographics on "American Idol". It has fans all over the country but I do wonder if there is a higher concentration in midwest and southern states. Given the tendency to vote for bland singers over more diverse ones, it's not a bad guess. Oh, and as for Scotty, I think he sounds like a good country singer, especially with that deep baritone, but I wouldn't be one that would be qualified to say. Thanks for your comment.

Chelle: You and your husband had some good foresight, although I did enjoy watching this season much more than the past two. I love David Cook and felt the same as you. Thanks for reading.

bobbot: You said, "A poor and manipulated finish to what had looked to be a promising season. " Yes, I totally agree. I guess perhaps I'm naive enough to believe that the American public is more than capable of voting for the same kind of winners year after year. It was tough watching so much diversity and talent get picked off one by one. I never expected it. Like I said, naive.

Walter: I'll have to check out your post on Scotty. I love this show but I hate the voting system. I'm sure they've done their good market research and obviously, since it doesn't change, it's working for them. Grrrrr.

fernsy: I was rooting for Haley too! I was as shocked as she was last week. I guess all three of us were naive! Thanks for reading.

Macco: Well then you are a great sport for reading. Thanks!

JC: Let me clarify, I could care less about their Christian devotion either. That's not my point. The point is that the two finalists are cookie cutter shapes of one another and I found that boring. I honestly could barely tell their songs apart except for the "Mother" song and I'm a Mother who is a sucker for Mother songs. I've changed my mind...I did some investigative journalism and saw that Scotty has a lot more Facebook followers and Twitter followers than Lauren. Maybe the judges knew it and that' why they were so pro-Lauren, try to make it a contest. We'll find out soon enough. Thanks!

Chuck: Oh now that was good...summed it all up. My humble thank you.

Myriad: I would NEVER ever delete a comment from you. I look forward to the every time. Please, please don't even speak it out loud! The IN IT TO WIN IT...yes, it's torture, it's like water dripping on the forehead. I laughed out loud when you talked about Steven. Again, I'm so naive! Never occurred to me and there's just something some funny, so endearing, well, darn it..beautiful about the way he says it. I missed the rocker stage of my life while being distracted with purer pursuits (damn!) and I find him quite appealing. Thanks so much for your great comment.

GeeBee: Hi GeeBee! Funny you should mention the "necrotic" state of country music. I was thinking last night that country music songs sound the same to me now as they did fifty years ago. But I also can't say that I listen to a whole lot of it. I remember Johnny Cash doing that. And that photo? Classic Johnny Cash. Thanks!

tr ig: Sadly, and painfully no. But soon enough, trig, soon enough.
kristy allen: First of all, I'm pretty sure I know who you are so sleep on that.

Second, you said, "How dare you judge these two kids for being Christians"? Now where in this post did you see me judging them for being Christians? I have zero problem with the fact that they are Christians silly. The thrust of my post was that the finale was boring boring white milk toast wonder bread sameness. Period. If the finale had been two black rappers who sounded the same, were the same age, from similar geographic locations and were Rastafarians, I would have found that boring. If the two finalists had been two hard rock bisexual cross dressers who were atheists from New York City, I would have found it boring. If they had been red haired opera singers I would have been really really bored. Catch my drift?

Third, I think you need to either take the log out of your own eye (Matthew 7:5) because I'm pretty sure you just judged me big time. Either that or since surely you know that "the prayer of a righteous man (or woman) is powerful and effective." James 5:16, rather than judging me and making assumptions about me and those "like me", you may make better use of your time by praying for those "like me", whatever that means.

Fourth, I rather like Lauren and Scotty and I like exactly who they are. I find them to be sincerely genuine, happy and gracious people. Christians who seem to actually be Christians. I voted for each one of them on at least one occasion. My preferences would have been for Pia, Casey, Haley or James before the two of them, but I'm happy with the talent they both possess.

Fifth: I think you need to check some different resources on who founded this country. Think Thomas Jefferson.

Sixth (phew!): I do thank you for the compliment of calling me middle-aged. You flatter me.

Seventh and thankfully Last: Honestly, lighten up. Anyone who knows me knows that I do these in jest. Have a sense of humor. Laugh at me, laugh at yourself for God's sake. No one is ever won over to the Lord with so much grumpiness. Let your Light shine brightly and really, try not to judge lest you...well, you know the drill.

P.S. I deleted your other five identical comments. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, and the erratic behavior of OS, I'm thinking it was unintentional. Not assuming, guessing.

Myriad: And the definition of insanity is?

emma peel 2: Well I wouldn't say "hateful" but certainly a kill joy. Geez, some people gotta get a sense of humor and fast!

Catnlion: Yes I know you're right. I'm good with either way. Maybe that's why the judges were being so one sided...they were hoping it wouldn't be a landslide. It won't be long now...Thanks for reading.

Susie: Yeah, I'm fickle. I used to complain about the "old" idol and now I miss it! Sounds like you were more productive than me last night (and I'm looking forward to reading your's been a busy day). Thanks for reading.

L in the Southeast: Yes, it was a BIG kick in the stomach when Pia was voted off. I couldn't believe it. I would have LOVED a Pia/James finale. That would have been awesome. As for Dancing with the Stars, did Kirstie Alley win? All I know is that MSNBC had a breaking news update on the bottom of Obama's speech to the British Parliament saying that she was vowing to never been on reality TV again! Can we get that in writing? Thanks for commenting :)

Paul: Yes yes with the Taylor Hicks metaphor. And yes to James. I loved James. And it looks like Scotty is going to win based on the oddsmakers. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.
In seasons past I always waited for the top 3 or 4...hoping to catch the cream of the crop and skip the rest. Then I realized it doesn't necessarily work that way. I never did get around to watching even one show this year. Good to know I didn't miss much. I will youtube some of the singers mentioned here out of curiosity, but you pretty much summed it straight up with no chaser. Fun recap!
My gut laughter turned to sobs just reading the last several of your paragraphs, and I don't even watch Idol. I'm a chicken, for chrissakes.
Hey! You forgot to tell me which ice cream?! (Christians and fallen Catholics love ice cream, too!)! Just messin' witch ya!!! ;)
god, i'll probably watch, although via tivo so i don't have to sit through moronic comments by the judges (who should be called cheerleaders now that the only judge who pronounced actual judgments is long-gone) or terrible performances (most of the has-beens or wannabees that AI brings on the show to promote their crap music--single exception this year, the wildly strange iggy pop). my bets on mad magazine guy over miss piggy (sorry, she looks exactly like miss piggy--my fave muppet, by the way)

Well it was a good try, but I guess the tweener vote prevails. OMG Tom Jones, Tony Bennett and Judas Priest (not to mention Beyonce and the full force of American Idol entertainer employees and spouses) all on the same stage?!?!

I was hoping for Lauren but she seemed to take it well.

Was there a quick scene cut away when the winner was announced that we saw the 2 teens making out?????

In any case, thanks for the awesome recap!!!

You are the best!

Chelle James criticized David for doing a cover song on Idol. I really dislike it when people criticize someone when they don't know what they're talking about. David was not doing this in bars before Idol. He was asked to do this song by Idol for them to use as their exit song. If you had been paying attention, they played a portion of it every week when someone was booted off. Please, before you open your trap and make a fool out of yourself, get the facts.
AI pleases me. You know it's alright, Mary.
Mary, the real test of a performance is "did it bring tears and sobbing." If so, it's a winner. At least that's what my wife says. Great article!
bluestocking babe: Well I think you are one smart woman, saving all your time and not watching. Although I love "AI" (a love/hate thing). There was some great talent this year. Thanks so much for reading.

Chicken Man: I know your a chicken, but your a chicken with a sense of humor. All of us, even chickens, could use a little more of that. Thanks for reading and enjoying.

JC: Hate to disappoint. It was vanilla ice cream...white, like wonder bread.

tejano: Well you were right weren't you. Those judges (who I love) were more like cheerleaders or motivational speakers stuck on replay. And you got it right...Mad Mag guy won. Thanks for reading!

Big Brad: Maybe tweener girls only like to vote for tweener guys. It wouldn't be the first time. I thought it was a really great show. And I'm pretty sure the teens weren't making out, although that would have been a very funny touch. Thanks so much for reading and your encouragement especially to do at least a couple of these before the season was out. It's been fun. Now on to X Factor!

kcsan: Well you should yell at me too because I didn't know that, or I wasn't paying enough attention and I'm doing the damn recap. I love David Cook and I thought he sounded great. I'm surprised I didn't notice it as the exit song, but I think I was having more icecream when he came on. Thanks for reading and commenting.

J.P.: You know it pleases me too, and yes, it's very alright. Thanks.

Harvey: Yeah, tell your wife to slap me five! Good to see you Harvey. Thanks so much for coming by.
After watching maybe one audition, I decided to take a pass, as I could see the judges were lame and the Simon/Paula vacuum was too deep. I did tune in for the finale. As someone who hadn't been watching the show, it was clear to me that the most talented folks, the guy with the curly hair, the gal with the curly hair and the rocker, were the most talented. But you shouldn't be surprised about the results. It's because of the people voting and who votes. Southerners dominate the voting and they like country music and Christian sentiment. That was obvious when Adam Lambert didn't win--one of the most talented people to ever appear on Idol. I have given up on Idol but am looking forward to the X Factor. Besides, Simon and Paula, I'm sick of the ageism of Idol, and am looking forward to people being judged on talent and talent alone. That was the other thing, it was no surprise to me to see that the top 13 girls were all extremely attractive with good figures. You'll never get a Susan Boyle on Idol, but you might on X Factor.
Brad: I thought you were kidding about the kiss, but you weren't. I found this on TMZ:

Did Idol cut away from Scotty maybe kissing Lauren Alaina when the results were read?

Possibly! Business Insider points out that cameras seemed to cut away from the two finalists whenever they got close, and there was definitely a suspicious edit (visible at the :45 mark in the below video). Before McCreery even thanked the Lord, he told Ryan Seacrest, "It's been a year since me and Lauren Alaina tried out now, me and her have been together since day one, and we're going to stay together." Oh, really? Confronted about the dating question after the show, they played it coy. "We're really close friends...I don't know about the dating part. She's just being funny," said Scotty when Lauren playfully told the press to confront him about their status, according to Zap2it. "She's such a sweetheart. We've grown so close. It's a special relationship we have."

Veeeeery interesting.

Pam: No, I'm not surprised by the results. I'm just naive and keep thinking the voting won't turn out this way and it does. With the exception of David Cook which was a total surprise really. I'm very much looking forward to the X Factor. Thanks for reading.
I have to confess. . .I didn't watch a single episode this season, but as always, I love your commentary, Mary, brilliantly done. Yee haw is right.
I quit watching AI, too. When I saw the cheating during the audition process, where very good black singers were rejected, I knew that they were stacking the deck.

Has an Asian or Hispanic ever gotten anywhere with America or the judges?

I suspected some racism from the audience who bothers to vote, and that Simon Cowell influenced the outcomes to favor the singer who would bring him the biggest profits from White teenyboppers.

Randy Jackson is a sellout and Uncle Tom who wouldn't even let the black kids who invented street dancing win his cheesy dance competition.

JLo decidedly does not want a younger version of herself getting anywhere.

Stephen Tyler was the only likable judge...even if he goes all Gary Busey with his comments.

Now a Randy Jackson clone and no black women are doing the same rotten judging on that revolving chair show. It is crap, even if the singers are of a better quality when they start.

But the A Capella competition is a winner with me and I surely hope that it will come back. There was not one bad group on that show.

Good article and rated!
I'm doubled over laughing, great piece on the ultimate Wonderbread white starchy 2011 AmerIdol. And that we were not the only people to recognize Alfred Newman in Scotty is marvelous. We've also been calling him Gomer Pyle due to the over exaggerated drawl and goofy behavior. We didn't watch Idol last night (PBS was better), so thanks for the rundown on the last show.
I'm not surprised that Scotty won. I liked them both.

Who is really going to be the long term winner is Casey. I think there is a group of people out there who will support him to the end, I would by his music. Scotty will have to beat his way to the front of a big crowd.
Even though James lost (I grew to love his tics and quirks), I'm still happy that Scotty won. I love his baritone and he finally stopped making those stupid faces while he was singing. There is no way he's not going to be a star. Couldn't stand Haley, all that bloody growling in every bloody song. I flat out agree, though, that there should be one vote per phone number. And let some of us Canadians vote!
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What a strange season. First, I challenge everyone to listen to the Grand Magnolias and I'll bet you change your mind about Paul - he picked horrible songs that didn't showcase his voice, but well, listen to the album. It's been in the top 200 on i-tunes for several weeks now.

Second, I loved Casey. I will definitely buy his music, but I am hoping someone tells him to let it out big instead of grunting. As in Aaaaaaouuw! like he knows how to do. I can't stop listening to Nature Boy.

James has talent to spare to front a rock band. As a solo, not so sure. Definitely a performer, though, commands the stage.

I basically stopped watching the full episodes once Casey was gone, and just waited for the east coast folks to post the vids three hours before it came on here in L.A.

There are a lot of folks attacking Haley as some sort of she-devil from hell, cold and diva-like. I didn't get that vibe at all. PLEASE stop the growl, tho, Haley. Her voice is strong and clear without that growl. She didn't growl once during those last three songs, and I loved her performances. And the only woman I know of who's taken a Led Zepplin song and actually made it work would be Ann Wilson of Heart.

So we end up with the white bread twins (btw, Lauren said "He might be my boyfriend, or he might not", which means he's her boyfriend - at least in her mind. But not to worry, they won't have sex before marriage).

Glad you got in that statement about Thomas Jefferson. This nation was certainly not founded as a Christian nation. Far from it.

All I know is my favorites didn't get close to winning, and Haley won me over at the end while the other two were very sweet - in the end, "winning" means little once some real producers have heard the contestants in the studio. Those are the folks that will have contracts. So far it's Pia and Haley that have confirmed they have contracts with Interscope (Iovine's company). Sure, Scotty and Lauren will make some albums. I won't hear any of them because it's not my genre.

Oh well. It's still a cool way for people to get heard. And for someone like Casey to even be included, and more of an embrace of all out slamming rock means a change to Idol that might make me tune in next year to do more than slobber over J-Lo's outfits and hair and/or slobber over Steven Tyler (who'd make a sucky boyfriend but is still hot).
BTW, Peggy, you can vote online now. So even if they do "one number, one vote", you'd have to allow more than one person in a house to use the computer and who's to say there aren't 25 people sharing a computer? Just sayin'. I do agree the voting is screwed up, but Pia went home because we all figured she'd get a zillion votes and we wanted to make sure someone like Casey stayed in, since his vibe is more sophisticated and, well, you know the voting public.

I think it's less about tweens (or middle aged folks not liking edgy stuff, really? folks like me weened on Doors, Zepplin, Queen, Joplin don't like edgy stuff? Not ready for muzak quite yet) and more about people figuring someone's got it in the bag and they want to make sure someone less of a "sure thing" stays in.

Pia is beautiful, poised and talented. She wowed me in that way but didn't move me. Yet I figured she was okay so I voted for some others to make sure they stayed. I was sorry to see her go. She might have sung something other than a ballad at some point . . .
you wrote exactly what I was thinking. It came down to a Tea Party Idol night. shudder and I hope some of the really talented young people who were kicked off got contracts...agents must know better!!
I am sooo more inclined to watch Simon and his sidekick booze bag than Randy and the two replacements. Steven Tyler needed to be a tad more perverse and leering, which would have added to the festivities.

But red state american loves good christian critter singing wholesome music than someone who likes like they ought not be touched without sporting a body condom deep throat the microphone while belting out suggestive lyrics slightly off key.

I mean, Courtney Love wouldn't stand a chance on American Idol.