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JANUARY 2, 2011 2:21PM

A Writer's Desk

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 Desk shots 012

I first became interested in writers’ workspaces when I browsed Jill Krementz’s book of photographs entitled, The Writer’s Desk.  In it, she shows us the workspaces of 57 writers from Stephen King to Archibald MacLeish as well as a description by each author about their routines for creating and what they like to wear.  This is a very good idea for an Open Call and I am eager to see the spaces where others work.

krementz desks


My own desk is a discard I bought at a garage sale for forty dollars but it served me well for over twenty-five years as a busy English teacher.  It is situated in the front room of my house that also serves as an old-fashioned parlor.  You cannot see them from this view but there are two built-in cabinets that house some of my library of over one thousand books.  It really is a writer’s library that I am quite proud of because it has everything from Nancy Drew to David Foster Wallace. Yes, I have read most of them. 


I need solitude for writing so the parlor is fine for that.  Music is essential to me when I am writing and the genres vary according to my mood or possibly even subject matter.  There’s my zune that contains all my favorite songs and artists—over three thousand!  I love beautiful things and so I have some of them around me.  There are the three Roseville vases also found at several garage sales, the holy grails of my collecting. 


Desk shots 013 


My 1980 GOP pencil cup, filled with multi colors of Parker Big Red pens, was made by Frankoma pottery.  The fabulous crystal inkwell I found in an old shop in New York last year.  I have a Navajo storyteller figurine that my BFF, a professor of Native studies, gave me for inspiration as well as an Edgar Allen Poe bobble-head that my daughter found one Christmas.  If you were to open the door in the center you would find a glass candy jar with the presidential seal of Ronald Reagan.  It was once filled with Jelly Bellies, a party favor when I worked at the RNC, but now it is filled with an old embroidery sampler that I made long ago and a large plastic fly.


I am a dedicated drinker of tea—black tea—all day long.  Red Rose is the brand and I drink it as stout as others like coffee.  Eating is not something I like to do while writing; also I have found that drinking alcohol doesn’t help at all.  Overlooking me as I work is a framed print by Alphonse Mucha of Calliope, the muse of poetry.


As far as a regimen, I haven’t one.  I am not only a writer but also a fine artist so I do whatever I feel like when I feel like it.  That is a big change for me in the past year because I had been a teacher most of my life and my own projects were put on hold.  Open Salon has been a good place to test the waters and I thank every single one of you who has read my work.  I have learned so much from all of you. 

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a pretty writing space, maryway, and sooo much neater than mine. glad you took the photos and put up the description. oh, and i'm going to look up the book - thanks for that, too.
Beautiful desk. Thrift stores and garage sales are the best furniture stores. Not furniture stores.
Thats some writing area. I would be afraid to write there, I might spill one of my many cups of coffee, strong like your tea. It makes my little are look like Hobo's Corner!
I am laughing because the only reason I was able to post this today-- instead of next week--is that I am Chicana and my mamacita told me if my house was dirty on New Year's Day, it would be dirty all year. I put up lots of loose papers and dusted!
It's a beautiful space full of meaningful things. Can you come and clean mine, now? I mean, since you are so good at making things look nice and all? :)
You have a nice, cosy space, Mary. Thanks for sharin with us.
Everyone is so neat and tidy...
whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)
Lopved this and rated with hugs
I love your space. Thanks for answering the call. That desk is gorgeous. You dusted-I didn't...don't look too closely at my photos! ;)
I love your writing space. I think I would write some great stuff surrounded by order and beauty rather than a jumble of napkins and coffee puddles. If your lamp should ever go missing, well, you will never find me. ;-)
Thanks for sharing!
What a relaxing space... I love it! R
I love that desk!! It's beautiful.
I can't stick around, or I would develop hives - being, as I am, allergic to estrogen in massive quantities. Very pretty!
Now that your desk is all ready for 2011, where do you do your art? I love a creative/messy studio.
beautiful and very neat. are you sure you are not a librarian?
A lovely writing space. ~r
Pretty luxurious digs..I write in the family room, on my laptop on a corner desk (blonde wood, contemporary) and if I didn't find it so much a pain in the ass to take photos and put them up on the web I would send you a shot of it all. Trust me, nothing extraordinary.
Happy New Year!
Mary Way... maryway ...
Let's pause.
I have wanted to Thank You.
I admired a secretary desk.
I built one similar to yours.
I promise to 'cut and paste'
I built a desk for my sister.
It's local wild cherry wood.
I write on a desk of cherry.
It's the same wood `coffin.
I built my Mother's`coffin.
I type at the same `cherry.
I promise to cut & paste?
Maybe so day I will show`
Show a cherry coffin photo.
It is the same-same cherry.
It's (coffin & my desk top),
the harvested cherry Tree.
"I have learned so much
from all of you." Beauty.
Powerful. Take care Yes.
Please keep writing. Yes.
I wandered outside. Yes.
The heavenly skies. Yes.
And please take care.
We all need to care.
We must` Be peace.
Nice pics. My writing space is my lap. :/
Thanks, everyone, for stopping by! And Scanner, all of this swell stuff was found at garage sales--junk no one else wanted. It is indeed my hobo corner.
I LOVE your desk--fabulous tour!
I love the interesting objects you surround yourself with - especially the Poe bobblehead. That caught my eye right away! I'm glad you answered this OC - it's been so fun to see where fellow OSers write!