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Matt Paust

Matt Paust
Gloucester, Virginia,
December 31
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FEBRUARY 11, 2010 10:17PM

If you're not paranoid yet: Shutter Island

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I say this without having seen the movie.  Just knowing that Scorcese and DiCaprio are doing it means that Dennis Lehane's incredibly unsettling novel will be done right.
The novel is so ingenious and so cleverly and masterfully written that I was left literally (and I mean literally) gasping at the end.  I read in bed before going to sleep, and I swear to you  on all that is sacred to me (which doesn't include Congress, SCOTUS, the POTUS or the hokey pokey), that I did not sleep well the night that I read the closing paragraphs of Shutter Island.  It should have been called Shudder Island.
I may not sleep well tonight, either, after having dredged up the memory of this fearful, brain-shrieking. weinie-shrinking story.   Oh, God...boogidyboogidyboogidy, but Lehane has given us a hauntingly horrible vision with which to contend.  Horrible horrible!
Whatever you think of my review, do not read the book first!  Please, in the name of all that is holy!!  If you do, you'll be afraid to see the movie.  I am.

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Now I will read it or bust hell wild open. The book has to be better than the movie, right?
You are a brave woman, Happy.

In this case, Scanner, I would have to say yes. But with Scorcese directing and DiCaprio playing the part of the marshal, it could be a tossup. But Lehane is an amazingly talented writer - Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone - and I think this is his best one yet.
Trying a more cerebral title. Still anal, but a notch up the scale. Eventually we'll hit the right buzzword, won't we, Bunky?
Ah, this is the title, then.
I have been waiting to see this movie for fifty years. May I not die or experience some kind of life-threatening event that forces me away from the theater next weekend.
I'm a skateboarding tree frog, Bonnie. Gecko's are lizards. Yecch.

Fifty years, eh, Delia? You worry me. The movie worries me. The book was bad enuf, but...not sure I can handle the big screen with this one.