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Matt Paust

Matt Paust
Gloucester, Virginia,
December 31
Sorry - writer's block... BTW the "birthday" listed above is false. I prefer to keep that day private, but am not permitted to do so here, so I'm forced to lie.


JULY 15, 2010 10:51AM

Should passive aggressive bullshit should be banned?

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Nah.  Besides, how can you ban nothing?  I mean, were I passive aggressive, I'd pout and sulk but I wouldn't post anything.  I'd show you all, torture you with my silence.   Hmph. Snort.

As my mom used to sing, "I'll eat some worms and then I'll die, and you'll all be sorry that you picked.  On.  Meeeeeee."  Sometimes she'd eat a frog and croak.  Depended on her mood.   It was a joke, folks.  She was telling us about when she was a girl.

My dad, tho, he worked passive aggression in real time.  I was maybe eight or nine, and he'd just finished picking his nose and was rocking in his chair with a glistening string of snot clinging to his finger.  I passive aggressionfetched him a tissue and quietly handed it to him.  He threw it on the floor.  Didn't speak to me for maybe a week.  He'd sometimes go two or three weeks without speaking to us for some imagined slight.  His dad was the same way.  Norwegians.  I'm like that sometimes, too.  I know passive aggression.

It seems that lately on OS "passive aggressive" has become the curse du jour - for some members.  There's periodic talk here of cliques and claques, oldsters versus newsters, elitists versus bottom feeders.  For every mention claiming this situation exists, there's an equal, usually more vehemently stated, denial that this is so. 

Anyone interested in determining the truth can easily do so with a simple post alleging the existence of cliques and claques.  It really helps to mention someone suspected of being a member-in-good-standing of a clique or claque.  One then merely sits back and watches the responses, which may be varied in their assessments of the idea.  However, a certain group invariably hurls the passive-aggressive curse, while denying the existence of cliques and claques.  The really insistent ones add the emphatic "bullshit," to make sure we understand that "passive aggression" is not a good thing.  Some avoided this cliche in comments on my post yesterday, but attacked it for being cowardly or disingenuous or simply as bullshit 

Now I could be coy here and ask that anyone who doesn't know to whom I'm referring check the comments under yesterday's post: Whacky Wednesday: Thundercunt meets Monkey Sue.  But that would subject me to another round of accusations that I'm merely spewing passive aggressive bullshit - as an "I am above this" bottom feeder, as Stellaa suggested - and I don't do tedium especially well.

But I'm in a good mood today, so I'll make it easy for you, by listing the names right here of all those who labeled  me with one or more of the above pejoratives, so you don't even have to click the link to the post, unless you wish to confirm or, possibly, refute.

Here they are then:  Susan Mitchell, Sarah Spykman (the artist formerly known as CK Dexter Haven), Emma Peel, Safe_Bets_Amy, Nanatehay, Trig Palin, Myriad, and Elf Muppet (probly Trig or Nana). 

Clique?  Claque?  Questions?

Uh...I know what some of you are about to type:  "How's come you didn't mention 1_Irritated_Mother?  Afraid of her, huh huh?  Coward?  Nya nya nyaaaaa!"   Well, to answer these serious and maturely expressed questions, of course.  Irritated Ma is one helluva sharp, discerning and brilliantly vitriolic writer.  Anyone with half a brain would be a fool to take her lightly.  But she is also intelligent enuf to know when even a bottom feeder scores a point.  She took issue with my interpretative responses to her post yesterday, but complimented my work with, well, faint praise, but praise nonetheless.  I fear I may be falling in love with her.  


[For further information on passive aggression, please refer to The Straight Dope, from which I also copied the cartoon.]

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If you think those people you just named all like each other, let alone are a clique, you are quite mistaken. If cliques exist on Open Salon, that isn't one of them.
I hesitate to comment, but I thought, "Oh, what the HECK! Why NOT!" Actually there are, let me count, at least six reasons why I probably should NOT, but who cares, right? RIGHT!?!

My preference to not publicly name names (which, yes, I USED to do but decided to fore go it anymore) has resulted in a couple of folks accusing me of being p-a. Oh! and a psychopath. Or sociopath. I get those confused. Oh! and... Well, never mind all that.

Matt. I gotta say, this is pretty funny stuff. Sad in the grain of it, but you've put a fun spin to it.
You've been called a PA too? I think some people confuse the term with decorum. The list of OS terminology I don't know is growing; one of these days I may post a piece asking for input as to what they all mean. ~R~
I think we all have at least a little "passive agressive" in us. I know I do. For the most part, I would much rather communicate with someone and be straight with him even if it's something negative. I believe in adult to adult communication, but have found that most adults don't want, I revert to a child at times.
Did I say that, Kathy? Don't read too much into these things, but I'm certainly delighted that you were willing to clue me in.

Thanks, Kit, you passive aggressive, psychopathic sociopath!

BTW, I intend to limit myself in responding today. My intent yesterday was just to see who lined up where. Today I'll pick and choose, but don't wish to get into a pissing contest with anyone, no matter how provocative they may be. Just sayin'.

And to those of you who remain in good humor and who understand the good humor I'm attempting to convey, thanks for being here.
I didn't use the terms passive aggressive or bullshit. I have been trying to reassure people that nobody dissed Steve Blevins, so no need to get upset about that, and anybody who want to be *cool* or part of the *in group* can do so - despite everyone's contention otherwise, this ain't high school. And that the current bruhaha about meanies is about defending a particular OS member from a really foul attack by another OSer.

When you call this defending an attacked member "a cunt thing", I find that offensive.
I apologize if I misunderstood.
My wife sometimes accuses me of being passive aggressive. If I’m feeling honest I tell her “Nonsense my darling, I’m simply ignoring you. If I were to pay attention to you now, I’d have to find an excuse to not beat you to death”(Before you scream spousal abuse, I say that to all my friends and relatives, including grand nieces and nephews who think I’m quite funny- if they only knew)

Otherwise, I just continue being passive aggressive.
Myriad, you might wanna go back and read the post and comments again. I never called it a "cunt" thing. That was somebody in the comments. To refresh your memory, this is what you said, referring to Stellaa's implication that I am an "above it all" bottom feeder: above-it-all-bottom-feeders ... I wouldn't put it that strongly, but I can dig the sentiment...
I hear ya, Token. I hear ya.
Why continue with the us vs. them meme? It is so tiring.
I like you - we talk - and I disagree with much of what you've been saying.
I don't like certain people who post here, for varying reasons, all founded in an experience I have had with that poster. I'm slow to burn, but when it happens, it is often a permanant blackened zone.. Thus, I avoid them. And yet I end up feeling that my right to not LOVE everyone and give ((hugs)) to everyone is my villification.

Lot's of different issues/posts got conflated. There is a bunch of fools who I mostly love who have a lot of fun in the wee hours. Arriving on one of those threads without any prior knowledge can be akin to smoking pot. But they have the right to banter away - and sick humor also has its place on OS.
I'm tired of the clique of platitudes, to be honest. People are allowed to not like each other and still like a person's writing, or share a common (GASP) fondness for another writer.

The idea of a clique was not formed by people who have been here longer than other people have been here. It was formed by some truly nasty behaviour that has been conveniently swept under the rug. I choose not to forget.

I discovered two great new writers today - I love reading pieces from my favorites - and I don't think we need to all get along.

Read - Write - Comment - Rate. That's the formula.

I defend my right to like you, Matt, even if I disagree with you, as I defend my right to loathe those who really do the P-A thing brilliantly while professing innocence. And Kathy R. is very corrrect in the fact that there is no common link to that group.

((hugs)) xoxo Alison
I see what goes on, it is quite apparent, fortunately or unfortunatly, however you choose to look at it, THEY have little to do with me. Maybe I am too celf-centered to give a rat's ass! lol. I write, I have fun, my intent is to have people feel what I feel, if they don't get it, that is fine. Like my art, some think it sucks, and I have some that go ape over it...that's the intent. As far as content of your opinion on a subject, people need to learn to state their opinions back to you, in a civil way..sometimes it seems some are trying to be hardasses. Just sayin'.
Boy am i glad i have avoided this in my time here since january i am actually pleased i have no ability to know if kathy's right abt the group you named but r. for good writing, matt
I know you're all scared to take on "Steve Blevins"... *if* that is his real name. But I'm not scared.

1. Steve Blevins thinks just because he can write extremely funny blog posts, he doesn't need to fight the good fight in blog wars against the many important blog evils that need to be fought against... Okay, I had a point here. I'll try to remember it.

2. Steve Blevins has a blurry avatar photo. I'm not yet certain what that says about him, but I don't like it.

3. Steve Blevins is from *Oklahoma*, for God's sake. *Oklahoma*... That can't be good.
PA Fuckmuppets, Matt.

I am quite happy that I don't know what anyone is talking about.

Meanwhile, using the label, PA is, in itself, borderline PA. Almost ironic.

I prefer the old fashioned Aggressive, aggressive. So fuck you.
Oh wow! You have enlightened me to some extent, my friend. I did not know that Sarah Spykman was C. K. Dexterhaven. All this time I have been wondering and fretting about what became of C. K. and missing her comments and blog and now I find out she is still here but under a different name. Thanks, now I can stop worrying.

As for the rest....well here's the thing...I have had all the aggression and confrontation in my life that I ever want to have. I don't come here for that. So if you will allow it, I will just wave at ya from the sideline and continue to write boring crap about Almosta Ranch and the life me and Mel are struggling to carve out.

If there are cliques or clacks or quacks I don't care. People just naturally gravitate to others of what. I have my own tiny circle of friends here who I love that my clique? If it is, I don't care. Just let me write what I write and do what I do and if anyone wants to read it, then I'm happy.

Besides, I am so damned dumb I probably couldn't even define that Passive Agressive stuff if you put a gun to my head.

I love ya Matt, and this was rated, but more of this stuff for me. Just let me get back to my little corner of Blogville and write my silly stuff.
Fusun, decorum. Good word. Sometimes in practice hard to maintain when playing to friends and trying to demolish enemies. There's a lot of playfulness here, which sometimes gets misunderstood. I rarely get nonplussed over things people say here, because, for all I know, the people who I think might be trying to nonplus me might be done simply that. Can't blame a cat for sharpening his or her claws now and again. Cats, tho, are usually quite decorous when doing so.

Alison, I try to avoid these beta pimpings, too, but when someone hands me a juicy word such as we all know what we're talking about on a silver tray, I'm simply too weak to resist the temptation to sharpen my claws and try to play it for laffs. Hugs back atcha, Juliet.

Bonnie, you're always a hoot. I say, with as much affection as I am capable of (really quite a lot, come to think of it), bite me, babe. Oh, and I know Ma's post was honoring Steve. But it seemed to me, from the way she presented it and from the fawning comments that followed, that someone - presumably Kit - had egregiously demeaned him. I poked around a tad and could find nothing of the sort. Maybe someone faintly praised him? Wasn't me. I don't even know how to praise faintly, altho I love the concept.

ManTalkNow/Cartouche/Steve Blevins/Trig/Nanatehay/Thoth or Clarkk - I know.
Gee, I thought we invented passive-aggressive in Minnesota.
I love the way you tell it.
David, clique my keister! You and Mel have admirers - a legion of admirers, and well, well-deserved. Thanks for stopping by. Your presence may help me fend-off the jackals, who I can just feel are circling, drooling, circling. **tosses more logs on the fire and checks the breech once again, just to be sure**
RomanticPoetess, you live among Scandinavians? ;-|
I'm not going anywhere with my passive aggression. I've always been a fan of things thinly-veiled. Most of my favorite authors are masters of it.
Certain people I like because of what they write, and for the support they offer me when I (a dumb carpenter) attempt to write. Once upon a time we jokingly were dubbed "the gutter crew." Tink, Nanatehay, Capt. Parrotdead, fireeyes24 and myself. Hell, I even tried selling memberships to our CLIQUE. No takers by the way. But are their cliques? Of course there are. Are there members that irritate the bejeesus out of each of us? Yep. Does time "served" at OS have a thing to do with any of that? Nope...

People come and go around this place. I'll admit to missing Lonnie Lazar... a lot. Denise Montgomery, formally Verbal Remedy is absolutely golden but hardly posts or comments any more. OneirritatedMom and Jodi Kasten are so smart that they scare me sometimes, but delight me too. The list goes on and on Matt. I won't bother to list the ones that peeve me... again, but for what it's worth I apologize for casting you under the passive aggressive bus yesterday (is apologizing passive?).
Trig, it's OK, I believe, to be passive in certain instances, so long as you don't sniff, snort or say (body language counts here) hmph. I may be wrong, but by the gods above and below, I'll not admit it. (BTW, dumb carpenter, my ass - you're one of the keenest writers here, but that's just between us PA dorkgrinders)
Amanda, I love your thinly, compliments.
Thank you, my thinly veiled errr ummmms love you and that carpenter boy.
Sorry for attributing "the cunt thing" to you. I still endorse the "above it all" remark.
I keep saying the same old thing over and over..
I come here to write.
I just do not know how people can be so mean.
Cliques, non cliques, whatever.
It is all so Grade 9
thank you.
rated with hugs
That's cool, Myriad, and I really can't disagree with you. While I'd certainly love to be above it all all the time, the only way I can feel that way is to set a trap and then laff at those who take the bait. Cheap thrills - what's not to like?
Just like in high school, I said "HELLO!" to everyone, from Freshmen to Seniors, "Stoners" to "Jocks" to "Band Geeks" (and I always hated those labels). I didn't notice who liked whom or any of those details; I was kind and enjoyed those who were kind in return. Simple.

Here on OS, I seriously can't keep track of all that, so I have been completely silent. There is even no precise reason as to why I chose to comment here except that, well, I'm here...

So...... "HELLO!"
@Trig: Don't you dare go denigrating yourself as a mere "dumb carpenter", mister! You're a fine writer with a suitably screwed-up brain.

Besides, I remember a story about another "dumb carpenter" from long ago. At first, people didn't take that "dumb carpenter" seriously. They dismissed him.

But, eventually, he changed the world. That "dumb carpenter" became the man we now know as "Harrison Ford".
No. No banning. Anything. Just let it all out there and go where you feel most comfortable. I hate bans on anything. Just sayin'
Pretending to be neutral as you did in your post yesterday while clearly favouring YOUR clique is what earned you the passive aggressive label, Matt or whatever you other id is. I can't remember since I, and most of the people you mentioned in your "line 'em up against the wall and shoot 'em" list, only have one.

Nobody gets to be above it all and still take sides, although it's something you and Kit and a few others try to do on a regular basis at OS. When you get called out for it, all of sudden you become victims of the"clique." Although I did say that you are passive aggressive, I also said that apart from that I liked your post yesterday. It IS possible to not like one aspect of a person's post and still like the rest of what they write or even them, something you and yours do not seem to be able to grasp. It's either a 100 per cent love in, or the "clique" has attacked you again. Real writers can accept that not everybody loves everything they do, just as real adults accept that not everybody on the planet has to like them. It is absolutely fine with me that some people here don't like me or my writing. It's the way of the ADULT world.

As for decorum, I am all for manners and civility. However, I find it quite interesting that the people who are so insistent on decorum above all else rush to protect their friends who time and time again have NOT been decorous, and there are literally hundreds of public examples of this, never mind private. Then of course they say that they were provoked. But here's the thing: you are either a decent human being or you are not. Provocation has precious little to do with it. There is hardly anyone at OS who hasn't behaved badly at least once and some of us are able to own the responsibility for that. We all make choices, and the adults among us don't blame others for those choices.
I think you have a lot of lint in your navel.
Why did I get a bold name and others got an underline? Were you just alternating for visual effect? Bold feels like a bigger honor, so don't take that as a complaint.
It is laughingly apparent that LOTS of folks enjoy dustups, flame wars, and shit storms, otherwise why all the ongoing posting and commenting, right? I, for one, am standing up in favor of a righteous airing of any and all opinions, passive-aggressive commentary, and funny as hell comment strings that take things so far over the top I lose sight of what it was we were looking at. Please DO carry on, I've just made a fresh bowl of popcorn ::pulls up a chair and shoves in a handful::
Sarah Spykman is C. K. Dexterhaven?
So I or Trig are Eff Muppet? Sorry Matt old boy, wrong again. I've given up expecting any sort of accuracy from you though. Keep droning on about cliques though, and speculating (incorrectly) about the motivations of people who disagree with you, it seems to have become your calling. You say you don't do tedium particularly well, but this post puts the lie to that claim. You're a master of it.
What the fuck? I thought Cary Grant was C.K. Dexter Haven. Are you saying that Cary Grant is Sarah Spykman, too?

BTW: I am not Thomas Pynchon. Obviously.
Susan, I was in bold too. It means we're particularly egregious offenders in Matt's eyes; I view it as an honor. I'll PM you and Emma the new secret handshake and decoder ring immediately.
Stellaa, stop gloating about getting your own paragraph dammit, it weakens the Clique when you get that way.
Damn you, Emma! You stole my point and then said it better that I ever could have, you bitch! (bitch = secret "clique" compliment)

I for one have no problems at all for calling you on your passive aggressive shit, yesterday. It was. If it walks like a duck (Ambiguous and cryptic), swims like a duck (utter victimization) and quacks like a duck (obvious psychological manipulation), it's a duck.

Now I know, and you have previously have made it exceptionally clear , that you don't like me. I'm a big girl and I am fine with that. I also know that you got all het up when I called you on your several instances of homophobic and misogynistic comments. Yesterday/today is just another case of that. After making sure that we damn well knew your "neutral" bona fides as a "retired news reporter" you proceeded to editorialize based upon your own opinions and biases. Also in your "guise as a experienced news reporter" you proceeded to get your facts wrong / warp them to fit your premise.

I can see why you'd get all pissed off if you got caught indulging in yellow journalism, dude. I would too. But the difference is, I would admit that I indulged in it, while, instead, you are busy pointing your finger at the "cliques", the "mean people" and "elitists".

So, once again, bullshit.

P.S. Oh, and quack back at'cha, dude. Nice feathers and web feet you got there...
Whoever Eff Muppet is, is way more clever than I. I do admit however to being ManTalkNow. He is my (used to be) secret anti-Stellaa persona.


ManTalk can write circles around most, myself included.. but thanks for the kind words.
Damn, I love meta
Well. Hello to my special friend Linda (she always hugs and her heart knows no malice - that I can find, anyway) and to those who appreciate my efforts at poking fun at pretension, wherever it might lurk.

And then there's Emma. I know, I know, I know...I do? Umm...oh, of course I should point the poking finger at myself! I knew that then and I know it now. It's hard to do, tho. Especially when one is as hypocritical, not to say hypercritical and potentially passive aggressive, as I most definitely can be. I mean, it's a shame, really. It's my cross to, load to carry, defect to work on diligently, etc. I should have known from the get-go that I could never fool you or Sarah or the other shrewd readers who quickly pierced my thinly veiled screed that I was...gasp...neutral. But, try I did, and now I must live it. Neutral...gasp... Holy shit, maybe I was trying to fool myself! Ya think?

ABlonde, wondered where you'd been. That's OK, don't tell me! This is the funniest thing you've said that I've read, ever. I'm sure you're funny all the time, but I always have such a hard...time tearing my eyes away from the boobs you use as your avatar. Please tell me you're not really Stellaa!

Susan, you don't suppose it might be because I have a thing for you, do you? ;-|

Lordy, but this is fun.
I am in love with 1_Irritated_Mother, as well.

Put in a good word for me, would ya?
Dammit! I wanna be in bold too! Nana, you elitist dick weasel! You asked him to do that didn't you! It's because I'm queer isn't it, you fat, hairy piece of crap! Hmmph!

P.S. I am personally pleased that the leader of the House of Stellaa clique got her own paragraph. She deserves it. She's wonderful. (She has the keys to the freezer that has the Häagen-Dazs!)
Gabby Abby, are the comments on this post supposed to be one of those "funny as hell comment strings that take things so far over the top I lose sight of what it was we were looking at"? Because it just doesn't seem worthy of that description. It's a little mundane, I think.

Stellaa, it was not lost on me that you got your own special, separate mention, beyotch. That's OK. I'm still honing my skills. I'll outrank you in our elitist clique one of these days!
@ Susan, what can I say? I'm easily amused. I'm here aren't I? along with the rest of you...being amused.
Jeff, methinks thou the hell does this, oh, yeah...shit, I forget. Get over it, bubba. Jump in. The water's fine. I don't give a fat kahoot if you're in a clique or a claque or a klub or a klan, but the words are fun to type and even say out loud. But it IS funny, tho, and even you must admit, that only the same small group of people keeps calling me names while everybody else rates me or hugs me or eggs me on or, in some way, let's me know they're laffing at all of this, too. Hey, even your brother gets it.

Frank, what the hell you trying to do, stir up shit?? I'd expect as much from Pynchon, but...YOU???

Nick, I almost missed you. Fuck you, too, bubba!

Harrison Ford has bad breath (so the gossip columnists say, not that I especially care).

Not like you, Amy? You're joking! Misogynistic homophobic passive aggressive lying hypocritical humorless turd that I am, not like YOU? You're pretty shrewd, I'll give you that.
There is a meeting of the Lonely Hearts Club at 7:00 pm tonight in the parlor room. Everyone is expected to attend whether you like each other or not. We have an important question to resolve.

“It's wonderful to be here,
It's certainly a thrill.
You're such a lovely audience,
We'd like to take you home with us,
We'd love to take you home.
I don't really want to stop the show,
But I thought that you might like to know,
That the singer's going to sing a song,
And he wants you all to sing along.
So let me introduce to you
The one and only Billy Shears
And Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band.”

So is Billy Shears alive or dead? We simply must bring some closure to this. The future of OS and possibly the free world depends on it.
You are indeed here Gabby. Be careful though, by Matt's definition that means you're in The Clique. Lord knows you don't want that;)
All hail Grif, our long-hidden leader, our ace in the hole, the AMAZING BILLY SHEARS!
I agree with Trig's self-assessment (in parentheses) in his first comment.

well, a troll comes and shits in the comments, I'm going to defend the people I read (whether they consider me friend or not). If that is bad behavior on my part- I don't care and am not going to change it.

and I have to admit that the late night crew are funny as hell
Oh great, now I have to go back and look at what I wrote for serious analysis because I can't remember if it was passive, aggressive or just plain snarky. Why do you put me through this?
D'Art, I would, buddy, but she and I aren' the moment...ah, at some point, absolutely!

Monkey! Thank gawd the cavalry's arrived. Nick of time, too. But I should warn you, the wrappers are off the marshmallows. Some of them are stale and they sting.

Amy, dear, Nana and I aren't especially tight at the moment. Had he asked me to bold you, tho, I most likely would have done the opposite. Sorry, but that's just the kind of thing, shit, do I hafta remember all those self-derogatory adjectives again...petty assholes are wont to do.
@ Nana, I'm not part of the clique, I AM the damned clique!
OK, so I went back and read what I wrote. Damn customers inturrupting me so I have to speed post and don't have time to check my spelling!

Plus you said you weren't one of the kool kids, bad news, if you get more than 30 comments you are one. Bwa ha ha ha, you are a cool kid nanny nanny nanny.

Was that too aggressive? I'm sorry, I should really take a month off to think about it.
@Trig Palin: I am *not* anti-Stellaa, you dumb carpenter.

I am anti-Steve Blevins (who's hiding his real persona until he reveals his evil true self); I am anti- pastel suits; I am anti- pro-life (except in the case of the death penalty, in which case I am pro- anti-death penalty); I am anti- antique furniture (I prefer modern, manly, leather stuff you can be bad on); and I am anti-vegetarian.

And I am pro-Stella; pro-gay marriage and divorce; pro-protein (nearly raw, please); pro-provocative clothing on women; pro-protean writers; pro-profit; and profoundly pro-prophylactics.
Grif, spell me for a spell, buddy? You can even hijack the thread. My fingers need a break.

Julie, don't tell me the "nite crew" is yet ANOTHER clique???

CrazeCzar, I'm afraid we're gonna hafta disagree to agree.

Because you're there, Ocular, because you're there. And because they can, Ocular, because they can. (Is this the start of a villanelle?)
Is posting a blog on passive aggressive behavior, passive aggressive behavior?
So, Abby, if you're the clique, how come you're not dissing me? Are are the others just jealous?

Ocular, that was pretty aggressive. It rocked me back on me heels and I'm still dizzy.

MTN/Steve Blevins/Trig/O'Really, I've narrowed it down, see? Clarkk woulda got too confused halfway thru that comment and Nana's still too pissed off to exhibit such levity. I replaced Cartouche with O'Really because I could.
It's Thursday afternoon, not Saturday night - what's the matter with you people.
You damned right it is, Rob. BOINGBOINGBOINGBOING - You just said da magic woid and you win da prize!
I am very grateful that at 14 days short of 58 yrs ago I was given " a life". 99% of which allows me to be offline helping people with real issues. Thank you Mom! Matt, PA or not you are who you are and that's all anyone can be. I like that...I like you. Are there cliques here or merely same mind sets that take on the appearance of a cliquish nature? I believe there to be both. Who is who to whom is lost on me in the clique sense. Who is who to whom in the mind set is a bit more apparent to me. This isn't a "community." Communities work together to assure their living environment is safe and rewarding. This is a cul de sac where the guy next door puts up a fence to keep the neighbors cat from pissing in his yard then gets angry when the neighbor calls the dog warden because the fence guys dog is loose. Reactions to actions and each neighbor standing firm in their reason behind their actions. So who is right? The dog dude or the pissing cat owner? Both according to their own set of standards. And standards vary quite a bit here. so...if you hate pissing cats, put up a fence. If you hate roaming dogs get them leashed. Otherwise you've got one big ass cat pissing dog fight. I'd wager on the dog but I've seen far to many pissing contests here to make that a firm call. ~r

1. Once more, with feeling - everybody: "MTN writes a banal blog." This is true, verified, and considered scientific fact by 9 out of 10 scientists, OS members and beekeepers. I suspect The Judge would call it "documented".
2. That's okay.
3. I remember you got a little mad when I posted a response to your comments. But I was right and you were wrong.
4. I am a difficult person to stay mad at.
5. As frustrating as it may be to accept, you can't stop me from liking you.
6. I like you. :P
7. And I put this in the form of a list, which I know irritates you.
where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain
And the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet
When the wind comes right behind the rain.

Ev'ry night my honey lamb and I
Sit alone and talk and watch a hawk
Makin' lazy circles in the sky.

We know we belong to the land
And the land we belong to is grand!
And when we say
Yeeow! Ayipioeeay!
We're only sayin'
You're doin' fine, Oklahoma!
Oklahoma O.K.

-For Steve Blevins
The best part is the "hmph. snort."
...and here I thought there wasn't a catch phrase of the passive-aggressive ones....
MTN, you're my new favorite commenter.

Mama, can we keep him? C'mon, he followed us home. Puhleeeease?

Matt, you're my new favorite moron on OS. Keep up the good work!
@ Stellaa - I said it before and I'll say it again, how can you be "mad at" MTN? ( I said bitchy with MTN the first time I said it and you got all....hmm huffy about being bitchy... I don't know how these things go, most folks I know get bitchy three times a hour and we don't hold a grudge, but sometimes people get offended as you did. I want to spice things up a little here, you said it was getting mundane.
Matt, I love MTN and everybody knows it. I also follow Tink around quite a bit. You, just a little but you're getting more interesting. As for the girls, I spread the love out as evernly as I can. Women can get testy about these things, as we may be about to see...
Oh, and Stellaa, I like you too.
::) but I can't spel or pounctuate,,, todya( ::
I love your analogy, Dee, but the cat's already been here, TINKled and wandered off. I would add to your examples that the so-called "cliques" are more like families in a cul de sac. Family members scratch and bite each other, but woe be unto any moron so clueless as to offend anyone in that family.

MTN, your pretending to "like" Stellaa sounds disingenuous to me (it's all in the tone) which, by some arbiters of discourse here, would make it passive aggressive. I hesitated before typing passive aggressive, but was too lazy to use elipses to indicate the hesitation. But don't for one second think that I am defending Stellaa, who is quite capable of looking out for herself, thank you kindly and a day.

Gosh, Linnn, I do love that song. I wish you'd have posted a link to a recording of it, perhaps by Jonathan Winters doing his Gordy MacRrae. Really doesn't matter, tho, because now I can't get it out of my mind...OHHHHHHHHH-OAK-la-ho-ma...

JT, do you think maybe you think too much?
Abby, if you're following me, then I've made it, right? I'M IN!!!!!

[closing comments]
*raises hand*
i have a question about all this talk of civility & decorum...

does that mean its ok for me to tell you to go to hell as long as i do so with beautiful poetic language that makes you look forward to the trip?

cuz ya know... i can do that.

and i hope MTN is not Trig Or Nana, cuz that really screws up the 3 guys 1 girl fantasy i have about them.
"Family members scratch and bite each other, but woe be unto any moron so clueless as to offend anyone in that family"

Family!!! Time to call Uncle Tony....they call him T- Shot. There's only room for one family on this block
@ Matt, you had your foot in the door and the other one in the air....buuuut then you closed comments, so no.

Considering I pride myself on being a Clique of One ::preen:: your chances really weren't so good anyway.
lorianne, my dear, I'm afraid you have your formula hopelessly messed up. You simply can't put more than one gent on one lady. Don't you know the risks, woman?

Now, reverse the ratio and you've got something. And, possibly, my phone number. ;)
MTN, such a wolf dog. Are you trying to rile Stellaa? (because she seems pretty unflappable today for some reason)
Her mind was obviously on potatoes and Greek olives...
Stellaa, you're a laff a minute. I've never told you that?

Whattaya mean, Abby? Who do I hafta fight??? Oh, and I was just closing comments to Damion Chaplin, whose intellect intimidates me.

O'Really, you're getting a tad too kinky here. This is a family thread.
I'm a PA. I became one about ten years ago. It is great for taxes ... but you first have to be a P. I think Steve Blevins may be one, too. Doctors often are.

Damn it's dusty in here. Smells a little like gas, too ... must be the ANALytical talk. Can someone puleeeze open a window?

Why the heck do so many people keep assuming I'm cartouche or some other woman?

It's got to be the lavender background on my avatar...
craze-czar is a wise, yet repressed asshole (I mean dude). Write something CRAZE!!!
AND I get lorianne FIRST.
passive aggresive?

Let me put this oft-reported rumor to bed, once and for all. I am not Stellaa.

I am having a mad passionate affair with Damion Chaplin so I can't be Stellaa because, as EVERYONE knows, she is his mother, and that would be just sick.

Get a grip people.
You trying to tell us that Stellaa is you and Damion Chaplin? Holy shit (oops, sorry, Damion), but that is...unexpected.

And I'm still trying to analyze how I know MTN is LC Neal or O'Really. I'd toss Scanner into the mix, but Bonnie would kill me.

I'll admit, I'm at a loss. Discombobulated. Slipping into denial...
Oh law. The trolley has jumped the track, and dinner's calling....
AND I get lorianne FIRST

Too late, dude!

*polished my fingernails on my shirt while exhibiting a self-satisfied smirk!*
P.S. I confess. I am ablonde.

(but my mad passionate affair was with Stellaa, not Damion like I just said... that would have been incest)
I love you all, like the family I never wanted. Everyone is a brother or sister or both in this family, we have no papa as he left for some cigs back in 1982 but never came back. We have a mama, she's cool but don't piss her off or she'll scratch your eyes out, she always down at the welfare office trying to prove that the new kid she got is part of the family.

Gotta love the welfare cheese!!!!!!



Man, this has to be one of the worse flair ups ever, there hasn't been a single mention of donkey ball suckers except from Tink!!!

I miss Doctor Amy. She use to tell nana to go suck off a donkey!!!

And the Gutter Krew as a whole.

You can't ban this one, she has Mommy the Editor on her side. R

@ Stellaa

None of you haters rated this post. You guys are are just here to make light of it. And you are are not laughing, you are all sick with hate.
Careful, Judge, they control the appellate courts. Best to work extra-judicial with these guys.
Any ideas on how to get footprints off the hood of a car?
Is that a trick question?
. . . uh . . . hehehehe
I am totally sickened by the haters who refuse to rate.
I would be if I gave a shit,, a big shit, that is. But pettiness can be fun to watch. Beats television.
I think Lady Miko meant footprints off the headliner of her car.
yeah! and i'm staying out of it too!
'cept for dropping in to say i'm staying out of it... or if my name gets mentioned (*fingers crossed*)... or if somebody else doesn't step up to the damn plate and fight over being first with that lousy carpenter (thank you Amy, i love you & you were fab! call me...)

oh & im deleting all my posts...starting with the ones nobody has read. when i'm all done with that i'm going out to the garden to eat some worms (note to nanna & trig & mtn yes that IS a euphemism).
There! now can i please be in a cliquetyclack? pretty please?
Well, in that case, I'd leave 'em up there. Souvenirs.
You can't want to be in one, Lorianne. Don't you remember from high school? You've got to not want to be in one, then they'll be falling all over you. It's in the book.
It sure is nice to be a out of the fat for a change. I love it. My name not mentioned in one dust-up. Yes, those days are over. Lessons learned and all that. Now, gotta go, I'm having my bible study over to talk about you heathens.
I confess. Scanner is really Matt Paust.

(You didn't REALLY think you'd get to stay out of it, did you??? ;~) )
the only click i'm aware of is the sound my remote control makes... oh, you mean clique.
just couldn't let that one go, could ya Bonnie?
Bible study, eh, Scanman? Put in a good word for me, huh?

Pretty damned smart, for a woman. Amy.

Chuck, I haven't read your testicular bungee jumping post yet. Kinda afraid to, actually. Is this something Amy put you up to?

Don't be a mean girl, Bonnie.
Yeah, Trig, but she rated, so she gets a pass. Purely mercenary here. I've been co-opted.
None of you haters rated this post. You guys are are just here to make light of it. And you are are not laughing, you are all sick with hate.
The Judge
July 15, 2010 04:50 PM

Yeah, Trig, but she rated, so she gets a pass. Purely mercenary here. I've been co-opted.

I'm seeing parallels here Matt.. just sayin'
Purely mercenary here. I've been co-opted.

In the name of equality and for the sake of honesty, let say it as it is: You're a whore.
Accurate in what way Bonnie? By making an unfounded insinuation? That's not accuracy; it's just being a demented, spiteful old harridan.
Well, I will rate you Matt for two reasons: a) you have Norwegian heritage and my mother is Norwegian b) you put my name in bold.

You seem to think that a "clique" is the worst thing anyone could possibly be a part of, and yet yourself are part of a clique. I could give a damn if you are or you aren't, what bothers me is your refusal to just say I belong to one and I am defending my friends. Instead, you pretend to be neutral when your actions show clearly that you are not. Not sure why you just can't admit it? I don't belong to a "clique," at least not knowingly. I have had disagreements with many of these women and have infrequent contact with most of them. So not sure how that makes me part of anything. I absolutely admit that I call shit, or passive aggressive, when I see it, no matter who is writing it.

And one more question. How come Ablonde was left off your list?
(as per Triggy-Pal's request at 3:59 PM)

"something CRAZE!!!"

Not sure why you wanted that, but I'm a nice guy so I thought I'd obliged.
Thought I said "write something" C-Czar. Been a while since you posted... longer since that you had comments open. I'm kinda glad you dislike me though.
What happened? Oh yeah, Drew~Silla insulted you at my post, and I insinuated we should play ping-pong, winner getting the rights to the other's ass over the table. For the record, I wasn't serious about the possibility of homosexual acts between us. I was kidding... and stuff.
Not sure why you wanted that, but I'm a nice guy so I thought I'd obliged.

You're part of a clique now you know.

P.S. Documented. Go ahead and add his name to your list, Matt.
Jayzuz, these are some tuff damned questions.

First, Amy, I had hoped we could handle this delicately, but as you seem determined to out me, OK. Whore. I am. Wow, I really do feel better now. Thanks.

Jeff, that'll do. Bonnie's a sweetheart. She's in my clique. So is Scanner. They're just practicing, as kittens practice fighting for the real world. That's all it is. I'm pretty sure.

Emma, thanks for the rate. I can sleep tonite. The other answers are no, no, yes, no and probly not. I'll explain: I don't give a good cahoot about cliques or claques or who might be in them or not. As I just confessed to Amy, I'm essentially a blog whore. I seize interesting ideas should they pop up in front of me and promise to deliver me from the agony of going postless for more than a couple of days. Ann's fortuitous post of Tuesday with the unforgettable word that leaped out at me was one such instance of manna from heaven, so to speak.

My luck continued with the Pavlovian reaction to my tongue-in-cheek post and the refrain, "passive aggressive," which presented me with the silver opportunity I exploited today in this very post. The word "bullshit" was a serendipitous bonus, and the concept of neutrality was a morphing of misconceptions borne of my failure to qualify my satiric riffs with (ha ha) to obviate the kind of doubts that evidently erupted into the common consciousness of certain parties who responded to my siren call.

ABlonde was off the list because, unless I was distracted from her message by her avatar, didn't diss me in the direct way that those whom I did list did. If I somehow missed her diss, assuming for the sake of argument that she did one, I hereby bow to the gods of forgiveness for yet another blazing example of my pathetic frailty. Thanks again for the rate. With your gracious consent, I'll return you to my holiday card mailing list.

Like that Clique de Soleil thangy? Am I gonna have to learn to do cartwheels or somethin' and get dressed-up in tights?

Naaa ... I'll pass.
Thanks, Amy, I almost missed that one. Which clique is Craze on again?
But Matt, I'm dying to know.

Are you the Judge? If so, I owe Thoth an apology!

Jeez I'm ferkin' snarky tonight.
Me? I can hardly keep up with being me and Clark. I thought the consensus was that Thoth was our judicial mediator. The real question, however, is is Cartouche really Thoth, or vice versa? Remember she never thanked him for the charming and elaborate birthday post to her last summer, which revealed intimate details none us had known. I assumed she was simply too preoccupied or weary to log out as Thoth and back in as Cartouche. The process can be tedious without stimulants. And that was before we knew she was fielding O'Really and ManTalkNow. The woman must look like Liberace when she's pounding her keyboards.
This from the guy who says I or Trig are Eff Muppet. You know everyone better than they themselves do Matt, or at least you think you do.
Well, Jeff old buddy, I've narrowed it down to Trig. So you're off the hook.
Still barking up the wrong tree Matt. I'd tell you when you start getting warmer, but then I'd have to kill you.
Well, I guess it's hardly worth it then. Altho I can't imagine going to my grave without ever knowing.
get jiggy with the mean girls

Stellaa you might have that evil, zombie Borg, Cool-Ade induced mind control thing going with all of us, but there IS a line even we won't cross!

Here's a response of sorts for you...
I can't stay up that late, Hotlips.
If PA behavior were banned, the planet would be mostly empty. R
Did you have somebody specific in mind, Natalie? C'mon, be direct! ;-|
I was direct. I thought. Now I'm all confused! :-)

I meant that most humans naturally exhibit, engage in, passive-aggressive behavior. I think it is probably some form of self-protection. In any case, if passive-aggressive attitude or behavior were "banned," I think a whole lot of real estate would "fairy wand sound" PING! Suddenly become available.
Just kiddin' There are some here to whom passive aggression is down there with snoring and making armpit farts. For them redemption comes only from shouting "FUCK YOU" in somebody's face. It's the curse du jour.
Hearing "Fuck You!" with along with the sound of a fairy wand might be cool...
I respect someone who shouts "FUCK YOU" ten times more than I do prevaricating, mealy-mouthed, manipulative, snide little fucknuts who specialize in the art of passive aggression. I'm just sayin...
"Anyone with half a brain would be a fool to take her lightly."


Anyone with half a brain would be a fool.

So how would two passively aggressive people go at it?

They'd just sit there and glare at each other until one of them catches fire.

Then the other would come over and piss on 'em.

Not out of concern of course, just to avail themselves of the opportunity.
As I read this and a few other related posts I realize that even though I'm a fairly active participant on this site, I somehow avoid a lot of the conflicts. It's not that I don't like to read about them (I do) but I guess I avoid commenting on most of them because I don't want to suddenly read that I'm in a clique. Which is odd I guess because when I was in junior high I would have killed to be in a clique... any damn clique:)
Ablonde is definitely in the clique. And the claque. She's a cliquey chick. And hip.
Soylent Green is *people*. I'm just sayin'...
Mr. E, too bad you're not Ms. E or I would seriously consider making an offer, as humor sits near the very pinnacle of my list of qualifications for love material.

Roger, from what I hear, cliques are not all their claqued up to be.

I've heard that, Kathy, and now, with your endorsement I just might look this lady up, and down...and up again. I know she can be funny, which as I've mentioned somewhere before, is important to me.

I figured if anyone here would figure that out it would be you, MTN.
Sometimes I wonder wtf is going on here and where everyone gets all the time to keep up with it. Cliques? There are cliques?

That makes me feel like I'm butting in so I'll just go replace the dryer vent. (Bigger job than you might think.)