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Matt Paust

Matt Paust
Gloucester, Virginia,
December 31
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MARCH 24, 2012 8:55AM

First dogwood at dawn

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Feeding the chickens this morning I noticed these dogwood buds had just opened.  Went back in and got the camera, and when I started to frame the photo I saw some redbud blooms in the background.  Put me in a Eastery mood.  



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I hope we get back to NH in time. It has been so warm there, I am afraid that ours will be through blooming. Thank you for sharing this blossom.
Good photography! I was just out a few minutes ago capturing the glow of the sun via my flowers that are sitting on my deck. I'll probably post them later.....
Outstanding... it's supposed to snow again tonight and into tomorrow morning, maybe I walk up the road and see if the dogwoods have blossomed yet.
Something I miss so much about your part of the world. Beautiful. Thank you.
Spring time images are always so fragile and there lies its beauty
Awesomely, simply beautiful for all the hope it symbolizes.
I know they don't last long--thanks for catching them before they're gone.
Yes . Nice .
When I first began reading @ Salon . . .
Garrison Keilor blogged like you did . . .
One Sunday I commented ref: Dogwood.
I innocently mentioned beagle Dog Hound.
You know . . . the racoon bark Grates Loud.
Honest - I got a Salon Pop Up -

"Something went wrong."

I am not teasing one bit.
The comment was deleted. Honest
I do not Believe Garrison did delete
I have the volunteer Mountain Rose
Yesterday the Rosebud Tree Bloomed
I'm out of here. Thanks. I am serious.
I saw this on FB and thought it was grand but this makes it even nicer..
Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
When I am in staying in town, I always take my walk passed a particular house this time of year. On both sides of the front walk, crocus--like soldiers, standing side by side, all in uniform, all reaching tall towards the sun. Easter indeed.
My yard is beautiful right now. Another week and the dogwoods will be if full bloom and along with the read, pink and white azaleas, I can sit in my swing and play my guitar and kill everything within hearing distance!
The dogwoods are blossoming! Safe to plant the crops...?...
I have a safe spot in the nearby woods for this yr's crop...
Say, did you know
Christian tradition claims the dogwood
as the tree used to make the cross?
In response to Jesus's death on one,
God permanently stunted the growth
of the dogwood species to prevent them ever
again being used for the same purpose.
True fact!
Lovely picture. We just had a big rain that deflowered all the early blooming magnolias. Luckily, dogwood and redbud remain.
some gorgeous winter !

Lovely! Nice eyes and beautiful nature around you lucky you
Gorgeous photo! Thank you.