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December 30
I am a Canadian academic. I have been wandering, and have settled in Hong Kong. I find that Open Salon draws me in, using time and energy that I need for my regular work. I stay away from months at a time, but I come back.


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APRIL 23, 2010 7:22AM

Gingrich on Orwell's socialism

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Newt Gingrich wrote to day in the Washington Post:

""Socialist": Creating czar positions to micromanage industry reflects the type of hubris of centralized government that Friedrich von Hayek and George Orwell warned against."

 How on earth does he manage to not know that George Orwell was a socialist?  He was of course anti-Soviet, but then nearly all socialists were.


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he he. you make me laugh.

And Orwell wasn't just a socialist, he was pragmatic and a skeptic and suffered no fools, even among socialists.

Newt is a pseudo-intellectual, like me. I guess the difference is, I know it, work on it, fine-tune my abilities, distrust my assertions, and realize I am no scholar. Plus most days I am less of a gasbag know-it-all.
Funnier than Newt missing the Orwell/socialist connection is his apparent ignorance of Hayek.
Hayek approved of things like minimum income and socialized healthcare insurance.
Yes, those are social programs, but aren't socialism.
He also disapproved of socialism from either party - centralized planning of the economy by government, or by a select few wealth interests through government.

If Newt were more informed, but remained unenlightened, he'd denounce Hayek as a socialist.
Hayek, being both informed and enlightened, would "rightly" accuse Newt of being a socialist.

Newt is a babbling joke.
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