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I've waited over fifty years for this moment to arrive, and it's finally MY turn to hold court. Yes, I'd long ago envisioned myself a foreign diplomat to Latin America. I'd be utilizing my beloved second tongue, attending august functions and carrying a document-laden briefcase filled with new treaties. I'd attend important meetings, dine at state functions, and bring North American ideas and ideals to our Spanish-speaking neighbors to the South. Unfortunately, the State Department hasn't seen fit to tap me on the shoulder, the Obama Administration hasn't called me for an appointment, and I haven't the inclination to play party crasher to any White House events. (Truth be told, I never applied to the State Department, bare no political label and would really hate having to wear those boring navy suits again.) At this point in my life, I'm far more inclined to attend the gala in my own fashions, speak for myself rather than an institution, and make my mark trading pithy comments with world leaders over dinner. (Besides, my Latin dance moves might not jive with official State protocol.) That said, it's now time for me to advance my own words with my version of Foreign Policy. Let's just say I'm advancing the Policy of Truth and Good Humor. Welcome to my Salon - so glad you could come!


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FEBRUARY 3, 2011 11:25AM

A Passion For Publishing

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We've all got a passion for something - that internal fascination that pulls at us, pumps us up, and provides us with positive energy that fuels our individual identity and existence.  One of my passions is publishing and I've enjoyed a lifelong love affair with this brightly golden gem.

A quick recap of's definition.  A Publisher is one who proclaims publicly; announces formally; promulgates for distribution; and declares in an official or formal manner. The description pretty much sums me up and provides cool evidence of my lifelong passion for publishing.  Here's a quick review of how, over the past 50 years, my passion for publishing has grown from tiny little candle to its current, megawatt status.      

As a preschooler, I sat daily beside my grandfather's legal secretary, watching intently and probing politely as she tapped rapid-fire upon the green-capped keys of her Royal manual typewriter.  

As a pre-teen, I purchased a How To Type book and taught myself to peck away over the summer.  Applying myself to constant, repetitive drills (at that very same Royal typewriter,  I might add), I developed finger strength and dexterity and used this exciting new skill earning temporary income as a clerk/typist.  

As a student, I gained limited celebrity manually scribing copious class notes on unlined paper with near-precision leveling, the contents of which faithfully reconstructed  the information and spirit of my instructors in near verbatim style. The note-taking ability was appreciated by fellow classmates who, either unable to read the pages of their own notes or not having taken any notes at all, were quickly illuminated into borrowing  mine.

As a high school teen, I stoked my passion for publishing by conducting interviews and writing articles for our high school newspaper.  By senior year, I added editorial writing to the mix, having been appointed editor of the periodical aptly named The Lighthouse.            

As a college student, my embers of interest met both opportunity and financial rewards. During mid-terms and finals, I charged $1 per page to convert sketchy ink handwriting from fellow undergrads into officially acceptable typewritten text. Editing became an unintended part of  my services, as I couldn't resist improving upon spelling, grammar and punctuation.

As a graduate student, I moonlit as editor of a national executive search newsletter. Living in the NY Metro area and surrounded by some of the world's biggest headquarters,  I  conducted C-level interviews at top Fortune companies with some of the brightest executives, then conveyed their philosphies to a coast-to-coast readership.  

I won't bore you with the my next 30 years of publishing particulars. What's important to note is that regardless of time, circumstance or locale, I've remained connected and faithful to  this beloved art of communication. 

As Publisher at New Vision Entertainment, LLC, I currently publish a perfectly rhyming preschool series found under and other sites of interest. Inky can be found in written, audio, DVD and mp3 formats with Inky's ebooks looming on the horizon.

I also co-write and publish of all kinds of smart sports satire through the voice of, an animated and opinionated microphone aptly named MIKE.

I write my own blog under Maura4u and a second one at Increasingly incandescent in my interests, I can even be found publishing orally and visually, both in English and Spanish (es posible que esta mujer no se pueda callar:) , via a series of YouTube videos and through a national audio platform. 

If I were around at the dawn of the written word, chances are likely I would have been found chiseling letters into rock or affixing parchment paper announcements to trees. What good fortune for me that I find myself, instead, poised right here in the New Millennium, publishing thoughts in today's easy, economical and ubiquitous forms.

This passion for publishing has brought me plenty of personal satisfaction over the years. I'm basking in the light of it even today.

I'll soon be publishing my own book.  I think I'll entitle it,  Maura Meets the Sun:)

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Writing is a passion for me, although it has been an avocation in my life. I admire those who follow their passions to turn it into a vocation for themselves as you seem to have done. Glad to have met you. Best wishes.
Your interests are as varied as my own. Seems like life is your passion and publishing the medium with which you express it. Nice to see you at OS.
I had a letter to the editor published once.
What a wonderfully inspiring piece you've written! I get all excited with enthusiasm reading your prose regarding your passions in life! You living your dream is a beacon of hope to those of us who are still trying to find our way out of the fog of life that always seem to get in the way of each of us living our dreams. Thanks for adding me to your blog page, as well. I look forward to reading more of your work! I wish for you all the very best always!
Wow! Thanks for the feedback, folks! This is quite a site here at O.S. People who read stuff . . . and then take the time to actually comment! I thought I was alone on this quiet planet:)
Look forward to getting to know each of you over time and BTW, loved the comment from Cranky Cuss. I might be verbose, but I love to laugh even more:)