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I've waited over fifty years for this moment to arrive, and it's finally MY turn to hold court. Yes, I'd long ago envisioned myself a foreign diplomat to Latin America. I'd be utilizing my beloved second tongue, attending august functions and carrying a document-laden briefcase filled with new treaties. I'd attend important meetings, dine at state functions, and bring North American ideas and ideals to our Spanish-speaking neighbors to the South. Unfortunately, the State Department hasn't seen fit to tap me on the shoulder, the Obama Administration hasn't called me for an appointment, and I haven't the inclination to play party crasher to any White House events. (Truth be told, I never applied to the State Department, bare no political label and would really hate having to wear those boring navy suits again.) At this point in my life, I'm far more inclined to attend the gala in my own fashions, speak for myself rather than an institution, and make my mark trading pithy comments with world leaders over dinner. (Besides, my Latin dance moves might not jive with official State protocol.) That said, it's now time for me to advance my own words with my version of Foreign Policy. Let's just say I'm advancing the Policy of Truth and Good Humor. Welcome to my Salon - so glad you could come!


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JULY 25, 2011 5:53PM

Three Brothers and Three Sets of Eyes

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There were once three brothers, brought up in the same house, but each with a different set of eyes.

The first brother saw a mountain and perceived himself at the bottom.  Angry, confused and vengeful toward those whom he perceived were above him, he decided to tackle the mountain himself and head to the very top. On his journey, he walked over some folk, attacked some others and even slayed a few.  Yet, arriving at the peak of the summit, the first brother searched about. He realized there was no one there to celebrate. Worse, he saw there had never been a mountain. Believing life conspired against him, this first brother became more angry, confused and vengeful than even before he began his journey.  

The second brother began life blind and saw himself at the top of the mountain. But when his eyes became clear and he awoke out of his stupor, he became troubled and unable to face his subjects. Suddenly realizing his mountain top position was acquired through stealth, subterfuge and chicanery, he decided on a new course. He embarked upon a trip down the mountain mending relationships, returning what belonged to others, and reinstating a few souls to their rightful positions. Having done so, brother number two found himself a happy, peaceful and contented man. Never looking behind, he hadn’t realized the mountain he travelled had lived only in his mind.  

Brother number three had remained at home. Seeing all there was from his position of happiness and contentment, he was pleased to bid his brothers adieu when they departed and welcome them back upon their return.  

Years passed and the brothers united again at the end of their lives. Brother number one and brother number two decided to query brother number three on the subject of the mountain journey.  

Why, brother three, did you never seek to tackle that mountain?  Have you no sense of initiative? No sense of conquest or spirit?

Brother number three, happy, wise and possessing the finest of family eyesight, simply responded:  

Tell me, dear brothers, What is a mountain?  



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