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January 17
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MAY 11, 2010 8:25PM

UPDATE: the Bisexual Rentboy and the Baptist Minister

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yeah, cool, jo-vanni 

Major LGBTQ organizations have stepped up to assist bisexual male escort Jo-Vanni Roman against any possible legal action by Dr. George Alan Rekers,  co-founder of the Family Research Council, recent member of NARTH and a recent sexual massage client of Jo-Vanni Roman.  These organizations have offered to provide legal and media consultation  regarding the breaking story that Dr. Rekers' hired Roman for a subsidized 10-day vacation in Europe from a website know as  

According to Joe.My.God, a gay blogger who interviewed Roman after he and Dr. Rekers were caught returning from their gaycation by photographers of the Miami New Times, those organizations include Equality Florida, National Center for Lesbian Rights, Truth Wins Out, The Trevor Project, and Lambda Legal.  

"Noted Hollywood publicity agent Howard Bragman, who specializes in media crisis management, has volunteered to help Jo-Vanni Roman navigate the deluge of interview requests. They are scheduled to speak today [May 9]. Florida-based attorney Ron Gunzburger has also made an offer of pro bono support, should the need arise. Other national and state organizations may be added to this list in the next few days."

In a follow-up interview to their breaking story, Roman reveals to MNT that Rekers confessed he had hired other male escorts before him:

"The 20-year-old escort said Rekers told him he was not the first 'travel assistant' he had hired, but that he was the first to do any 'traveling' . . . 

" 'He's told me that he's hired other escorts, and it's never really worked out,' Lucien [aka Roman] said. 'They don't talk enough, or they've had very weird circumstances... Basically, he's never been fully comfortable with the situation, or they've jipped him. Jipped him of time or money.' "

To add more fuel to the fire, a blogger calling himself the Chazonator now also claims to have been hired by Dr. George Rekers in the past to provide the same sort of sexual massage described by Roman in MTN's follow-up interview:

" 'He asked me to rub him a certain way, stroking the penis across the leg and under the leg area.

" 'Basically he told me to stroke across the penis and the thigh, and to go back and forth, not necessarily give it a jerking motion.'

"Lucien [Roman] claims Rekers would sometimes reciprocate the genital rub." 

the bad bad dr. rekers 

According to TPMMuckraker, Rekers, an influential member of the religious right and long-time advocate of ex-gay therapy, resigned this morning from the board of NARTH.  

The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, founded in  December of 1991 by Charles Socarides, Benjamin Kaufman, Joe Nicolosi, and others, was established to counter the 1973 decision by the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (at that time, the DSM-II).  Against mainstream psychiatry and psychoanalysis, NARTH has continued to maintain that homosexuality, bisexuality and non-conforming gender identification are mental illnesses that can and should be "cured."  

From its own website, under "NARTH Responds to the Recent Media Coverage of Dr. George Rekers"

" 'I am immediately resigning my membership in NARTH to allow myself the time necessary to fight the false media reports that have been made against me. With the assistance of a defamation attorney, I will fight these false reports because I have not engaged in any homosexual behavior whatsoever. I am not gay and never have been.'  --George A. Rekers, Ph.D.

"NARTH has accepted Dr. Rekers' resignation and would hope that the legal process will sufficiently clarify the questions that have arisen in this unfortunate situation. . . .We also wish to reiterate our traditional position that these personal controversies do not change the scientific data, nor do they detract from the important work of NARTH . . ." 

NARTH vice president of operations David Pruden has been quoted by TPMMuckrakers as to NARTH's current relationship with the conservative Baptist minister, "NARTH has never had any role in advising Dr. Rekers except to suggest that if he is innocent he needs a good lawyer . . . He has friends who are members of NARTH . . . they are free to help him in any way they select. . . NARTH as an organization has taken no official role other than asking him to explain to us what has happened and in accepting his resignation." 

An appropriate organizational response from an organization in the act of throwing a big rat off its ship, before said rat actually sinks the ship.

Whether the rat will ever be able to swim back on board depends on his ability to defend himself, either in an official court or in the court of public opinion.  

florida's bill mccollum 

Two stories from the Huffington Post and On Top Magazine now suggest that Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum will face the impact of Rekers' homosex scandal in his bid for the Republican nomination to run for governor in Florida's upcoming election.  

McCollum personally urged the state to hire Dr. Rekers as a state's expert witness in favor of Florida's gay adoption ban.  The cost for Rekers' testimony--a hefty $120,000 out of Florida's coffers.  McCollum's endorsement is plainly expressed in a 2007 letter to the Department to Children and Families.

From On Top Magazine: 

"Florida is the only state with an outright ban on gay adoption. It was enacted during the infamous Anita Bryant anti-gay crusades of the 70s.

"Because gay men and lesbians have a high incidence of substance abuse and depression, they are unable to provide children a stable home, Rekers testified.

"The testimony, however, was found to be not credible by Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Cindy Lederman, who called the ban unconstitutional, the Miami Herald reported. Lederman's ruling has been appealed to the Third District Court of Appeals. A ruling is expected soon."

And in a story from the Orlando Sentinel on Rekers' testimony:

"Rekers was so embarrassing, even back in 2008, that McCollum's office blamed DCF for finding him. That infuriated a DCF official, who said the Attorney General's Office found him, which McCollum now confirms.

"The Florida judge didn't find Rekers any more credible than the Arizona judge and tossed out the state's gay adoption ban. The Attorney General's Office is appealing.

"McCollum says he is obligated to do so, having been hired by DCF to defend the 1977 law. Asked whether he supported the law personally, he said he couldn't comment on an active case. But he pointed out one of his campaign consultants is a gay man who adopted children in another state."

So, who shall we name as Hypocrite of the Week?  An old, religious right culture warrior like Rekers, with infamous history of denouncing queers as"sick but curable"--yet works a yen for young guys who will give him "the long stroke"?  Or a middle-aged Republican politico who champions, by any means necessary, Florida's anti-gay adoption ban, but also hires gay consultants who adopt kids from other states?  Maybe we could throw those gay consultants into the competition, too, just for the fun of it.

Well, for the fun of it--enjoy the "official statement" of, the site Rekers went to when he was looking for a travel companion and "luggage handler."








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I have to admit, when this story first broke, I went to to see whether there could be any confusion about the site or its intentions.

The site is incredibly graphic, with full frontal male nudity on the cover, even before you become a paying member, so anyone claiming confusion or a misunderstanding of the site's intention is clearly deceiving the world, or themselves, or both
It was only a matter of time . . .
@Placebostudman--it's got nudity, leather, you name it. That anyone going there could then claim they didn't know it was a male escort/prostie site is beyond belief.
@Owl--you know, I pray the thing that comes out of this scandal is the once and forever removal of Florida's Anita-inspired anti-gay adoption ban. From our lips to God/dess's ears.
maybe this is a golfing thing, the long stroke. Yeah. Rekers could try that for a day or two, see if anyone buys it.

@Greg--hey, I know that being able to witness a "long stroke" on the fairway would get me to watch golf! Right now, for me, golf is a bigger snooze than opera.
long stroke, wide stance....baggage handler....

liberals have nothing on the genius of right wing euphemizing.....
@princessy--I believe it comes from a long tradition of renaming furtive sexual behavior as "an encounter."

I think liberals save words like "encounter" for fairly chaste social or self-help groups. Fairly chaste, that is.

Are we more boring than conservatives because of it? It's something to ponder.
Goodgod. I know I'll be weird here...but when people stuff these secrets down and are forced to do so for jobs and positions, we get this. Is everyone having fun now? Sanctioned gay bashing. Great. This is an excellent piece, Max. Thank you for posting it. xox
@Robin--on the one hand, I agree with you, Robin. This is your job, closet gay/bi/trans dude--deny yourself as if your life depends on it (it may) and trash your own kind. However, I get the feeling that Rekers and his ilk are true believers in their own oppression, which makes their denial of what they were really doing with rentboys on vacation mind-bogglingly pathetic. He was just my travel assistant. He only massaged me a little . . . in the nude . . . over my thighs and penis. Then we had a light dinner.

One of the truly sad things about reading Jo-Vanni's follow-up interview in MNT is realizing just how limited and lonely Rekers really is. Staying thoroughly in denial of his sexuality, devoutly remaining in the closet has stunted his growth as a human being.
Max, I knowwww....why does my empathy come up for these types? xox
They are all hypocrites! Every last one of them.

"ex gay" indeed!
Oh yes, I might add the name of David Caton.
@Kenny1948--David Caton of the Florida Family Association? Do tell us, Kenny. If David's got a rentboy in the closet, inquiring minds want to know.
@incandescent--my darling, how good to see you again.

Yes. It's getting to the point that from now on, any vociferous homophobe will have the burden to prove that they are NOT engaging in same-sex behavior. Let's make it happen.
Is it me or does it feel like a sure thing by now that those who have devoted their lives to publishing dozens upon dozens of texts and speaking out against a behavior, have most certainly some fascination with it beyond the purely intellectual? I understand the value of specializing within a particular field, but the amount of time Rekers has put into "straightening people out" and keeping their children hetero seems to qualify as an interest far beyond the ordinary. Is it just that the media plays up the anti-gay politicians and activists who do get kicked out of the closet, or is it really that a large proportion of these types end up being sexually confused or out-and-out gay themselves? I'd be interested if anyone can provide more information on this or point me to a study.

Thanks for the great mash-up, Max!